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Publisher: Berkley Publishing Corporation. Country: United States. Date: 1955- .

The World of Null-A - Van Vogt (Berkley Books) (image)

The World of Null-A by A. E. van Vogt

New York, Berkley Publishing Corp., 1974 (A Berkley Medallion Book)
Paperback. 190 pages. This edition "specially revised and with a new introduction by the author". Cover art by Paul Lehr.

"Gosseyn didn't know his own identity. He knew only that he could be killed, yet live again. But someone - or something - knew who Gosseyn was - and was using him as a pawn in a deadly game that held the fate of the Galxy in the balance!

'Without doubt one of the most exciting, continuously complex and richly patterned science fiction novels ever written!' - Geoff Conklin"

Series Note:
This paperback series had an unusual range of serial numbers: 101-112, followed by 313-386, and then by G1-G294, G299 and G300.

Serial Number / Title / Author / Other Details

101. The Pleasures of the Jazz Age - William Hodapp, ed.
102. Loveliest of Friends - G. Sheila Donisthorpe
103. S. S. San Pedro - James Gould Cozzens
104. Fever Pitch - Frank Waters
105. Death of an Ad Man - Alfred Eichler
106. 3 Days to Kill - J. W. Burke and Edward Grace
107. Border Raider - William Hopson
108. They Shoot Horses, Don't They? - Horace McCoy
109. So It Isn't Whistle - Robert Paul Smith
110. All the Girls We Loved - Prudencia de Pereda

111. Torture Garden - Octave Mirbeau
112. Mask of Glass - Holly Roth

113 through to 312 * * No titles published for these serial numbers * *

313. Saddle Hawks - Bliss Lomax
314. Andrew's Harvest - John Evans
315. Eleven Blue Men - Berton Roueche
316. Pattern for Panic - Richard S. Prather
317. Roadside Motel - Arthur Herbert Bryant
318. White Hell (Last Year's Snow) - Don Tracy
319. Portrait of a Woman - John Hyde Preston
320. Sweetie Pie - Nadine Seltzer

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