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The Leisure Hour Series
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company. Country: United States. Date: 1872-90.

The First Violin - Fothergill (Leisure Hour Series/Henry Holt) (image)

The First Violin by Jessie Fothergill
New York, Henry Holt & Co., 1878 (The Leisure Hour Series, 101).
Hardback bound in light sand colored, "linen" cloth. Front panel printed in black with the title enclosed in a single border line and decorated in the lower righthand corner with illustration of a spider in a cobweb.

Hannibal of New York - Wharton (Leisure Hour Series/Henry Holt) (image)

Hannibal of New York by Thomas Wharton
New York, Henry Holt & Co., 1886 (The Leisure Hour Series, 193)
Hardback bound in mustard yellow cloth. Spider in web and oak tree branch and leaves printed in black on front panel. Gilt title on spine. Size: 12mo. 352 pages. Titles in the Leisure Hour Series listed in red on front and back endpapers.

Series Note:
"A collection of works whose character is light and entertaining, while not trivial. While they are handy for the pocket or the satchel, they are not, either in contents or appearance, unworthy of a place on the library shelves. 16mo. cloth. $1.00 per vol."

-- Publisher's advert in the opening pages of Recalled to Life by Grant Allen, Henry Holt & Co., 1891 (The Leisure Hour Series).

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Publisher: Henry Holt & Co., Publishers, 29 W. 23rd St., New York
Series Date: 1872-90
Format: 16mo. Cloth.

* * *

Evolving cover designs: comparison between an 1872 printing of Fly-Leaves in this series and a later 1882 printing

"This binding was recognized early on as an important departure from existing cover designs. In the landmark 1894 exhibition "Commercial Bookbindings" at The Grolier Club, this book was chosen as: excellent example of the beginnings from which came the modern commercial cover of the first class. This is the "linen-duster" cover in which Messrs. Henry Holt & Co. bound their Leisure Hour series. The cloth is light drab linen, cool and inviting as a hammock, and is stamped in black, the title enclosed in a single border line, with a cobweb and a leisurely spider in the lower right-hand corner. This book was published in 1872, and since then the art of designing ornamental covers has flourished like a bay-tree; yet it is doubtful if any more popular cover has been made. It seems exactly suited to its use.

This design was kept for several years, and was replaced by a variant in mustard cloth that showed a greater oriental influence. (...)

The 1872 spider web design morphed into this version. Here we see a tree branch and more asymmetrical design, both characteristics of Japanese art that become common elements in American binding design. This became the uniform cover for Holt’s Leisure Hour Series, which included many titles, at least through Turgenev’s Annals of a Sportsman (1885).

Source: When did we leave the Victorian era?

(A) Arranged by Volume Number

The Leisure Hour Series
16mo. Cloth. Per volume...$1.00

1. My Little Lady. By E. F. Poynter.
2. Smoke. By Ivan Turgenieff.
3. Fathers and Sons. By Ivan Turgenieff.
4. Fly-Leaves. By C. S. Caverley.
5. The Man with the Broken Ear. By E. About.
6. Hermann Agha. By W. G. Palgrave.
7. Noirel's Revenge. By V. Cherbuliez.
8. Elective Affinities. By Goethe.
9. Liza. By Ivan Turgenieff.
10. Fleurange. By Mme. A. Craven.

11. Who Breaks Pays. By By Mrs. C. Jenkin.
12. On the Eve. By Ivan Turgenieff.
13. Count Kostia. By Victor Cherbuliez.
14. Scintillations. By Heinrich Heine.
15. Under the Greenwood Tree. By T. Hardy.
16. Hero Carthew. By Louisa Parr.
17. Around a Spring. By G. Droz.
18. Babolain. By G. Droz.
19. What the Swallow Sang. By F. Speilhagen.
20. A Slip in the Fens.

21. Dimitri Roudine. By Ivan Turgenieff.
22. Ingo. By Gustave Freytag.
23. A Pair of Blue Eyes. By Thos. Hardy.
24. The Wooing O't. By Mrs. Alexander.
25. Ingraban. By Gustave Freytag.
26. Prosper. By Victor Cherbuliez.
27. Which Shall It Be? By Mrs. Alexander.
28. Jupiter's Daughters. By Mrs. C. Jenkin.
29. Skirmishing. By Mrs. C. Jenkin.
30. A Psyche of To-day. By Mrs. C. Jenkin.

31. Madame de Beaupre. By Mrs. C. Jenkin.
32. Desperate Remedies. By Thos. Hardy.
33. Sping Floods: A Lear of the Steppe. By Ivan Turgenieff.
34. Villa on the Rhine. Vol. I. By B. Auerbach.
35. Villa on the Rhine. Vol. II. By B. Auerbach.
36. Black Forest Stories. By B. Auerbach.
37. Joseph in the Snow. By B. Auerbach.
38. Little Barefoot. By B. Auerbach.
39. Clarissa Harlowe. Condensed. By S. Richardson.
40. Alcestis. A Novel.

41. The Fisher Maiden. By B. Bjornson.
42. The Notary's Nose. By E. About.
43. German Tales. By B. Auerbach.
44. Edelweiss. By B. Auerbach.
45. Far from the Madding Crowd. By T. Hardy.
46. Mistress Judith. By C. C. Fraser-Tytler.
47. Ralph Wilson's Weird. By Mrs. Alexander.
48. Mr. Smith. By L. B. Walford.
49. Wyncote. By Mrs. T. Erskine.
50. On the Heights. By B. Auerbach. Vol. I.

51. On the Heights. By B. Auerbach. Vol. II.
52. Within an Ace. By Mrs. C. Jenkin.
53. The Habermeister. By H. Schmid.
54. Whiteladies. By Mrs. Oliphant.
55. Pretty Miss Bellew. By Theo. Gift.
56. Her Dearest Foe. By Mrs. Alexander.
57. Vers de Société.
58. Jonathan. By C. C. Fraser-Tytler.
59. Ersilia. By E. Frances Poynter.
60. Miss Molly. By Beatrice M. Butt.

61. Cecil Dreeme. By Theo. Winthrop.
62. The Hand of Ehtelberta. By T. Hardy.
63. John Brent. By Theo. Winthrop.
64. A Story of Three Sisters. By Cecil Maxwell.
65. Rejected Addresses. By H. & J. Smith.
66. Edwin Brothertoft. By Theo. Winthrop.
67. Ida Craven. By Mrs. H. M. Cadell.
68. Canoe and Saddle. By Theo. Winthrop.
69. Giannetto. By Margaret Majendie.
70. Life in the the Open Air. By Theo. Winthrop.

71. Noblesse Oblige. By Miss Roberts.
72. On the Edge of the Storm. By Miss Roberts.
73. Early and Late Papers. By Thackeray.
74. The Convicts. By B. Auerbach.
75. Heritage of Langdale. By Mrs. Alexander.
76. Lorley and Reinhard. By B. Auerbach.
77. Bessie Lang. By Alice Corkran.
78. Aloys. By B. Auerbach.
79. Campaner Thal. By J. P. F. Richter.
80. Hesperus. By J. P. F. Richter. Vol. I.

81. Hesperus. By J. P. F. Richter. Vol. II.
82. Titan. By J. P. F. Richter. Vol. I.
83. Titan. By J. P. F. Richter. Vol. II.
84. Flower, Fruit, and Thorn Pieces. By J. P. F. Richter. Vol. I.
85. Flower, Fruit, and Thorn Pieces. By J. P. F. Richter. Vol. II.
86. Eugene. By B. M. Butt.
87. In Change Unchanged. By Linda Villari.
88. Virgin Soil. By Ivan Turgenieff.
89. Poet and Merchant. By B. Auerbach.
90. Lola. By A. Griffiths.

91. Pauline. By Mrs. L. B. Walford.
92. Dita. By Lady Margaret Majendie.
93. The Honorable Miss Ferrard. By May Laffan.
94. Landolin. By Berthold Auerbach.
95. Maid Ellice. By Theo. Gift.
96. Hathercourt. By Mrs. Molesworth.
97. Play-Day Poems. Collected by R. Johnson.
98. Gaddings with a Primitive People. By W. A. B. Grohman.
99. Plays for Private Acting.
100. A Century of American Literature. Edited by H. A. Beers.

101. The First Violin.
102. Waldfried. By B. Auerbach.
103. The Return of the Native. By T. Hardy.
104. Wanderings in Patagonia. By J. Beerbohm.
105. Maid, Wife, or Widow? By Mrs. Alexander.
106. Cousins. By L. B. Walford.
107. Delicia. By Beatrice M. Butt.
108. Probation. By Jessie Fothergill.
109. Card Essays, Clay's Decisions, and Card-Table Talk. By "Cavendish>"
110. Captain Fracasse. By Theophile Gautier.

111. Democracy. A Novel.
112. Christy Carew. By May Laffan.
113. Troublesome Daughters. By Mrs. L. B. Walford.
114. Mudfog Papers. By Charles Dickens.
115. The Wellfields. By Jessie Fothergill.
116. Brigitta. By B. Auerbach.
117. A Dreamer. By Katherine Wylde.
118. The Trumpet-Major. By Thomas Hardy.
119. Under Slieve-Ban. By R. E. Francillon.
120. Pictures from Ireland. By T. McGrath.

121. The Leaden Casket. By Mrs. A. W. Hunt.
122. A Lazy Man's Work. By F. C. Sparhawk.
123. Azarian. By H. P. Spofford.
124. Amber Gods. By H. P. Spofford.
125. Matrimony. By W. E. Norris.
126. A Matter-of-Fact Girl. By Theo. Gift.
127. Among the Hills. By E. F. Poynter.
128. The Lutaniste of St. Jacobi's. By C. Drew.
129. One of Three, and Made or Marred. By Jessie Fothergill.
130. Kith and Kin. By Jessie Fothergill.

131. A Laodicean. By Thomas Hardy.
132. Dick Netherby. By L. B. Walford.
133. Heaps of Money. By W. E. Norris.
134. The Freres. By Mrs. Alexander.
135. Spinoza. By B. Auerbach.
136. The Revolt of Man.
137. Yesterday. A Novel.
138. Kinley Hollow. By G. H. Hollister.
139. Look Before You Leap. By Mrs. Alexander.
140. Robin. By Louisa Parr.

141. New Arabian Nights. By R. L. Stevenson.
142. Two on a Tower. By Thomas Hardy.
143. Geraldine Hawthorne. By B. May Butt.
144. Gideon Fleyce. By H. W. Lucy.
145. The Admiral's Ward. By Mrs. Alexander.
146. A Story of Carnival. By M. A. M. Hoppus.
147. A Chelsea Householder.
148. No New Thing. By W. E. Norris.
149. Beyond Recall. By A. Sergeant.
150. A Midsummer Lark. By W. A. Croffut.

151. In the Olden Time. By Miss Roberts.
152. Christine. By Louis Enault.
153. Master Bieland. By B. Auerbach.
154. The Invisible Lodge. By J. P. F. Richter.

(B) Arranged by Author and Title

Edmund About
The Man With the Broken Ear.
The Notary's Nose.

Alcestis. A Novel.

Mrs. Alexander
The Wooing.
Which Shall It Be?
Ralph Wilton's Weird.
Her Dearest Foe.
The Heritage of Langdale.
Maid, Wife or, Widow.
The Freres.
Look Before You Leap.
The Admiral's Ward.
The Executor.

Berthold Auerbach
A Villa on the Rhein. 2 vols.
On the Heights. 2 vols.
Black Forest Village Stories.
Joseph in the Snow. Illustrated.
Little Barefoot. Illustrated.
German Tales.
The Convicts.
Lorley and Reinhard.
Poet and Merchant.
Master Bieland.

B. Bjornson.
The Fisher-Maiden.

Julius Beerhohm.
Wanderings in Patagonia.

Prof. Henry A. Beers.
American Literature.

Walter Besant.
The Revolt of Man.

Beatrice M. Butt.
Miss Molly.
Geraldine Hawthorne

Mrs. H. M. Cadell.
Ida Craven.

C. S. Calverly.
Fly Leaves.

A. Chelsea Householder.
A Novel.

Victor Cherbuliez.
Joseph Noirel's Revenge.
Count Kostia.

Charles C. C. Chesney.
Military Biography.

Alice Corkran.
Bessie Lang.

Mme. A. Craven.

W. A. Croffut.
A Midsummer Lark.

A Novel.

Charles Dickens.
The Mudfog Papers.

Catharine Drew.
The Lutaniste of St. Jacobi's.

Gustave Droz.
Around a Spring.

Louis Enault.

Mrs. Thomas Erskine.

Jessie Fothergill.
The First Violin.
The Wellfields.
One of Three, &c.
Kith and Kin

R. E. Francillon.
Under Slieve-Ban.

Gustav Freytag.

Theo Gift.
Pretty Miss Bellew.
Maid Ellice.
A Matter-of-Fact

E. W. Gosse.
On Viol and Flute.

W. A. Baillie Grohman.
Gaddings with a Primitive People.

Arthur Griffiths.
Lola: A Tale of Gibraltar.

Thomas Hardy.
Under the Greenwood Tree.
A Pair of Blue Eyes.
Desperate Remedies.
Far from the Madding Crowd.
The Hand of Ethelberta.
The Return of the Native.
The Trumpet-Major.
A Laodicean.
Two on a Tower

Heinrich Heine.

G. H. Hollister.
Kineley Hollow.

M. A. M. Hoppus.
A Story of Carnival.

Mrs. A. W. Hunt.
The Leaden Casket.

Mrs. C. Jenkin.
Who Breaks Pays.
Madame de Beaupre.
A Psyche of To-day.
Jupiter's Daughters.
Within an Ace

Rossiter Johnson.
Play-Day Poems.

C. H. Jones.
Vers de Société.

May Laffan.
Christy Carew.

H. W. Lucy.
Gideon Fleyce.

T. McKnight.
Pictures from Ireland.

Cecil Maxwell.
A Story of Three Sisters.

Lady Margaret Majendie.

Mrs. Molesworth.

W. E. Norris.
Heaps of Money.
No New Thing

Mrs. Oliphant.

W. G. Palgrave.
Hermann Agha.

Louisa Parr.
Hero Carthew.

Miss E. Frances Poynter.
My Little Lady.
Among the Hills

Revolt of Man.

S. Richardson.
Clarissa Harlowe.

Jean Paul Fr. Richter.
Flower, Fruit and Thorn Pieces.
Campaner Thal.
The Invisible Lodge

Miss Roberts.
Noblesse Oblige.
On the Edge of the Storm.
In the Olden Time

Adeline Sergeant.
Beyond Recall.

Hermann Schmid.
The Habermeister.

H. and J. Smith.
Rejected Addresses.

F. C. Sparhawk.
A Lazy Man's Work.

Frederick Spielhagen.
What the Swallow Sang.

Harriet Prescott Spofford.
Amber Gods

R. L. Stevenson.
New Arabian Nights.

Ivan Turgenieff.
Fathers and Sons.
On the Eve.
Dimitri Roudine.
Spring Floods; Lear.
Virgin Soil

C. C. Tytler-Fraser.
Mistress Judith.

Linda Villari.
In Change Unchanged.

L. B. Walford.
Mr. Smith.
Troublesome Daughters.
Dick Netherby

Theodore Winthrop.
Cecil Dreeme. (With portrait.)
John Brent.
Edwin Brothertoft.
Canoe and Saddle.
Life in the Open Air

Katharine Wylde.
A Dreamer.

Yesterday. A Novel.

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