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Credo Perspectives
Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Touchstone Books. Country: United States. Date: 1962- .

My Search for Absolutes - Tillich (Credo Perspectives/S&S) (image)

My Search for Absolutes by Paul Tillich.
New York, Simon & Schuster, 1967 (Credo Perspectives series)
Introduction by Ruth Nanda Anshen. With drawings by Saul Steinberg.

Hardback bound with beige cloth and decorated in black and gilt on the front panel and spine. Black upper edge. Dust wrapper. Size: Octavo.

Contents: Credo Perspectives - Their Meaning and Function by Ruth Nanda Anshen; What Am I? - An Autobiographical Essay: Early Years; Absolutes in Human Knowledge and the Idea of Truth; The Absolute and the Relative Element in Moral Decisions; and The Holy - The Absolute and the Relative in Religion.

Series Note:
Series Editor: Ruth Nanda Anshen.
Format: (1) Hardback with dust wrapper; (2) Paperback.

"In one popular monograph series, Credo Perspectives, edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen, we find a score of books by famous men of our time -- physical scientists, art critics, a supreme court justice, a smattering of social scientists, and two popes -- all of them affirming and asserting with great vigor, revealing on every page that they have managed, in a time of 'universal doubt,' to find reasons for faith and action."

-- Wayne C. Booth, Modern Dogma and the Rhetoric of Assent, University of Chicago Press, 1974, p. x.

Arranged alphabetically by author and title

Martin Buber.
A Believing Humanism: Gleanings by Martin Buber.
S&S, 1967, 1969.

Martin Buber
A Believing Humanism: My Testament, 1902-1965.
S&S, 1967. Touchstone, 1969.
Translated with an Introduction and Explanatory Comments by Maurice

James Bryant Conant
Two Modes of Thought: My Encounters with Science and Education
S&S, 1964, 1970

Martin C D'Arcy, (S.I.)
Dialogue with Myself.
S&S, 1972 (Touchstone Books)

William O. Douglas
The Anatomy of Liberty: The Rights of Man Without Force
S&S, c. 1963.

Rene Dubos
The Torch of Life: Continuity in Living Experience.
S&S, 1962; 1970.

Erich Fromm
Beyond the Chains of Illusion: My Encounter With Marx and Freud.
Simon & Schuster Touchstone, 1962; 1985.
Introduction by Ruth Nanda Anshen.

Fred Hoyle
Encounter with the Future
S&S, 1968

Pope John XXIII
An Invitation to Hope.
Simon & Schuster, 1967.

Hans Kohn
Living in a World Revolution: My Encounters with History.
S&S, 1964; 1970.

Robert M. MacIver
The Challenge of the Passing Years: My Encounter with Time
S&S, 1962, 1971.

F. S. C. Northrop
Man, Nature, and God: A Quest for Life's Meaning
S&S, 1962, 1972.

Pope Paul VI.
Dialogues: Reflections on God and Man.
S&S, 1968.

Herbert Read
The Redemption of the Robot: My Encounter with Education through Art.
S&S, 1966; 1969

Edmund Ware Sinnott
The Bridge of Life: From Matter to Spirit.
Simon & Schuster, 1966.

James Johnson Sweeney
Vision and Image: A Way of Seeing
S&S, 1968; 1972.

Paul Tillich
My Search of Absolutes.
S&S, 1967.
With drawings by Saul Steinberg.

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