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The Lotus Library
Publisher: Brentano's. Country: United States. Date: 1908-29.

Series Note:
"A Selection of the best translations of the greatest French, German,
Russian, Turkish, and Italian novels otherwise unobtainable in English."

This series was originally launched by William Collins & Sons, London/Glasgow, U.K. and later also published by Greening and Co., London, U.K.

Arranged alphabetically by author and title

Romance of a Harem
Adventures of Baron Manchausen

Honoré de Balzac
The Tragedy of a Genius
Tales from Balzac

Rene Bazin
Children from Alsace

William Beckford

Fortune de Boisgobey
Matapan Jewels

Paul Bourget
Our Lady of Lies
A Woman's Heart
Andre Cornelis
The Blue Duchess

Thomas Browne
Religio Medici

Une Circasienne
Woman of the Hill

Alphonse Daudet
The Nabob
A Passion of the South
Sidonie's Revenge
The Popinjay (Kings in Exile)

Barbey d'Aurevilly
Story Without a Name

Alexandre Dumas
The Black Tulip

Dumas Fils
Lady with the Camellias

Gustave Flaubert
Temptation of St. Antony
Madame Bovary
Sentimental Education

Maxime Formont
The She Wolf

Anatole France

Franz Funck-Brentano
Cagliostro & Company
The Diamond Necklace

Emile Gaboriau
The Blackmailers

Paul Gaulot
The Red Shirts

Theophile Gautier
Captaine Fracasse
Mille. de Maupin
A Mummy's Romance
Tales from Gautier

Edmond de Goncourt
La Faustin

Tales from Gorky

Victor Hugo
The Outlaw of Iceland

Samuel Johnson

Paul de Kock
A Good Natured Fellow

Joseph Kraszewski
Count Bruhl

E. R. Lefebvre-Labroulaye

Jules Lemaitre
Their Majesties, The Kings

E. Lepelletier
Madame Sans Gene

A. R. LeSage
The Adventures of Gil Blas

Pierre Loti
The Romance of a Spahi

Pierre Louys
Woman and Puppet

The Disaster

Guy de Maupassant
A Woman's Soul
Pierre and Jean

Thomas Moore
The Epicurean

Henri Murger
The Latin Quaret

Alfred and Paul de Musset
Modern Man's Confession
He and She
Tales from de Musset

Georges Ohnet
In Deep Abyss
A Woman of Mystery
The Poison Dealer
Rival Actresses

L'Abbe Prevost
Manon Lescaut

Louise de Robert
Life's Last Gift

Mathilde Serao
The Desire of Life

Mrs. Shelley

Leo Tolstoy
The Kreutzer Sonata

A. Palacio Valdes
The Joy of Captain Ribot Jose

Edith Walford
Chavalier Bayard

Emile Zola
The Dream

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