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Series Note:
This is a partial listing of the titles in print in 1981.

Author/Title/Serial Number (Note: † = Bilingual)

Waller Abish, How German Is It. NDP508.
Ilangô Adigal, Shitappadikaram NDP162
Ahmed Ali, Twilight in Delhi. NDP782
John AlIman, Curve Away from Stillness. NDP667.
Germano Almeida, Last Will and Testament. NDP978.
Alfred Andersch, Efraim's Book. NDP779.
Sherwood Anderson, Poor White. NDP763
Eugénio de Andrade, Forbidden Words. † NDP948.
Wayne Andrews, The Surrealist Parade. NDP689.
Guillaume Apollinaire, Selected Writings. † NDP310.

Homero Aridjis, Eyes to See Otherwise. † NDP942
Paul Ausier, The Red Notebook. NDP924.
Gennady Aygi, Child-And-Rose. NDP954.
Jimmy Santiago Baca, Martin and Meditations. NDP648
Honoré de Balzac. Colonel Chabert. NDP847
Carol Jane Bangs. The Bones of the Earth. NDP563.
Djuna Barnes. Nightwood. NDP98
Willis Bamstone. To Touch the Sky. NDP900.
H.E. Bales. A Party for the Girls. NDP653.
Charles Baudelaire. Flowers of Evil. † NDP684.

Charles Baudelaire, Paris Spleen. NDP294.
Bei Dao, At the Sky s Edge. † NDP934.
Bei Dao, Unlock. † NDP901.
Gotfried Benn. Primal Vision. † NDP322.
Nina Berberova, The Accompanist. NDP953
Nina Berberova, The Book of Happiness. NDP935.
Adolfo Bioy Casares, A Russian Doll. NDP745.
Carmel Bird. The Bluebird Café. NDP707.
R.P Blackmur. Studies in Henry James. NDP552.
Johannes Bobrowski, Levin's Mill. NDP817.

Johannes Bobrowski, Shadow Lands: Selected Poems. NDP788.
Robeno Bolaño, By Night tn Chile. NDP975.
Roberto Bolaño, Distant Star. NDP993
Wolfgang Borchert, The Man Outside. NDP319
Jorge Luis Borges, Everything and Nothing. NDP872.
Jorge Luis Borges, Labyrinths. NDP186.
orge Luis Borges, Seven Nights. NDP576.
Kay Boyle, The Crazy Hunter, NDP769.
Kay Boyle, Death of a Man. NDP670.
Kamau Braihwaile, Ancestors. NDP902.

Kamau Brathwaite, MiddlePassages. NDP776.
Edwin Brock, The River and the Train. NDP478.
William Bronk, Selected Poems. NDP816.
Christine Brooke-Rose, Textermination. NDP756.
Buddha, The Dhammapada. NDPI88.
Mikhail Bulgakov. The Life of Monsieur de Molière. NDP601.
Basil Bunting, Complete Poems. NDP976.
Frederick Busch, War Babies. NDP9I7.
Veza Canetti, Yellow Street. NDP709
Hayden Carruth, Tell Me Again How ... NDP677.

Anne Carson, Glass, Irony and God. NDP808.
Joyce Cary, A House of Children. NDP631.
Joyce Cary, Mister Johnson. NDP657.
Camilo José Cela, Mazurka for Two Dead Men. NDP789.
Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Journey to the End of Night. N DP 1036.
Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Death on the Installment Plan. NDP330.
René Char, Selected Poems. † NDP734.
Inger Christensen, alphabet. NDP920.
Inger Christensen, Butterfly Valley. NDP990.
Jean Cocteau, The Holy Terrors. NDP212.

Jean Cocteau, The Infernal Machine. NDP235.
Maurice Collis, Cortes and Montezuma. NDP884.
Cid Corman, Nothing/Doing: Selected Poems. NDP886
Gregory Corso, An Accidental Autobiography. NDP974.
Gregory Corso, The Happy Birthday of Death. NDP86.
Julio Cortázar, Cronopios and Famas. NDP873.
Julio Cortázar, 62: A Model Kit. NDP894.
Robert Creeley, Life & Death. NDP903.
Robert Creeley, Just in Time: Poems 1984-1994. NDP927.
Edward Dahlberg, Because I Was Flesh. NDP227.

Alain Daniélou, The Way to the Labyrinth. NDP634.
Guy Davenport, DaVmci's Bicycle. NDP842.
Guy Davenport, 7 Greeks. NDP799.
Margaret Dawe, Nissequott. NDP775.
Osamu Dazai. No Longer Human. NDP357.
Osamu Dasai, The Setting Sun. NDP258.
Madame De Lafayette, The Princess of Cleves. NDP660
H.D., Collected Poems. NDP611.
H.D., Hippolytus Temporizes & Ion. NDP967.
H.D., Trilogy. NDP866.

Coleman Dowell, Mrs. October Was Here. NDP368.
Edouard Dujardin, We'll to the Woods No More. NDP682.
Robert Duncan, Bending the Bow. NDP255.
Robert Duncan, The Opening of the Field. NDP356.
Robert Duncan, Selected Poems. NDP838.
Richard Eberhart, The Long Reach. NDP565.
Eça de Queirós, The Crime of Father Amaro. NDP961.
Eça de Queiróz , The Yellow Sofa. NDP833.
William Empson, Seven Types of Ambiguity. NDP204
Shusaku Endo, Deep River. NDP820.

Shusaku Endo, The Samurai. NDP839.
Shusaku Endo, The Sea and Poison. NDP737.
Caradoc Evans, Nothing to Pay. NDP800.
Gavin Ewan, Selected Poems. NDP655.
Hans Favercy, Against the Forgetting. NDP969
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, A Coney Island of the Mind. NDP74,
Lawrence Ferlinghetti. A Far Rockaway of the Heart. NDP87I.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Americus. Book One. NDP1024.
Thalia Field, Point and Line. NDP899.
Ronald Firbank, Caprice. NDP764.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Crack-Up. NDP757.
F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Jazz Age, NDP830.
Gustave Flaubert, Dictionary of Accepted Ideas. NDP230.
Gustave Flaubert, A Simple Heart. NDPH19.
Judy Gahagan, Did Gustav Mahler Ski?. NDP711.
Forrest Gander, Eye Against Eye. NDP1026.
John Gardner, October Light. NDPI019
Romain Gary. The Life Before Us. NDP604.
William Gerhardie, Futility. NDP722.
Goethe, Faust (Part I). NDP70.

Henry Green, Pack My Bag. NDP984.
Allen Grossman, Sweet Youth. NDP947,
Martin Grzimek, Heartstop. NDP583.
Henri Guigonnat, Daemon in Lithuania. NDP592.
Lars Gustafsson, The Tale of a Dog. NDP868.
Sam Hamill, The Infinite Moment. NDP586.
Knut Hamsun, Dreamers. NDP821.
John Hawkes, The Blood Oranges. NDP338.
John Hawkes, Second Skin. NDP1027.
Samuel Hazo, Thank A Bored Angel. NDP555.

Robert E. Helbling, Heinrich von Kleist. NDP390.
William Herrick, That s Life. NDP596.
Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha. NDP65.
Yoel Hoffmann, Katschen & The Book of Joseph. NDP875.
Yoel Hoffmann, The Shunra and the Schmetteriing. NDP980.
Paul Hoover, The Novel. NDP706.
Susan Howe, The Midnight. NDP956.
Susan Howe, Pierce Arrow. NDP878.
Hsieh Ling-Yun, The Mountain Poems. ND928.
Vicente Huidobra, The Selected Poetry. NDP520.

Qurratulain Hyder, River of Fire. NDP952.
Christopher Isherwood, All the Conspirators. NDP480
Christopher Isherwood, The Berlin Stories. NDP134.
Philippe Jaccottet, Seedtime. NDP428.
Fleur Jaeggy, SS Proleterka. NDP758.
Fleur Jaggy, Sweet Days of Discipline. NDP758.
Henry James, The Sacred Fount. NDP790.
Gustav Janouch, Conversations with Kafka. NDP313.
Alfred Jarry, Ubu Roi. NDP105.
Robinson Jeffers, Cawdor and Medea. NDP293.

B.S. Johnson, Albert Angelo. NDP628
B.S. Johnson, House Mother Normal. N DP617.
Gabriel Josipovici, In a Hotel Garden. NDP801.
James Joyce, Finnegans Wake: A Symposium. NDP331
James Joyce, Stephen Hero. NDPI33
Franz Kafka, Amerika: The Man Who Disappeared. NDP981.
Bilge Karasu, The Garden of the Departed Cats. NDP965.
Mary Karr, The Devil's Tour. NDP768.
Bob Kaufman, The Ancient Rain. NDP514.
John Keene, Annotations. NDP809

Heinnch von Kleist. Prince Friedrich of Homburg. NDP462
Kono Taeko, Toddler-Hunting. NDP867
Deszo Koszlolanyi. Anna Edes. NDP772.
Liszlo Krasznahorkai, The Melancholy of Resistance. NDP936.
Rudiger Kremer, The Color of the Snow.. NDP743.
Mirostav Krleia, On the Edge of Reason. NDP810.
Shimpei Kusano, Asking Myself/Answering Myself. NDP566.
Davide Lajolo, An Absurd Vice. NDP545.
P Lai, ed., Great Sanskrit Plays. NDPI42,
Tommaso Landolfi, Gogol's Wife. NDPI55.

James Laughlin, Byways, NDP1000.
James Laughlin, Poems New and Selected. NDP857.
Comie de Lautréamont, Maldoror. NDP207
D.H. Lawrence, Quetzalcoatl. NDP864.
Irving Layton, Selected Poems. NDP431.
Christine Lehner, Expecting. NDP572.
Siegfried Lem, The German Lesson. NDP6T8
Denise Levertov, The Life Around Us. NDP843.
Denise Levertov, Selected Poems. NDP968.
Denise Levertov, The Stream and the Sapphire. NDP844.

Li Ch'ing-Chao, Complete Poems. NDP492
Li Po. The Selected Poems. NDP823
Enrique Lihn, The Dark Room. † NDP452.
CLarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star. NDP733
Clarice Lispector, Near to the Wild Heart. NDP698.
Clarice Lispector, Soulstorm. NDP671.
Luljeta Lleshanaku, Fresco. NDP94I.
Federico Garcia Lorca, The Cricket Sings. † NDP506.
Federico Garcia Lorca, Five Plays. NDP506.
Federico Garcia Lorca, In Search of Duende. † NDP858.

Federico Garcia Lorca, Selected Letters. NDP557.
Federico Garcia Lorca, Selected Poems. † NDPIOIO.
Xavier de Maistre, Voyage Around My Room. NDP791.
Stéphane Mallarmé, Mallarmé in Prose. NDP904
Stéphane Mallarmé, Selected Poetry and Prose. † NDP529.
Oscar Mandel, The Book of Elaborations. NDP643.
Abby Mann, Judgment at Nuremberg. NDP950.
Javier Marias, All Souls. NDP905.
Javier Marias, A Heart So White. NDP937
Javier Marias, Tomorrow in the Battle Think On Me. NDP923

Bernadette Mayer, A Bernadette Mover Reader. NDP739.
Michael McClure, Rain Mirror. NDP887.
Carson McCullers, The Member of the Wedding. NDPI038.
Thomas Merton. Bread in the Wilderness. NDP840.
Thomas Merton, Gandhi on Nonviolence. NDPI97
Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation. NDP337.
Thomas Merton, Thoughts on the East. NDP802.
Henri Michaux, Ideograms in China. NDP929.
Henri Michaux, Selected Writings. † NDP263.
Henry Miller, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare. NDP587

Henry Miller, The Henry Miller Reader. NDP269.
Henry Miller, Into the Heart of Life. NDP728.
Yukio Mishima, Confessions of a Mask. NDP253.
Yukio Mishima, Death in Midsummer . NDP215.
Frédéric Mistral, The Memoirs. NDP632.
Eugenio Montale, Selected Poems. † NDPI93.
Paul Morand, Fancv Goods (tr by Ezra Pound). NDP567.
Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the Dark. NDP1045.
Vladimir Nabokov, Nikoku Gogol. NDP78.
Vladimir Nabokov, The Real Life of Sebastian Knight. NDP432.

Pablo Neruda, The Captain's Verses. † NDP991.
Pablo Neruda, Residence on Earth. † NDP992.
Robert Nichols, Arrival. NDP437.
Charles Olson, Selected Writings. NDP231.
Toby Olson, Human Nature. NDP897.
George Oppen, Selected Poems. NDP970
Wilfred Owen, Collected Poems. NDP2I0.
José Pachcco, Battles in the Desert. NDP637.
Michael Palmer, The Company of Moths. NDPI003.
Michael Palmer, The Promises of Glass. NDP922.

Nicanor Parra, Antipoems: New and Selected. NDP603.
Boris Pasternak, Safe Conduct. NDP77.
Kenneth Patchen, Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer. NDP879.
Octavio Paz, The Collected Poems. † NDP719.
Octavio Paz, Sunstone. † NDP735.
Octavio Paz, A Tale of Two Gardens: Poems from India. NDP841
Victor Pelevin, Omon Ra. NDP851
Victor Pelevin, A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia. NDP959.
Victor Pelevin, The Yellow Arrow. NDPR45.
Saint-John Perse, Selected Poems. † NDP547

Po Chü-i, The Selected Poems. NDP880.
Ezra Pound. ABC of Reading NDP89
Ezra Pound, Confucius. † NDP285.
Ezra Pound, Confucius to Cummings. NDP126.
Ezra Pound, A Draft of XXX Cantos. NDP690.
Ezra Pound, The Pisan Cantos. NDP977
Caradog Prichard, One Moonlit Night. NDP835
Qian Zhongshu, Fortress Besieged. NDP966.
Raymond Queneau, The Blue Flowers. NDP595.
Raymond Queneau, Exercises in Style. NDP513.

Margaret Randall, Part of the Solution. NDP350.
Raja Rao, Kanthapura. NDP224.
Herbert Read, The Green Child. NDP208.
Kenneth Rexroth, Classics Revisited. NDP621.
Kanneth Rexroth, 100 Poems from the Chinese. NDP192.
Kennth Rexroth, Selected Poems. NDP581.
Rainer Maria Rilke, Poems from the Book of Hours. † NDP408.
Rainer Maria Rilke, Possibility of Being. NDP436.
Rainer Maria Rilke, Where Silence Reigns. NDP464.
Arthur Rimbaud, Illuminations* NDP56.

Arthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell & The Drunken Boat. † NDP97.
Edouard Roditi, The Delights of Turkey. NDP487.
Rodngo Rey Rosa. The Good Cripple NDP979.
Jerome Rothenberg. A Book of Witness. NDP955,
Ralf Rothmann, Knife Edge. NDP744
Nayantara Sahgal, Mistaken Identity. NDP742.
lhara Saikaku, The Life of an Amorous Woman. NDP270.
St. John of the Cross. The Poems of St. John ... NDP341.
William Saroyan. The Daring Young Man ... NDP8S2.
Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea. NDP82.

Jean-Paul Sartre, The Wall (Intimacy). NDP272.
Delmore Schwartz, In Dreams Begin Responsibilities. NDP454.
Delmore Schwarz, Screeno: Stories and Poems. NDP985.
Peter Dale Scott. Coming to Jakarta. NDP672.
WG Sebald. The Emigrants. †. NDP853.
WG Sebald, The Rings of Saturn. NDP88I.
WG Sebald, Vertigo. NDP925.
Aharon Shabtai, J'Accuse. NDP957.
Hasan Shah, The Dancing Girl. NDP777.
Merchant-Prince Shattan, Manimekhalai. NDP674.

Kazuko Shiraishi, Let Those Who Appear. NDP940
C.H Sisson, Selected Poems. NDP826.
Stevie Smith. Collected Poems. NDP562.
Stevie Smith, Novel on Yellow Paper. NDP778.
Gary Snyder, Look Out. NDP949.
Gary Snyder, Turtle Island. NDP306.
Gustaf Sobin. Breaths' Burials. NDP78I.
Muriel Spark, All the Stories of Muriel Spark. NDP933.
Murial Spark. The Ghost Stories of Muriel Spark. NDP963.
Muriel Spark, Loitering With Intent. NDP918.

Muriel Spark, Memento Mori. NDP895.
Enid Starkie, Arthur Rimbaud. NDP254.
Stendhal, Three Italian Chronicles. NDP704.
Antonio Tabucchi, Pereira Declares. NDPR48.
Antonio Tabucchi, Requiem: A Hallucination. NDP944.
Nathaniel Tarn, Lyrics for the Bride of God. NDP39I.
Emma Tennant, Strangers: A Family Romance. NDP960.
Dvlan Thomas, A Child's Christmas in Wales. NDP972.
Dylan Thomas, Selected Poems 1914-1952. NDP958.
Tian Wen: A Chinese Book of Origins. † NDP624.

Uwe Timm, The Invention of Curried Sausage. NDP854.
Charles Tomlmson, Selected Poems. NDP855.
Federico Tozzi, Love in Vain. NDP921.
Yuko Tsushima, The Shooting Gallery. NDP846.
Leonid Tsypkin, Summer in Baden-Baden. NDP962.
Tu Fu, The Selected Poems. NDP675.
Niccoló Tucci, The Rain Came Last. NDP688.
Dubravka Ugresit, The Museum of Unconditional... NDP932.
Paul Valery. Selected Writings. † NDP184.
Elio Vittorini, Conversations in Sicily. NDP907.

Rosmarie Waldrop, Blindsight. NDP97I.
Robert Penn Warren, At Heaven's Gate. NDP588.
Eliot Weinberger, Karmic Traces. NDP908.
Nathanael West, Miss Lonelvhearts. NDPI25.
Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. NDP997
Tennessee Williams. The Glass Menagerie. NDP874.
Tennessee Williams. Mister Paradise and Other One Act Plavs. NDPI007
Tennessee Williams. A Streetcar Named Desire. NDP998.
William Carlos Williams, Asphodel... NDP794,
William Carlos Williams, Collected Poems: Volumes I & II. NDP730 A NDP731.

William Carlos Williams, Paterson: Revised Edition. NDP806.
Wisdom Books: The Wisdom of St. Francis. NDP477.
Wisdom Books: The Wisdom of the Taoists. NDP509.
Wisdom Books: The Wisdom of the Desert (Edited by Merton). NDP295.
Wisdom Books: The Wisdom of the Zen Masters. NDP4I5.

Source: Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau. Translated by Barbara Wright.
New Directions Paperback, 1981 (NDP513)

Serial Number/Title/Author

71 Flowers of Evil: A Selection - Charles Baudelaire
142 Great Sanskrit Plays in Modern Translations - P Lal, tr.
225 Baudelaire - Jean-Paul Sartre
331 Baudelaire: A Study of his Poetry - Martin Turnell
513 Exercises in Style - Raymond Queneau
... Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha
... A Season in Hell & the Drunken Boat / Une Saison En Enfer & Le Bateau Ivre - Arthur Rimbaud / Louise Varese (translator)


Flowers of Evil: A Selection (New Directions Paperbook No. 71) by
Charles Baudelaire (1955)

Selected poems (A New Directions paperbook, no. 66) by Ezra Pound (1957)

Quite Early One Morning by Dylan Thomas (1960) . New Directions
Paperbook No. 90

Nausea (New Directions Paperbook No. 82) by Jean-Paul Sartre, Lloyd
Alexander and Hayden Carruth (1959)

Rich Like Us (New Directions Paperbook, No. 665) by Nayantara Sahgal
(Nov 1988)

Adventures in the skin trade, and other stories (A New Directions
paperbook, no. 183) by Dylan Thomas (1964)

I Wanted to Write a Poem by William Carlos Williams and Edith Heal (Jan
17, 1977)
Reprinted as a New Directions paperbook, no. 53 (1956)

DYLAN THOMAS [ 1971, second printing ] Collected Poems 1934 - 1952 (New
Directions Paperbook No. 316) by Trustees for Dylan Thomas (1971)

In the American Grain (New Directions Paperbook No. 53) by William
Carlos Williams (1956)

Gandhi on Non-Violence: A Selection From the Writings of Mahatma Gandi
by Mahatma Gandhi and Thomas Merton (New Directions Paperbook No. 197)
(May 1965)

The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams, Vol. 2: 1939-1962 by
William Carlos Williams and Christopher MacGowan (Sep 17, 1991). First
published in ... as New Directions Paperbook No. ...

A Season in Hell and The Drunken Boat by Arthur Rimbaud and Louise
Varese (Jan 17, 1961). First published in ... as New Directions
Paperbook No. ...

Illuminations, and other prose poems (A New Directions paperbook, no.
56) by Arthur Rimbaud (Jan 1, 1957). First published in ... as New
Directions Paperbook No. ...

Under Milk Wood: A Play for Voices by Dylan Thomas (Jan 17, 1954). First
published in ... as New Directions Paperbook No. ...

ABC of Reading by Ezra Pound (Jan 17, 1960) First published in 1960 as
New Directions Paperbook No. 89.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog by Dylan Thomas (Jan 1975). First
published in ... as New Directions Paperbook No. ...

T. S. Eliot's Personal Waste Land: Exorcism of the Demons by James E.
Miller Jr. (Jan 1, 1977) First published in ... as New Directions
Paperbook No. ...

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