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Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II
Publisher: Ballantine Books, Inc. Place: New York, United States. Series Date(s): 1968-1978.


Okinawa: Touchstone to Victory
by Benis M. Frank
New York: Ballantine Books, 1970 (Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II).
Paperback. Size: Octavo. 160 pages.

Series Note: "In 1968 Ballantine introduced the illustrated, large format paperback, when it issued the first four volumes of the Illustrated History of World War II series. The books combined picture and text in a fully-integrated well designed book. The success of the four books led to the introduction of the series into regular publication in 1969." (Source: George Thomas Kurian, The Directory of American Book Publishing, from Founding Fathers to Today's Conglomerates, Simon & Schuster, 1975, p. 68.)

The Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II series was later retitled Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century. It was published both in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Battle 1
D-Day: Spearhead of Invasion 
by R. W. Thompson

Battle 2
Their Finest Hour: The Story of the Battle of Britain 1940 
by Edward Bishop

Battle 3
Stalingrad: The Turning Point 
by Geoffrey Jukes

Battle 4
by Peter Elstob

Battle 5
The Siege of Leningrad: Epic of Survival 
by Alan Wykes

Battle 6
The Battle for Berlin :  End of the Third Reich 
by Earl F. Ziemke

Battle 7
Kursk: The Clash of Armour 
by Geoffrey Jukes

Battle 8
Tarawa: A Legend Is Born 
by Henry I. Shaw

Battle 9
Airborne Carpet, Operation Market Garden 
by Anthony Farrar-Hockley

Battle 10
Pearl Harbor 
by A. J. Barker

Battle 11
Leyte Gulf Armada in the Pacific 
by Donald Macintyre

Battle 12
Okinawa: Touchstone to Victory 
by Benis M. Frank

Battle 13
The Defense of Moscow 
by Geoffrey Jukes

Battle 14
Raid on St. Nazaire 
by David Mason

Battle 15
Anzio the Bid for Rome 
by Christopher Hibbert

Battle 16
by Dominick Graham

Battle 17
London's Burning 
by Constantine FitzGibbon

Battle 18
Kasserine: Baptism of Fire
by Ward Rutherford

Battle 19
Battle of the Reichswald 
by Peter Elstob

Battle 20
Midway, The Turning Point 
by A. J. Barker

Battle 21
Battle of the Ruhr Pocket 
by Charles Whiting

Battle 22
Beda Fomm, The Classic Victory 
by Kenneth Macksey

Battle 23
Bir Hacheim, Desert Citadel 
by Richard Holmes

Battle 24
Salerno, Foothold in Europe 
by David Mason

Battle 25
Armoured Onslaught, 8th August 1918 
by Douglas Orgill

Battle 26
Vimy Ridge 1914-18 Battle
by Kenneth Macksey

Battle 27
Rhine Crossing 
by James W. Stock

Battle 29
Rotterdam: Invasion of Holland
by Wilhelmina Steenbeek

Battle 30
Ploesti: Oil Strike
by John Sweetman

Battle 31
Zeebrugge: 23 April 1918 
by James W. Stock

Battle 32
Iwo Jima 
by Michael Russell

Battle 33
Dien Bien Phu 
by John Keegan


Campaign 1
Afrika Korps 
by Major K.J. Macksey

Campaign 2
The Raiders: Desert Strike Force 
by Arthur Swinson

Campaign 3
Sicily: Whose Victory? 
by Martin Blumenson

Campaign 4
Breakout: Drive to the Seine 
by David Mason

Campaign 5
Defeat in Malaya, The Fall of Singapore 
by Arthur Swinson

Campaign 6
France, Summer 1940 
by John Williams

Campaign 7
Bomber Offensive: The Devastation of Europe 
by Noble Frankland

Campaign 8
The Nuremberg Rallies 
by Alan Wykes

Campaign 9
Japan: The Final agony 
by Alvin Coox

Campaign 10
Liberation of the Philippines 
by Stanley L. Falk

Campaign 10 [sic]
Normandy Bridgehead
by Hubert Essame

Campaign 11
Barbarossa, Invasion of Russia 1941 by John Keegan

Campaign 12

Campaign 13
New Guinea, The Tide is Stemmed 
by John Vader

Campaign 14
Guadalcanal, Island Ordeal 
by Graeme Kent

Campaign 15
New Georgia: Pattern for Victory
by Dick Crofton Horton

Campaign 16
Fall of the Philippines 
by Ward Rutherford

Campaign 17
Schweinfurt: Disaster in the Skies 
by John Sweetman 

Campaign 18
Carpathian Disaster: Death of an Army 
by Geoffrey Jukes

Campaign 21
Pacific Onslaught: 7th Dec. 1941/7th Feb. 1943 
by Paul Kennedy
Campaign 22
Operation Torch 
by Vincent Jones

Campaign 23
Over the Hump: Airlift to China by William J. Koenig

Campaign 24
The Winter War 
by Richard W. Condon

Campaign 25
Pacific Victory by Paul Kennedy

Campaign 26
Tobruk: The Siege 
by James W. Stock

Campaign 28
by Stanley Falk

Campaign 29
Yom Kippur War
by A. J. Barker


Full Color Special 1
Nazi Regalia 
by Jack Pia

Full Color Special 2
SS Regalia 
by Jack Pia


War Leader 1
by Charles Whiting

War Leader 2
by Sydney L. Mayer

War Leader 3
by Alan Wykes

War Leader 4
by D. D. Rooney

War Leader 5
by Charles Whiting

War Leader 6
by Arthur Swinson

War Leader 7
De Gaulle 
by Philippe Masson

War Leader 8
by Roger Manvell 

War Leader 9
by Martin Blumenson

War Leader 10
Tito: A Biography 
by Phyllis Autys

War Leader 11
by Charles Whiting

War Leader 12
by Michael Calvert

War Leader 13
by Christopher Hibbert

War Leader 14
by Alan Wykes

War Leader 15
by Anthony Farrar-Hockley

War Leader 16
by David Mason

War Leader 17
by Alan Wykes

War Leader 18
Lawrence of Arabia 
by Douglas Orgill

War Leader 19
MacArthur in Japan 
by Sydney L. Mayer

War Leader 20
by John Keegan

War Leader 22
by Alan Wykes

War Leader 23
Churchill, 1914-1918 
by David Mason

War Leader 24
by A. J. Barker

War Leader 25
by John Keegan

War Leader 26
Halsey by Benis M. Frank

War Leader 27
by Roger Sibley

War Leader 28
by Otto Preston Chaney

War Leader 30
by Alvin D. Coox

War Leader 31
by Rose Tremain


Weapons 1
U-boat;: The secret menace 
by David Mason

Weapons 2
Panzer Division: The Mailed Fist 
by Kenneth Macksey

Weapons 3
Aircraft Carrier: The Majestic Weapon 
by Donald Macintyre

Weapons 4
Me 109: Willy Messerschmitt's Peerless Fighter 
by Martin Caidin

Weapons 5
German Secret Weapons: Blueprint for Mars 
by Brian Ford

Weapons 6
by John Vader

Weapons 7
by Peter Young

Weapons 8
SS and Gestapo: Rule by Terror 
by Roger Manvell

Weapons 9
Zero fighter 
by Martin Caidin

Weapons 10
Luftwaffe: Birth, Life, and Death of an Air Force 
by Alfred Price

Weapons 11
The Guns: 1939/45 
by Ian V. Hogg

Weapons 12
by Charles B. MacDonald

Weapons 13
PT Boats 
by Bryan Cooper

Weapons 14
Pacific Hawk 
by John Vader

Weapons 15
Tank Force: Allied Armor in World War II 
by Kenneth Macksey

Weapons 16
Waffen SS, The Asphalt Soldiers 
by John Keegan 1

Weapons 17
B29: The Superfortress 
by Carl Berger

Weapons 18
Barrage : The Guns in Action 
by Ian V. Hogg

Weapons 19
Allied Secret Weapons: The War of Science 
by Brian J. Ford

Weapons 20
Rocket Fighter 
by William Green 

Weapons 21
T-34: Russian Armor 
by Douglas Orgill

Weapons 22
Suicide Weapon 
by A. J. Barker

Weapons 23
Hitler's High Seas Fleet  
by Richard Humble

Weapons 24
Mosquito: Wooden Wonder 
by Edward Bishop

Weapons 25
Infantry Weapons 
by John S. Weeks

Weapons 26
P-51: Bomber Escort 
by William N. Hess

Weapons 27
The Guns, 1914-18 
by Ian V. Hogg

Weapons 29
Flying Tigers: Chennault in China 
by Ronald Heiferman

Weapons 30
Lancaster Bomber 
by D. B. Tubbs

Weapons 31
Merrill's Marauders
by Alan D. Baker

Weapons 32
German General Staff 
by Barry A. Leach

Weapons 33
Japanese High Seas Fleet 
by Richard Humble

Weapons 34
Chindits: Long Range Penetration 
by Michael Calvert

Weapons 35
Condor Legion 
by Peter Elstob

Weapons 36
Indestructible Jeep 
by D Denfeld

Weapons 37
Grenades & Mortars 
by Ian Hogg

Weapons 38
Wellington Bomber 
by Edward Bishop

Weapons 39
Hitler's Bodyguards 
by Alan Wykes

Weapons 40
B-17 Flying Fortress 
by William Hess

Weapons 41
German Armor 
by Douglas Orgill

Weapons 42
Midget Submarine 
by James Gleason

Weapons 43
by Ian V. Hogg

Weapons 44
by Arthur Pearcy


The Conspirators : 20th July 1944
by Roger Manvell

Warsaw Rising 
by Gunther Deschner

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