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Book Series from the United States

New! Harper's Perennial Library, 1964-1990 by Peter Coveney

USA-A1: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Giftwraps by Artists (Harry N. Abrams)
USA-A2: D. Appleton & Company / Appleton-Century-Crofts
Appleton Biographies (D. Appleton & Co.)
Appleton Dollar Library (D. Appleton & Co.)
International Scientific Series (Henry S. King; D. Appleton; C. Kegan Paul; etc.)
New Century Classics (Appleton-Century-Crofts)
USA-A2: Avon Book Company
Avon Books (Avon Book Company; etc.)
SF Rediscovery Series (Equinox Books/Avon)
USA-B1: Bantam Books, Inc., New York
Bantam Books (Bantam Books, Inc., New York)
Pennant Books (Bantam Books, Inc., New York)
USA - B2: Barnes & Noble
College Outlines (Barnes & Noble)
Everyday Handbooks (Barnes & Noble)
USA - B3: The Beacon Press
Beacon Paperbacks (Beacon Press)
Beacon Studies in Freedom and Power (Beacon Press)
Beacon Studies in Soviet Tyranny and Power (Beacon Press)
USA-B4: Bobbs-Merrill Company
Childhood of Famous Americans Series (Bobbs-Merrill Co.)
USA-C1: Collier
Collier Books (Collier Books/Collier-Macmillan)
The History of Nations (P. F. Collier & Son)
Quick and Easy Guides (Collier)
USA-C2: Columbia University Press
Columbia Paperbacks (Columbia University Press)
Records of Civilization: Sources and Studies (Columbia University Press)
USA-C3: Cornell University Press
Cornell Paperbacks (Cornell University Press)
Development of Western Civilization (Cornell University Press)
USA-C4: Thomas Y. Crowell
Masters of Contemporary Photography (Thomas Y. Crowell)
USA-C5: Crown Publishers, Inc.
Art of the World (Crown)
USA-D1: Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
Dell Books (Dell Publishing Company, Inc.)
Dell Laurel series (Dell Publishing Company, Inc.)
Laurel Language Library (Dell Publishing Company, Inc.)
USA-D2: Dodd, Mead & Company
The Astor Library (Dodd, Mead)
Great Illustrated Classics (Dodd, Mead)
USA-D3: Doubleday
Anchor Books (Doubleday)
Around the World Program (American Geographical Society/Doubleday)
Dolphin Books/Dolphin Masters (Doubleday)
Doubleday Image Books (Doubleday; Image Books)
Know Your America Program (American Geographical Society/Doubleday)
Made Simple Books (Doubleday/W.H. Allen)
Natural History Library (Doubleday/Anchor Books/American Museum of Natural History)
Nelson Doubleday Personal Success Program (Nelson Doubleday)
USA-D4: Dover Publications, Inc.
Dover Pictorial Archive Series (Dover Publications)
Dover Thrift Editions (Dover Publications)
Listen and Learn (Dover Publications)
Say It (Dover Publications)
USA-D5: E. P. Dutton
Dutton Paperbacks (E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc.)
Unicorn Books (E. P. Dutton)
USA-E1: Easton Press
The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written (Easton Press)
Library of the Presidents (Easton Press)
USA-F1: Fawcett Publications
Crest Books (Fawcett Publications)
Gold Medal Books (Fawcett Publications)
Premier Books (Fawcett Publications)
Red Seal Books (Fawcett Publications)
USA-F2: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
The Noonday Press/Noonday Paperbacks (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
Sunburst Books (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
USA-F3: Franklin Library
Great Books of the Western World (Franklin Library)
The Hundred Greatest Books of All Time (Franklin Library)
USA-G1: Grosset & Dunlap
The Little Music Library (Grosset & Dunlap)
The Listener's Music Library (Grosset & Dunlap)
The Universal Library (Grosset & Dunlap)
USA-G2: Grove Press
Evergreen Books (Grove Press)
Evergreen Profile series (Evergreen Press/Evergreen Review)
USA-H1: Haldeman-Julius Company
Little Blue Books (Haldeman-Julius Company): (1) By Serial Number
Little Blue Books (Haldeman-Julius Company): (2) By Subject
USA-H2: Harper & Row
(a) Harper Torchbooks
Harper Torchbooks (Harper & Row)
The Harper Torchbooks Series: A History and Personal Assessment
The Cover Artists of Harper Torchbooks Series
(b) Perennial Library
Harper's Perennial Library, 1964-1990 (Harper & Row)
(c) More Series from Harper
Harper Colophon Books (Harper & Row)
The Rise of Modern Europe (Harper & Row)
Sources in Contemporary Philosophy (Harper & Row)
USA-H3: Hill & Wang
Dramabooks (Hill & Wang, Inc.)
Mermaid Dramabooks (Hill & Wang, Inc.)
USA-H4: Henry Holt & Co.
American Science Series (Henry Holt & Co.)
The Leisure Hour Series (Henry Holt & Co.)
Leisure Moments Series (Henry Holt & Co.)
USA-H5: Houghton Mifflin
Riverside Editions (Houghton Mifflin Company)
The Riverside Library (Houghton Mifflin Company)
Sentry Editions (Houghton Mifflin Company)
USA-K1: Alfred A. Knopf
The Blue Jade Library (Knopf)
Borzoi Pocket Books (Knopf)
Great Lives in Brief (Knopf)
The History of Human Society (Knopf)
Men of Good Will (Knopf)
USA-L1: J. B. Lippincott Company
Ancient Classics for English Readers (J. B. Lippincott & Co./W. Blackwood & Sons)
Foreign Classics for English Readers (J. B. Lippincott & Co./W. Blackwood & Sons)
Lippincott's Popular Library (J. B. Lippincott)
USA-M1: David McKay Company, Inc.
Tartan Books (David McKay)
USA-M2: William Morrow and Company
Apollo Editions (William Morrow; Dodd, Mead; Thomas Y. Crowell; The Dial Press)
USA-N1: New American Library
Mentor Books (New American Library)
Signet Books (New American Library)
Signet Classics (New American Library)
USA-N2: New Directions
The Direction Series (New Directions Publishing)
New Classics Series (New Directions Publishing)
New Directions Paperbooks (New Directions)
USA-N3: New York Review Books
NYRB Classics (New York Review Books)
USA-N4: W. W. Norton
New Science Series (W. W. Norton)
Norton Critical Editions (W. W. Norton)
USA-O1: Oxford University Press, New York
Galaxy Books (OUP, New York branch)
Hesperides Books (OUP, New York branch)
USA-P1: Pantheon Books
Bollingen Series (Pantheon Books; then Princeton University Press)
USA-P2: Pocket Books, Inc.
Cardinal Edition (Pocket Books, Inc.)
Pocket Books (Pocket Books, Inc.)
Washington Square Press (Pocket Books, Inc.; then Washington Square Press, Inc.)
USA-P3: Popular Library, Inc.
I SPY (Popular Books)
Popular Library (Popular Library, Inc.)
USA-P4: Prentice-Hall
Foundations of Philosophy (Prentice-Hall)
Twentieth Century Interpretations (Prentice-Hall)
Twentieth Century Views (Prentice-Hall)
USA-P5: G. P. Putnam's Sons
Capricorn Books - Giant Series - Paper Editions (G. P. Putnam's Sons)
Capricorn Books - Paper Editions (G. P. Putnam's Sons)
USA-R1: Random House
Beginner Books (Random House)
Modern Library (Random House, and others)
Modern Library Giants (Random House)
Vintage Books (Random House)
USA-R2: Henry Regnery
The Humanist Library (Henry Regnery)
USA-S1: Schocken Books
Schocken Paperbacks (Schocken Books)
What They Really Said (Macdonald & Co.; Schocken Books)
USA-S2: Charles Scribner's Sons
A Famous Series of Stories and Essays (Charles Scribner's Sons)
Scribner Illustrated Classics for Younger Readers (Charles Scribner's Sons)
The Scribner Library (Charles Scribner's Sons)
USA-S3: Simon & Schuster
Cornerstone Library (Simon & Schuster)
Credo Perspectives (Simon & Schuster/Touchstone)
Little Golden Books (Simon & Schuster; then Western Publishing/Golden Press; then Random House)
The Story of Civilization (Simon & Schuster)
USA-U1: University of Chicago Press
Phoenix Books (University of Chicago Press)
Phoenix Poets (University of Chicago Press)
USA-U2: University of Michigan Press
Ann Arbor Paperbacks (University of Michigan Press)
Ann Arbor Science Library (University of Michigan Press)
Jerome Lectures (University of Michigan Press)
The University of Michigan History of the Modern World (Uni. of Michigan Press)
USA-V1: D. Van Nostrand Company
Anvil Books (D. Van Nostrand Company)
USA-V2: The Viking Press
Compass Books (The Viking Press)
Viking Portable Library (The Viking Press; Penguin)
USA-W1: John Wiley
Wiley and Putnam's Library of American Books (Wiley & Putnam)
Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading (Wiley & Putnam)
USA-W2: World Publishing Company / Meridian Books
Jewish Publication Society Series (Meridian Books/World Publishing Co. and Jewish Publication Society of America)
Living Age Books (World Publishing Co.)
Meridian Books (Noonday Press; Meridian Books)
Meridian Giants (World Publishing Co.)

USA-ZZZ: Other Publishers
Airmont Classics (Airmonth Publishing Co., Inc.)
American Guides Series (Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration)
Ballantine Books (Ballantine Books, Inc.)
Berkley Books (Berkley Publishing Corp.)
City Lights Pocket Poets (City Lights Books)
Classics Illustrated (Elliot; Gilberton; Frawley)
Classics Illustrated Junior (Famous Books Ltd. for Gilberton)
Cultural Atlas series (Checkmark; Phaidon; Facts on File; Time-Life; etc.)
Golden Guides (Western Publishing/Golden Press; then St. Martin's Press)
Harvest Books (Harcourt, Brace and Company; then Harvest Books)
How and Why Wonder Books (Wonder Books, Inc./Transworld Publishers)
How To Draw (Walter T. Foster)
Junior Elf Books (Rand McNally & Company)
Lakeside Classics (Lakeside Press)
Library of America (Library of America)
The Lotus Library (Brentano's)
Mammoth Books (Carroll & Graf)
Midland Books (Indiana University Press)
Modern Critical Interpretations (Chelsea House)
Monarch Notes and Student Guides (Monarch Press, Inc.)
Perma Books (Permabooks, Inc.)
Pitman Art Series (Pitman Publishing Corporation)
Princeton Paperbacks & Princeton/Bollingen Paperbacks (Princeton University Press)
Pyramid Books (Almat Publishing Corporation)
University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers (University of Minnesota Press)

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