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The History of the Nations
Publisher: P. F. Collier and Son.
Country: United States. Date: 1913-17; 1936; 1939.

Series Note:

This series was originally published in the years 1913-17 and perhaps earlier.

A "Memorial Edition" was published in 1936 and 1939, the publication details being as follows:
Place/date/dates: New York : P.F. Collier, 1936, 1939.
Number of volumes in series: 25.
Format: Illustrated, facsimiles, maps, portraits, 23 cm.

The Editor-in-Chief of the series was Henry Cabot Lodge, 1850-1924.

Arranged by volume number

xv. 1. Ancient empires of the East / A.H. Sayce
v. 2. Greece / C.W.C. Oman, with continuation from the time of Alexander
to the present day by G. Mercer Adam
v. 3. Rome / T. Mommsen
v. 4. Italy / J.H. Cabot
v. 5. India / Sir W.W. Hunter
v. 6. China / Sir R.K. Douglas
v. 7. Japan / K. Asakawa
v. 8. Spain and Portugal / G.M. Adam
v. 9. France / E.Bonnechose
v. 10. The French revolution / F.A.A. Mignet
v. 11. England / S.R. Gardiner.
v. 12. Ireland / P.W. Joyce.
v. 13.Holland and Belgium / M.A. Claflin, Switzerland by C. Dandliker
v. 14. Turkey / Sir E.S. Creasy
v. 15. Russia and Poland / W.R. Morfill
v. 16. Norway, Sweden and Denmark / E.C. Otte, Polar research by G.T. Surface
v. 17. Austria-Hungary / William E. Lingelbach
v. 18. Germany / B. Taylor
v. 19. Africa / J.S. Keltie
v. 20. Colonies of the world / E.J. Payne
v. 21. South America / A.J. Deberle
v. 22. Mexico, Central America and West Indies / B. Mayer
v. 23-24. The United States / J. W. Garner
v. 25. General index / Jennie E. Burdick
v. 26. The nations and the Great War / Francis J. Reynolds.

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