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Lippincott's Popular Library
Publisher: J. B. Lippincott Company. Country: United States. Date: 1896-1912.

Series Note:
This reprint series appeared as hardbacks bound in red cloth and dust wrappers made of kraft paper.

The series name, "Lippincott's Popular Library", only appeared on the dust wrappers and not inside or on the covers of the hardback volumes themselves. (Source: Series of Series )

Author / Serial Number / Title


1. This Wicked World.
2. A Life's Mistake.
3. A Lost Wife.
4. Vera Nevill.
5. A Devout Lover.
6. Worth Winning.
7. In A Grass Country.
8. Pure Gold.
9. The Cost of a Lie.
10. Jack's Secret.
11. A Tragic Blunder.


12. Esther.
13. Merle's Crusade.
14. Averil.
15. Wee Wifie.
16. Wooed and Married.
17. Robert Ord's Atonement.
18. Nellie's Memories.
19. Aunt Diana.
20. Our Bessie.
21. Only the Governess.
22. Uncle Max.
23. Search for Basil Lyndhurst.
24. Not Like Other Girls.
25. Queenie's Whim.
26. Barbara Heathcote's Trial.
27. Heriot's Choice.
28. Mary St. John.
29. For Lilias.


30. Two Masters.
31. Interference.
32. A Third Person.
33. A Family Likeness.
34. "To Let."


35. The Duchess.
36. Molly Bawn.
37. Airy Fairy Lilian.
38. Faith and Unfaith.
39. Jerry, and Other Stories.
40. Lady Branksmere.
41. A Maiden All Forlorn.
42. In Durance Vile.
43. Loys, Lord Berresford.
44. Rossmoyne.
45. Marvel.
46. A Modern Circe.
47. Lady Valworth's Diamonds.
48. Mrs. Geoffrey.
49. A Mental Struggle.
50. "O Tender Dolores."
51. Doris.
52. Phyllis.
53. Portia.
54. Under Currents.
55. A Little Irish Girl.


56. Mignon.
57. My Lord and My Lady.
58. Once Again.
59. Viva.
60. June.
61. I Have Lived and Loved.
62. Rhona.
63. Dolores.
64. Diana Carew.
65. The Light of Other Days.


66. Captain Dreams.
67. Initial Experience.
68. The Colonel's Christmas Dinner.


69. Dr. Rameau.
70. Antoinette.
71. A Last Love.


72. Cecil Castlemaine.
73. Chandos.
74. Strathmere.
75. In a Winter City.
76. Beatrice Boville.
77. Randolph Gordon.
78. Puck.
79. Wanda.
80. Syrlin.
81. Under Two Flags.
82. Granville de Vigne.
83. Princess Napraxine.
84. Tricotrine.
85. Pascarel.
86. Moths.
87. Othmar.
88. Idalia.
89. Bebee,
90. Signa.
91. Village Commune.
92. House Party.
93. In Maremma.
94. Bimbi.
95. Guilderoy.
96. Two Offenders.


97. Conquest of Peru. 2 vols.
98. Conquest of Mexico. 3 vols.
99. Ferdinand and Isabella. 3 vols.


100. Queechy.
101. Wide, Wide World.
102. Say and Seal.
103. Dollars and Cents.
104. Hills of the Shatemue.
105. My Brother's Keeper.


Translated from the German

106. The Old Mam'selle's Secret. By E. Marlitt.
107. Gold Elsie. By E. Marlitt.
108. Countess Gisela. By E. Marlitt.
109. The Owl's Nest. By E. Marlitt.
110. The Bailiff's Maid. By E. Marlitt.
111. In the Schillingscourt. By E. Marlitt.
112. At the Councillor's. By E. Marlitt.
113. The Second Wife. By E. Marlitt.
114. The Little Moorland Princess. By E. Marlitt.
115. Countess Erika's Apprenticeship. By Ossip Schubin.
116. O Thou, My Austria! By Ossip Schubin.
117. The Alpine Fay. By E. Werner.
118. Saint Michael. By E. Werner.
119. Violetta. By Ursula Zoge von Manteufel.
120. Vain Forebodings. By E. Oswald.
121. A Penniless Girl. By W. Hermberg.
122. Quicksands. By Adolph Streckfuss.
123. Castle Hohenwald. By Adolph Streckfuss.
124. Tom Rich. By Adolph Streckfuss.
125. Margarethe. By E. Juncker.
126. A Noble Name. By Claire Von Glumer.
127. From Hand to Hand. By Golo Raimund.
128. A New Race. By Golo Raimund.
129. Severa. By E. Hartner.
130. The Eichhofs. By Moritz von Reichenbach.
131. A Family Feud. By Ludwig Harder.
132. The Green Gate. By Ernest Wichert.
133. Only a Girl. By Wilhelmine Von Hillern.
134. Why did He not Die? By Ad. von Volckhauser.
135. Hulda. By Fanny Lewald.
136. The Enchanting and the Enchanted.
137. Seaside and Fireside Fairies.


138. Leafless Spring. Translated from the German of Ossip Schubin.
139. Pilgrim's Progress. By John Bunyan.
140. Bible Stories for Children: Genesis. By Annie E. Butler.
141. Bible Stories for Children: The Gospels. By Annie E. Butler.
142. Country Luck. By John Habberton.
143. The Sign of the Four. By A. Conan Doyle.
144. The Secret of the Court. By F. Frankfort Moore.
145. The New Mistress. By George Manville Fenn.
146. Vendetta. By Marie Corelli.
147. Wild Western Scenes. By J. B. Jones.
148. War Path. By J. B. Jones.
149. Country Merchant. By J. B. Jones.
150. Hadley's Bible Stories.

Source of above list: Dust wrapper of x as reproduced on Series of Series.

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