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Art of the World
Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc. Country: United States. Date: 1959- .

Series Note:
"ART OF THE WORLD - The historical, sociological and religious
backgrounds" -- series slogan printed on back panel of the dust wrapper of each volume in this series.

Format: Hardback (20 cm high) with boards covered in maroon cloth with gold titles in a gold and black box on the spine. An "Art of the World" series logo in gold printed on the front board. Numerous tipped-in glossy plates printed in full colour on art paper. Further illustrations (including line drawings) in black and white. Most volumes have notes, bibliography and index.

Title / Author(s) / Translator [where known] / Publication Date

The Art of Africa: The Art of the Negro Peoples - Elsy Leuzinger. 1960.

The Art of Ancient America: Civilizations of Central and South America - Hans-Dietrich Disselhoff and Sigvald Linne. Translated by Ann E. Keep. 1961.

The Art of Ancient Iran: Pre-Islamic Cultures - Edith Paroda with the collaboration of R. H. Dyson and contributions by C. K. Wilkinson. 1965.

The Art of Archaic Greece - Ernst Homann-Wedeking. Translated by J. R. Foster. 1969.

The Art of Buddhism - Dietrich Seckel. Translated by Ann E. Keep. 1964.

The Art of Burma, Korea, Tibet - Alexander B. Griswold, Chewon Kim and
Peter H. Pott. 1964.

The Art of the Byzantine Empire: Byzantine Art in the Middle Ages - Andre Grabar. 1966.

The Art of China: Spirit and Society - Werner Speiser. Translated by George Lawrence. 1966.

The Art of Chinese Landscape Painting: In the Caves of Tun-Huang - Anil de Silva. 1964.

The Art of Classical Greece - Karl Schefold. 1967.

The Art of the Copts - Pierre du Bourguet. Translated by Caryll Hay-Shaw. 1971.

The Art of Crete and Early Greece: The Prelude to Greek Art - Friedrich Matz. Translated by Ann E. Keep. 1962.

The Art of Egypt: The Time of the Pharoahs - Irmgard Woldering.

The Art of Etruria and Early Rome - G. A. Mansuelli [Guido Achille Mansuelli].

The Art of Europe: the Dark Ages from Theodoric to Charlemagne - Paolo Verzone. Translated by Pamela Waley.

The Art of Greece: The Age of Hellenism - T. B. L. Webster.

The Art of the High Gothic Era - Marcel Aubert. 1965.

The Art of India: Five Thousand Years of Indian Art - Hermann Goetz. 1964.

The Art of Indochina, Including Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - Bernard Philippe Groslier. Translated by George Lawrence. 1962.

The Art of Indonesia [Indonesia: The Art of an Island Group] - Frits A. Wagner. 1959.

The Art of Japan: From the Jomon to the Tokugawa Period - Peter S. Swann.

The Art of the Middle East: Including Persia, Mesopotamia and Palestine - Sir Leonard Woolley. 1961.

The Art of Rome and Her Empire - Heinz Kahler. 1963.

The Art of the South Sea Islands, Including Australia and New Zealand - Alfred Buehler, Terry Barrow and Charles P. Mountford.

The Art of the Steppes - Karl Jettmar. Translated by Ann E. Keep. 1967.

The Art of the Stone Age: Forty Thousand Years of Rock Art - Hans-Georg Bandi. Translated by Ann E. Keep. 1961.

The Art of Terracotta in Pre-Columbian and Central and South America - Alexander Von Wuthenau. 1969.

Announced but not published
The Art of Islam - Katherina Otto-Dorn.

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