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Publisher: Beacon Press. Country: United States. Date: 1955- .

Man on his Past (H. Butterfield) (Beacon Paperbacks) (1960) (image)

Man on His Past: The Study of the History of Historical Scholarship, with a New Preface.
Herbert Butterfield.
Beacon Hill and Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1960
(Beacon Paperback, No. 107)
Paperback. Tan pictorial covers. No dust wrapper. xviii; 238 pages. 7 appendices. Octavo.

Series Note:

Arranged by serial number

BP1. Albert Schweitzer - An Anthology.
BP2. W. K. C. Guthrie - The Greeks and their Gods.
BP3. Raymond Aron - The Century of Total War.
BP4. Leslie Fiedler - An End to Innocence.
BP5. George Orwell - Homage to Catalonia.
BP6. Bertram Wolfe - Three Who Made a Revolution.
BP7. Ernst Cassirier - The Philosophy of the Enlightenment.
BP8. C. E. Robinson - Hellas.
BP9. Martin Buber - Between Man and Man.
BP10. Herbert Read - English Prose Style.

BP11. Simone Weil - The Need for Roots.
BP12. Sidney Hook - The Hero in History.
BP13. Lewis Mumford - The Human Prospect.
BP14. Julien Benda - The Betrayal of the Intellectuals.
BP15. John Huizinga - Homo Ludens.
BP16. Richard Hofstadter - Social Darwinism in American Thought.
BP17. Elie Halevy - The Growth of Philosophical Radicalism.
BP18. Arthur Koestler - The Invisible Writing.
BP19. Sigmund Freud - Delusion and Dream.
BP20. F. L. Lucas - Greek Poetry for Everyman.

BP21. J. Franklin Jameson - The American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement.
BP22. Roland Bainton - The Revolution of the Sixteenth Century.
BP23. Eric Bentley - The Dramatic Event.
BP24. Freya Stark - Perseus in the Wind.
BP25. Walter Bagehot - Physics and Politics.
BP26. W. W. Tarn - Alexander the Great.
BP27. Arnold Rose - The Negro in America.
BP28. Soren Kierkegaard - Attack Upon "Christendom".
BP29. A. R. Hall - The Scientific Revolution.
BP30. Andre Malraux - The Conquerors.

BP31. Eric Bentley - What is Theatre?
BP32. Arnold Toynbee - The Industrial Revolution.
BP33. Margaret Mayorga - The Best Short Plays, 1955-1956.
BP34. Lionel Trilling - A Gathering of Fugitives.
BP35. Mohandas K. Gandhi - An Autobiography.
BP36. Gertrude Stein - Lectures in America.
BP37. Albert Schweitzer - Indian Thought and its Development.
BP38. Lewis Mumford - The Golden Day.
BP39. James Baldwin - Notes of a Native Son.
BP40. E. H. Carr - The New Society.

BP41. Morton White - Social Thought in America.
BP42. Edwyn Bevan - Symbolism and Belief.
BP43. E. R. Dodds - The Greeks and the Irrational.
BP44. Wyndham Lewis - Time and Western Man.
BP45. Karl Polanyi - The Great Transformation.
BP46. R. F. Scott - Scott's Last Expedition.
BP47. Roderick Seidenberg - Posthistoric Man.
BP48. John Dewey - Reconstruction in Philosophy.
BP49. Adolf Harnack - Outlines of the History of Dogma.
BP50. Otto Gierke - Natural Law and the Theory of Society.

BP51. Charles Baudelaire - The Intimate Journals of Charles Baudelaire.
BP52. Eric Bentley - A Century of Hero-Worship.
BP53. Caroline Spurgeon - Shakespeare's Imagery.
BP54. W. C. Allee - The Social Life of Animals.
BP55. Kay Boyle - Three Short Novels.
BP56. Albert Schweitzer - The Psychiatric Study of Jesus.
BP57. William M. Ivins, Jr. - How Prints Look.
BP58. Jawaharlal Nehru - Toward Freedom.
BP59. Joseph Breuer and Sigmund Freud - Studies in Hysteria.
BP60. G. M. A. Grube - Plato's Thought.

BP61. Ernst Troeltsch - Protestantism and Progress.
BP62. E. M. Butler - The Tyranny of Greece over Germany.
BP63. Daniel Boorstin - The Mysterious Science of Law.
BP64. Martin Buber - Paths in Utopia.
BP65. Henry S. Canby - Thoreau.
BP66. Theodor H. Gaster - The Oldest Stories in the World.
BP67. Otto Gierke - Political Theories of the Middle Age.
BP68. Lawrence J. Henderson - The Fitness of the Environment.
BP69. Melville Herskovits - The Myth of the Negro Past.
BP70. Charles R. Joy - The Animal World of Albert Schweitzer.

BP71. Rudolf Sohm - Outlines of Church History.
BP72. A. N. Whitehead - The Function of Reason.
BP73. Margaret Mayorga - The Best Plays, 20th Anniversary Edition.
BP74. Charles Frankel - The Case for Modern Man.
BP75. Bert James Loewenberg - Charles Darwin.
BP76. G. P. Gooch - History and Historians in the Nineteenth Century.
BP77. Guido de Ruggiero - The History of European Liberalism.
BP78. I. A. Richards - How to Read a Page.
BP79. Henrietta Buckmaster - Let My People Go.
BP80. Abba H. A. Silver - A History of Messianic Speculation in Israel.

BP81. Rufus M. Jones - Spiritual Reformers in the 16th and 17th Centuries.
BP82. G. G. Coulton - Ten Medieval Studies.
BP83. Edward Eggleston - The Transit of Civilization.
BP84. A. P. A. Usher - A History of Mechanical Inventions.
BP85. G. G. Coulton - Inquisition and Liberty.
BP86. Mark Van Doren - Liberal Education.
BP87. Charles Joy - Music in the Life of Albert Schweitzer.
BP88. Katherine Mansfield - Novels and Novelists.
BP89. Perry Miller - Orthodoxy in Massachusetts, 1630-1650.
BP90. Gertrude Stein - Picasso.

BP91. Heinrich Heine - Religion and Philosophy in Germany.
BP92. Margaret Mayorga - The Best Short Plays, 1957-1958.
BP93. Bertrand Russell - Authority and the Individual.
BP94. T. R. Glover - The Conflict of Religions in the Early Roman Empire.
BP95. Malcolm Hay - Europe and the Jews.
BP96. A. F. Pollard - Factors in Modern History.
BP97. Harold Nicolson - Good Behaviour.
BP98. Frederick Pollock - The History of the Science of Politics.
BP99. Max Friedlander - On Art and Connoisseurship.
BP100. Jules Monnerot - Sociology and Psychology of Communism.

BP101. Karl Sax - Standing Room Only.
BP102. Paul Blanshard - American Freedom and Catholic Power.
BP103. Margaret Mayorga - The Best Short Plays, 1958-1959.
BP104. Peter Drucker - Concept of the Corporation.
BP105. Samuel Eliot Morison - An Hour of American History.
BP106. Daniel Boorstin - The Lost World of Thomas Jefferson.
BP107. Herbert Butterfield - Man on His Past.
BP108. Henry Sidgwick - Outlines of the History of Ethics.
BP109. Anna Freud - Psychoanalysis for Teachers and Parents.
BP110. Herbert Marcuse - Reason and Revolution.

BP111. John Dewey and Arthur F. Bentley - Knowing and the Known.

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