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French Chivalry - Sidney Painter (Cornell Paperbacks) (image)

French Chivalry: Chivalric Ideas and Practices in Mediaeval France
Ithaca, New York, and London, England: Cornell University Press, 1969
(Cornell Paperbacks, CP-61)

Series Note:

Author/Title/Serial Number

Adams, Charles Francis, Jr., and Henry Adams. Chapters of Erie. CP-18.
Adams, Henry. The United States in 1800. CP-14.
Adams, Robert Martin. Milton and the Modern Critics. CP-25.
Altshuler. The City Planning Process. CP-81.
Andrews, Charles M. Our Earliest Colonial Settlements. CP-16.

Bagehot. The English Constitution. CP-23.
Barlow. Advice for the Privileged Orders in the Several States of Europe. CP-84.
Becker, Carl. Beginnings of the American People. CP-20.
Becker, Carl. Detachment and the Writing of History. CP-59.
Becker, Carl. Cornell University. CP-58.
Bergin and Fisch, trans. The New Science of Giambattista Vico. CP-99.
Bishop, Morris. Early Cornell, 1865-1900. CP-56.
Black, ed. The Importance of Language. CP-77.
Bloom, Harold. Blake's Apocalypse. CP-98.
Bloom, Harold. Shelley's Mythmaking. CP-76.
Burnaby. Travels Through the Middle Settlements in North-America. 2d ed.CP-63.

Cela. Mrs. Caldwell Speaks to her Son. CP-70.
Chevalier. Society, Manners and Politics in the United States. CP-83.
Cohen, Felix S. Ethhical Systems and Legal Ideals. CP-85.
Colden. The History of the Five Indian Nations. CP-86.
Cooper. Aristotle on the Art of Poetry. CP-44.
Cooper, trans. Plato on the Trial and Death of Socrates. CP-49.
Corwin. The "Higher Law" Background of American Constitutional Law. CP-12.
Coslett. Modern Microscopy. CP-65.
Craven. The Legend of the Founding Fathers. CP-87.

Davis, David Brion. Homicide in American Fiction. CP-66.
Davis, David Brion. The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture. CP-80.
Dos Passos. One Man's Initiation: 1917. CP-82.

Fisch and Bergin, trans. The Autobiography of Giambattista Vico. CP-88.
Fletcher, Angus. Allegory. CP-106.
Ford and Lane, eds. The Dickens Critics. CP-38.
Froude. Short Studies on Great Subjects. CP-47.

Golay. The Philippines. CP-75.
Greene, Evarts B. Religion and the State. CP-89.
Grossvogel. The Blasphemers. CP-6.
Guthrie. In the Beginning. CP-2.

Haldane. The Causes of Evolution. CP-36.
Harvey. Character and the Novel. CP-67.
Haskins. The Rise of the Universities. CP-15.
Hess. Ethiopia. CP-107.
Holt, P. M. Egypt and the Fertile Crescent, 1516-1922. CP-79.
Hsu, ed. and trans. Twentieth Century Chinese Poetry. CP-105.

James, Henry. Hawthorne. 40.
Jonas. Isolationism in America, 1935-1941. CP-78.
Jones, Howard Mumford. The Pursuit of Happiness. CP-26.
Jones, Howard Mumford. The Theory of American Literature. CP-24.

Kahin. Nationalism and Revolution in Indonesia. CP-108.
Koch, Adrienne. Power, Morals, and the Founding Fathers. CP-19.
Kraus. The Atlantic Civilization. CP-31.
Krutch. "Modernism" in American Drama. CP-30.

Labaree. Conservatism in Early American History. CP-8.
LaFeber. The New Empire. CP-48.
Laistner. Christianity and Pagan Culture in the Later Roman Empire. CP-50.
Laistner. Thought and Letters in Western Europe, A.D. 500 to 900. 2d ed. CP-37.
Lewis, John Wilson. Leadership in Communist China. CP-29.
Liebenow. Liberia. CP-96.
Luce and Sommer. Viet Nam: The Unheard Voices. CP-103.

McIlwain. The American Revolution. CP-9.
McIlwain. Constitutionalism. CP-10.
Mahdi, trans. Alfarabi's Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle. CP-72.
Matson. The Existence of God. CP-45.
Mellor. The Economics of Agricultural Development. CP-102.
Miller, Perry, ed. The Legal Mind in America. CP-97.
Miller, Perry, ed. Margaret Fuller. CP-100.
Moffat. Mongkut, the King of Siam. CP-69.
Montesquieu. Considerations on the Greatness of the Romans and Their Decline. CP-74.
Morgan. Visible Saints. CP-41.
Morison. The Intellectual Life of Colonial New England. CP-11.
Moynihan. The Craft and Art of Dylan Thomas. CP-68.
Myers. Are Men Equal? CP-90.
Myers. Tragedy. CP-7.

Nef. Industry and Government in France and England, 1540-1640. CP-53.

Oman. The Art of War in the Middle Ages. CP-62.

Painter. French Chivalry. CP-61.
Perkins. The American Way. CP-17.
Peyre. The Failures of Criticism. CP-55.
Politzer. Franz Kafka. CP-22.
Prescott. The Poetic Mind. CP-91.
Putt. Henry James. CP-27.

Record. Race and Radicalism. CP-35.
Redfield. The Primitive World and Its Transformation. CP-28.
Rossiter. Parties and Politics in America. CP-21.
Rousseau. Politics and the Arts. CP-71.

Samuel. Plato and Milton. CP-92.
Shadick, trans. The Travelas of Lao Ts'an. CP-39.
Shryock. Medicine and Society in America. CP-93.
Smith, James Morton. Freedom's Fetters. CP-33.
Stamp. The Geography of Life and Death. CP-5.
Stephenson. Mediaeval Feudalism. CP-13.
Stephenson. Mediaeval Institutions. CP-57,
Strauss. On Tyranny. CP-73.
Strout, ed. The Pragmatic Revolt in American History. CP-34.
Strout, ed. Hawthorne in England. CP-4.

Turner, Victor. The Forest of Symbols. CP-101.
Tyler. Patirck Henry. CP-94.

Vaughan Williams. The Making of Music. CP3.
Von Frisch. Bees. CP-42.

Weber. The Growth of Cities in the Nineteenth Century. CP-52.
Wertenbaker. The Golden Age of Colonial Culture. CP-80.
Whitaker, Arthur P., ed. Latin America and the Enlightenment. 2d ed. CP-54.
Whitaker, Arthur P. The Western Hemisphere Idea: Its Rise and Decline. CP-1.
Whitman. Leaves of Grass. CP-95.
Wilson, David A. Politics in Thailand. CP-32.
Wölfflin. Renaissance and Baroque. CP-46.
Wirght, Louis B. The Atlantic Frontier. CP-43.

Ziff. Semantic Analysis. CP-51.

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