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Nelson Doubleday Personal Success Program
Publisher: Nelson Doubleday.
Country: United States. Date: Late 1950s-mid 1960s.

Increase Word Power (Nelson Doubleday Personal Success Program) (image)

How to Increase Your Personal Word Power by Norman Lewis (Nelson Doubleday Personal Success Program). Nelson Doubleday Inc., Garden City, New York, c. 1959.

Paperback. 48 pages, illustrated. With 24 practice cards.

Series Note:

A Guide to High-Speed Mathematics
How to Be a Self-Starter
How to Be a Whiz at Figures
How to Be Effective on the Telephone
How to Concentrate
How to Create Good Ideas
How to Create the Right Self Image for Yourself
How to Delegate Authority
How to Discover Your Hidden Abilities
How to Get Ahead With Your Boss
How to Get Information – Fast!
How to Get Your Money's Worth
How to Handle an Audience
How to Handle Responsibility
How to Improve Your Conversation
How to Improve Your English
How to Improve Your Luck
How to Improve Your Personal Relations
How to Keep Physically Fit
How to Keep Well Informed
How to Lead Successful Meetings
How to Listen
How to Master Salesmanship
How to Master The Language of Business
How to Organise Your Time
How to Plan and Lead Successful Meetings
How to Profit from a Mistake
How to Put Your Ideas Across
How to Read Faster
How to Remember Facts
How to Remember Names and Faces
How to Save Money on your Income Tax
How to Say a Few Words - Effectively
How to Sharpen Your Thinking
How to Shoot Trouble
How to Size Up People
How to Streamline Office Work
How to Strengthen your Will Power
How to Teach
How to Travel Efficiently
How to Use Your Spare Time Effectively
How to Work Under Pressure
How to Write A Memo
How to Write Business Letters
How to Write Letters That Sell

Self-Scoring Aptitude Test

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