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Lakeside Classics
Publisher: Lakeside Press. Country: United States. Date: 1903- .

Westward Journeys (Lakeside Classics/Lakeside Press) (image)

Westward Journeys: Memoirs of Jesse A. Applegate and Lavinia Honeyman Porter Who Traveled the Overland Trail
by Jessie A. Applegate and Lavinia Honeyman Porter.
Edited by Martin Ridge.
Chicago, Lakeside Press, 1989 (Lakeside Classics series #87).
Hardback bound in brown cloth. lxiv, 416 pages. Frontispiece, colour and black & white illustrations. Index. Size: 16mo.

Series Note:
A description of the aims and history of this series may be found here.

Volume Number / Title / Author / Year of Publication

1. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. 1903.
2. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from Washington to Lincoln. 1904.
3. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from A. Johnson to T. Roosevelt. 1905.
4. Fruits of Solitude by William Penn. 1906.
5. Memorable American Speeches I: The Colonial Period. 1907.
6. Memorable American Speeches II: Democracy and Nationality. 1908.
7. Memorable American Speeches III: Slavery. 1909.
8. Memorable American Speeches IV: Secession, War, Reconstruction. 1910.
9. The Autobiography of Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard. 1911.
10. Reminiscences of Early Chicago. 1912.

11. Reminiscences of Chicago During the Forties and Fifties. 1913.
12. Reminiscences of Chicago During the Civil War. 1914.
13. Reminiscences of Chicago During the Great Fire. 1915.
14. Life of Black Hawk. 1916.
15. The Indian Captivity of O. M. Spencer. 1917.
16. Pictures of Illinois One Hundred Years Ago. 1918.
17. A Woman's Story of Pioneer Illinois by Christiana Holmes Tillson. 1919.
18. The Conquest of the Illinois by George Rogers Clark. 1920.
19. Alexander Henry's Travels and Adventures in the Years 1760-1776. 1921.
20. John Long's Voyages and Travels in the Years 1768-1788. 1922.

21. Adventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River by Alexander Ross. 1923.
22. The Fur Hunters of the Far West by Alexander Ross. 1924.
23. The Southwestern Expedition of Zebulon M. Pike. 1925.
24. Commerce of the Prairies by Josiah Gregg. 1926.
25. Death Valley in '49 by William L. Manly. 1927.
26. Bidwell's Echoes of the Past / Steele's In Camp and Cabin. 1928.
27. Kendall's Texan Santa Fe Expedition. 1929.
28. Pattie's Personal Narrative. 1930.
29. Alexander Mackenzie's Voyage to the Pacific Ocean in 1793. 1931.
30. Wau-Bun, The "Early Day" in the North-West by Mrs. John H. Kinzie. 1932.

31. Forty Years a Fur Trader by Charles Larpenteur. 1933.
32. Narrative of the Adventures of Zenas Leonard. 1934.
33. Kit Carson's Autobiography. 1935.
34. A True Picture of Emigration by Rebecca Burlend. 1936.
35. The Bark Covered House by William Nowlin. 1937.
36. The Border and the Buffalo by John R. Cook. 1938.
37. Vanished Arizona by Martha Summerhayes. 1939.
38. War on the Detroit by Thomas Verchères de Boucherville and James Foster. 1940.
39. Army Life in Dakota by De Trobriand. 1941.
40. The Early Day of Rock Island and Davenport by J. W. Spencer and J. M. D. Burrows. 1942.

41. Six Years with the Texas Rangers by James B. Gillett.1943.
42. Growing Up with Southern Illinois by Daniel Harmon Brush. 1944.
43. A History of Illinois, I, by Gov. Thomas Ford. 1945.
44. A History of Illinois, II, by Gov. Thomas Ford. 1946.
45. The Western Country in the 17th Century by Lamothe Cadillac and Pierre Liette. 1947.
46. Across the Plains in Forty-nine by Reuben Cole Shaw. 1948.
47. Pictures of Gold Rush California. 1949.
48. Absaraka, Home of the Crows by Mrs. Margaret I. Carrington. 1950.
49. The Truth about Geronimo by Britton Davis. 1951.
50. My Life on the Plains by General George A. Custer. 1952.

51. Three Years Among the Indians and Mexicans by General Thomas James. 1953.
52. A Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America by Gabriel Franchère. 1954.
53. War-Path and Bivouac by John F. Finerty. 1955.
54. Milford's Memoir by Louis Leclerc de Milford. 1956.
55. Uncle Dick Wootton by Howard Louis Conard. 1957.
56. The Siege of Detroit in 1763. 1958.
57. Among the Indians by Henry A. Boller. 1959.
58. Hardtack and Coffee by John D. Billings. 1960.
59. Outlines from the Outpost by John Esten Cooke. 1961.
60. Colorado Volunteers in New Mexico, 1862 by Ovando J. Hollister. 1962.

61. Private Smith's Journal.1963.
62. Two Views of Gettysburg by Sir. A. J. L. Fremantle and Frank Haskell. 1964.
63. Dakota War Whoop by Harriet E. Bishop McConkey. 1965.
64. Honolulu by Laura Fish Judd. 1966.
65. Three Years in the Klondike by Jeremiah Lynch. 1967.
66. Two Years' Residence on the English Prairie of Illinois by John Woods. 1968.
67. John D. Young and the Colorado Gold Rush. 1969.
68. My Experiences in the West by John S. Collins. 1970.
69. Narratives of Colonial America, 1704-1765. 1971.
70. Pioneers by Noah Harris Letts and Thomas Allen Banning, 1825-1865. 1972.

71. Excursion Through America by Nicolaus Mohr. 1973.
72. A Frenchman in Lincoln's America, Volume I, by Ernest Duvergier de Hauranne. 1974.
73. A Frenchman in Lincoln's America, Volume II, by Ernest Duvergier de Hauranne. 1975.
74. Narratives of the American Revolution. 1976.
75. Advocates and Adversaries by Robert R. Rose. 1977.
76. Hell among the Yearlings by Edmund Randolph. 1978.
77. A Frontier Doctor by Henry F. Hoyt. 1979.
78. Mrs. Hill's Journal-Civil War Reminiscences by Sarah Jane Full Hill. 1980.
79. Skyward by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd. 1981.
80. Helldorado by William M. Breakenridge. 1982.

81. Mark Twain's West. 1983.
82. Frontier Fighter by George W. Coe. 1984.
83. Buckskin and Blanket Days by Thomas Henry Tibbles. 1985.
84. Autobiography of an English Soldier in the United States Army by George Ballentine. 1986.
85. Life of Tom Horn. 1987.
86. Children of Ol' Man River by Billy Bryant. 1988.
87. Westward Journeys by Jesse A. Applegate and Lavinia Honeyman Porter. 1989.
88. Narrative of My Captivity among the Sioux Indians by Fanny Kelly. 1990.
89. We Pointed Them North by E. C. "Teddy Blue" Abbott and Helena Huntington Smith. 1991.
90. A Texas Ranger by N. A. Jennings. 1992.

91. From Mexican Days to the Gold Rush by James W. Marshall and E. Gould Buffum. 1993.
92. My Life East and West by William S. Hart. 1994.
93. The Logbook of the Captain's Clerk by John S. Sewell. 1995.
94. Arctic Explorations by Elisha Kent Kane, M. D., U. S. N.. 1996.
95. Fighting the Flying Circus by Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker. 1997.
96. Behind the Scenes: Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House by Elizabeth Keckley. 1998.
97. Revolutionary Days by Princess Julia Cantacuzene née Grant. 1999.
98. The Americanization of Edward Bok by Edward W. Bok. 2000.
99. From the Deep Woods to Civilization by Charles Alexander Eastman. 2001.
100. Narrative of the Coronado Expedition / Relación de la Jornada de Cíbola (Spanish) by Pedro de Castañeda. 2002.

101. The Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt. 2003.
102. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, The African. By Himself. 2004.
103. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from W.H. Taft to G.W. Bush. 2005.
104. Twenty Years Before The Mast by Charles Erskine. 2006.

For Lakeside Classics published since 2006, see this Chicagology article.

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