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Golden Guides
Publisher: Western Publishing/Golden Press; then: St. Martin's Press.
Country: United States. Date: 1949- .

Rocks and Minerals (Golden Guides) (images)

Rocks and Minerals: A Guide to Minerals, Gems and Rocks
by Herbert S. Zim and Paul R. Shaffer
(A Golden Nature Guide) (First published: 1957)

Series Note:
The Golden Guides series includes the following subsections:
- Golden Art Guides
Golden Field Guides
Golden Handbooks
Golden Handbook Guides
Golden Nature Guides
Golden Regional Guides
Golden Science Guides
- Golden Travel Guides.

The Golden Guides series was originally known as the Golden Nature Guides series.

The series was originally published by Western Publishing/Golden Press (1949-2001) and subsequently published by St. Martin's Press (2001-present)

Title / Author(s) / Date First Published
Acadia National Park and the Nearby Coast of Maine - Grant Sharpe (1968)
American Antique Glass - Elizabeth Oliver (1977)
American Antiques - Ann Kilborn Cole (1967)
American Southeast, The: A Guide to Florida and Adjacent Shores - Herbert S. Zim (1960)
American Southwest, The (later edition: The Southwest) - Natt N. Dodge & Herbert S. Zim (1959)
Architecture from its Origins to the Present Day - Charles Rambert (1969)
Bats of The World - Gary L. Graham (1994)
Bicycling - George S. Fichter & Keith Kingbay (1972)
Bird Life - Stephen W. Kress (1991)
Birds: A Guide to the Most Familiar American Birds - Herbert S. Zim & Ira N. Gabrielson (1949)
Birds of Europe - Bertel Bruun (1967)
Botany - Taylor Alexander, R. Will Burnett, Herbert S. Zim (1970)
Butterflies and Moths: A Guide to the More Common American Species - Robert T. Mitchell & Herbert S. Zim (1962)
Cacti - Frank D. Venning (1974)
Camping - Robert E. Smallman (1965)
Casino Games - Bill Friedman (1973)
Cats - George S. Fichter (1973)
Chemistry Experiments - Robert Brent (1969)
Dinosaurs - Eugene S. Gaffney (1990)
Ecology - Taylor Alexander & George S. Fichter (1973)
Endangered Animals - George S. Fichter (1995)
Everglades National Park and the Nearby Florida Keys - Herbert S. Zim (1960)
Evolution - Frank H. T. Rhodes (1974)
Exotic Plants - Julia F. Morton (1971)
Exploring Space - Mark R. Chartrand (1991)
Families of Birds - Oliver L. Austin (1971)
Fishes: A Guide to Familiar American Species - Herbert S. Zim & Hurst H. Shoemaker (1955)
Fishing - George S. Fichter & Phil Francis (1965)
Flowers: A Guide to Familiar American Wildflowers - Herbert S. Zim & Alexander C. Martin (1950)
Flying - Barry Schiff (1971)
Fossils: A Guide to Prehistoric Life - Frank H. T. Rhodes, Herbert S. Zim & Paul R. Shaffer (1962)
Gamebirds - Alexander Sprunt IV & Herbert S. Zim (1961)
Geology - Frank H. T. Rhodes (1972)
Guns - Larry Koller (1961)
Hallucinogenic Plants - Richard Evans Schultes (1976)
Heart - Sarah R. Riedman (1974)
Henry Gasser's Guide to Painting: The Techniques of Handling Oil, Watercolor and Casein - Henry Gasser (1964)
Herbs And Spices - Julia F. Morton (1976)
Horses - Moira Duggan (1972)
Insect Pests: A Guide to More Than 350 Pests of Home, Garden, Field, and Forest - George S. Fichter (1966)
Insects: A Guide to Familiar American Insects - Herbert S. Zim & Clarence Cottam (1951)
Israel and The Holy Land - Rinna Samuel (1967)
Italy - Paul J. C. Friedlander & Joseph Brooks (1955)
Kites - Wyatt Brummit (1971)
Landforms - George F. Adams & Jerome Wyckoff (1971)
Light and Color - Clarence Rainwater (1971)
Mammals: A Guide to Familiar American Species - Herbert S. Zim & Donald F. Hoffmeister (1955)
Mexico - Herbert S. Zim & Sonia Bleeker Zim (1969)
Modern Painting from its Beginnings to Today - Michel Hoog (1970)
Non-Flowering Plants: Ferns, Mosses, Lichens, Mushrooms and Other Fungi - Floyd S. Shuttleworth & Herbert S. Zim (1967)
North American Indian Arts - Andrew Hunter Whiteford (1970)
Oceanography - Gilbert L. Voss (1972)
Orchids - Floyd S. Shuttleworth, Herbert S. Zim & Gordon W. Dillon (1970)
Pacific Northwest, The: A Guide to the Evergreen Playground - Herbert S. Zim & Natt N. Dodge (1959)
Painting from Its Origins to the 20th Century - Geneviève Monnier (1969)
Photography: The Amateur's Guide to Better Pictures - Herbert S. Zim & R. Will Burnett (1956)
Planets - Mark R. Chartrand (1990)
Pond Life - George Reid (1967)
Power Boats: How to Buy, Handle, Equip and Maintain Today's Motorboats - Bill Wallace (1961)
Reptiles and Amphibians: A Guide to Familiar American Species - Herbert S. Zim & Hobart M. Smith (1953)
Rocks and Minerals: A Guide to Minerals, Gems and Rocks - Herbert S. Zim & Paul R. Shaffer (1957)
Rocky Mountains, The - Herbert S. Zim & Paul R. Schaffer (1964)
Sailing: A Guide to Handling, Equipping, Maintaining and Buying the Small Boat - Bill Wallace (1960)
Scuba Diving: Handbook of Underwater Activities - Wheeler J. North (1968)
Sculpture (An Introduction to Sculpture from its Origins to Today - Guillaume Janneau & Simone Hoog (1970)
Seashells Of The World: A Guide to the Better-Known Species - R. Tucker Abbott (1962)
Seashores: A Guide to Shells, Sea Plants, Shore Birds, and Other Natural Features of the American Coasts - Herbert S. Zim & Lester Ingle (1955)
Ski (The Golden Ski Guide: A Complete Course of Instruction in the Modern American Ski Technique) - William N. Wallace & Bob Beattie (1966)
Sky Observer's Guide, The: How to Observe Stars, Moon, Sun, and Planets with Unaided Eye, Binoculars, and Telescopes - R. Newton Mayall, Margaret Mayall & Jerome Wyckoff (1965)
Snakes - Sarah Whittley (2002)
Spiders and Their Kin - Herbert W. Levi & Lorna R. Levi (1968)
Sports Cars - Francis Mortarini, Francis Leopold & Wallace K. Waterfall (1968)
Stars: A Guide to the Constellations, Sun, Moon, Planets and Other Features of the Heavens - Herbert S. Zim & Robert H. Baker (1951)
Trees: A Guide to Familiar American Trees - Herbert S. Zim & Alexander C. Martin (1952)
Tropical Fish - Bruce W. Halstead & Bonnie L. Landa (1975)
Venomous Animals - Edmund D. Brodie, Jr. (1989)
Washington D.C.: A Comprehensive New Guide for Visitors to the Nation's Capital - Robert E. Smallman (1964)
Weather : A Guide to Phenomena and Forecasts - Paul E. Lehr, R. Will Burnett & Herbert S. Zim (1957)
Weeds - Alexander C. Martin (1972)
Whales and Other Marine Mammals - George S. Fichter (1990)
Wines - Henri Fluchère (1973)
Yosemite - Douglass H. Hubbard (1970)
Zoo Animals - Donald F. Hoffmeister (1967)
Zoology: An Introduction to the Animal Kingdom - R. Will Burnett, Harvey I. Fisher & Herbert S. Zim (1958)

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