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Anchor Books
(also known as: Doubleday Anchor Books)
Publisher: Doubleday. Country: United States. Date: 1953- .

What Daisie Knew - Henry James (Anchor Books/Doubleday) (image)

What Maisie Knew by Henry James
New York, Doubleday, 1954 (Anchor Books, A43)


About this series:
Anchor Books, the first "quality" paperback series aimed at the college market and "intellectual" segment of the general public, were launched by Doubleday and Sons in 1953.

The brainchild of Jason Epstein, then just 25 years old and a wunderkind of the American publishing industry, Anchor Books were priced at 65c to 95c each and featured dignified cover art and were printed on regular book paper (in contrast to the cheap paperback series from publishers such as Pocket Books, Bantam and the New American Library, whose books with popular content (such as crime, mystery and Wild West adventures) were priced at around 25c each, featured sensational covers, and were sold in drug stores and in grocery stores but not in normal bookstores).

Anchor Books published, using mass market techniques, paperbacks on serious topics that previously mainly appeared as academic or trade hardbacks. Anchor were quality mass market books in contrast to the cheaper mass market paperbacks from Pocket Books, Bantam, NAL, Fawcett, Dell, Ballantine, Avon, Berkley, Pyramid, Popular Library, Perma, and similar publishers of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

In 1954 Anchor Books won the prestigious Carey-Thomas Award for creative book publishing.

'Anchor Books' were first published in April, 1953. Jason Epstein... had conceived the idea of a reprint line of serious fiction and nonfiction and wrote a long report on its possibilities which he submitted to Doubleday. Based on his observations of the market trends for 'Penguin,' 'Pelican' and 'Mentor' titles,... his study consisted of ... and evaluation of the book market; he discussed the growing college population, and a smaller section of the general public, as potential buyers.

[The 'Anchor Books' series has] several significant characteristics. The paper is of heavier stock than that of the cheaper lines, the covers are of more durable, non-glossy quality, covers use modernistic designs instead of portrait illustrations...

By 1957, 119 'Anchor' titles had been released, and it is the publisher's intention to keep them in print, as the series is intended for the permanent collection of the serious reader. (...)

[Apart from reprints], [o]ver two dozen publications are 'Anchor Originals,' consisting of new titles or new translations or anthologies. The series also includes a literary periodical 'The Anchor Review,' edited by Melvin J. Lasky.

-- Frank L. Schick, The Paperbound Book in America: The History of Paperbacks and their European Background. New York: R. R. Bowker Company, 1958, pp. 181-2.

Serial Number / Title / Author

A1. The Charterhouse of Parma - Stendhal
A2. The Romance of Tristan and Iseult as retold by Joseph Bedier
A3. An Essay on Man: An Essay to a Philosophy of Human Culture - Ernst Cassirer
A4. The Idea of a Theater: The Art of Drama in Changing Perspective - Francis Fergusson
A5. Studies in Classic American Literature - D. H. Lawrence
A6. To the Finland Station: A Study in the Writing and Acting of History - Edmund Wilson
A7. Lafcadio's Adventures - Andre Gide
A8. The Secret Agent - Joseph Conrad
A9. Socrates: The Man and his Thought - A. E. Taylor
A10. Modern Science and Modern Man - James B. Conant

A11. Shakespeare - Mark Van Doren
A12. American Humor: A Study of the National Character - Constance Rourke
A13. The Liberal Imagination: Essays on Literature and Society - Lionel Trilling
A14. The Wanderer - Alain-Fournier
A15. Man and his Nature - Sir Charles Sherrington
A16. The Lonely Crowd: A Study of the Changing American Character - David Riesman, Nathan Glazer and Reuel Denny. "Abridged by the authors."
A17. Three Philosophical Poets - George Santayana [Re: Lucretius; Dante; Goethe]
A18. Loving - Henry Green
A19. The Seventeenth Century Background: The Thought of the Age in relation to Religion and Poetry - Basil Willey
A20. The Aeneid of Virgil. A New Verse Translation by C. S. Lewis.

A21. Three Greek Romances. Translated and with an introduction by Moses Hadas. See: Footnote (1).
A22a. History of England. Volume I: From the Earliest Times to the Reformation. G. M. Trevelyan.
A22b. History of England. Volume II: The Tudors and the Stuart Era. G. M. Trevelyan.
A22c. History of England. Volume III: From Utrecht to Modern Times: The Industrial Revolution and the Transition to Democracy. G. M. Trevelyan.
A23. Magic, Science and Religion and Other Essays - Bronislaw Malinowski. With an introduction by Robert Redfield.
A24. Mozart: The Man and his Works - Walter James Turner
A25. Teacher in America - Jacques Barzun
A26. The Country of the Pointed Firs and Other Stories by Sarah Orne Jewett. Preface by Willa Cather.
A27. The Mind of the South - W. J. Cash
A28. The Two Sources of Morality and Religion - Henri Bergson
A29. A Collection of Essays by George Orwell. George Orwell. See: Footnote (2).
A30. Fear and Trembling / The Sickness Unto Death - S. Kierkegaard

A31. Hamlet and Oedipus - Ernest Jones
A32. Medieval People - Eileen Power
A33. Five Stages of Greek Religion - Gilbert Murray
A34. The Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics and Society - Norbert Wiener
A35. Victorian England: Portrait of an Age - G. M. Young
A36. Aesthetics and History - Bernard Berenson
A37. Eight Essays - Edmund Wilson
A38. Greek Tragedy: A Literary Study - H. D. F. Kitto
A39. Sea and Sardinia and Selections from Twilight in Italy - D. H. Lawrence
A40. The Great Tradition: A Study of the English Novel - F. R. Leavis

A41. The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science - E. A. Burtt
A42. The Waning of the Middle Ages: A Study of the Forms of Life, Thought, and Art in France and the Netherlands in the XIVth and XVth Centuries. - Johan Huizinga
A43. What Maisie Knew - Henry James
A44. The Explorers of North America, 1492-1806 - John Bartlet Brebner
A45. Four Stages of Renaissance Style: Transformations in Art and Literature, 1400-1700 - Wylie Sypher
A46. Growth and Structure of the English Language - Otto Jespersen
A47. The House by the Medlar Tree - Giovanni Verga
A48A. The Modern Theatre. Vol. 1. Eric Bentley, ed. See: Footnote (3).
A48B. The Modern Theatre. Vol. 2. Eric Bentley, ed. See: Footnote (4).
A48C. The Modern Theatre. Vol. 3. Eric Bentley, ed. See: Footnote (5).
A48D. From the American Drama. The Modern Theatre: Vol. 4. Eric Bentley, ed. See: Footnote (6).
A48E. The Modern Theatre. Vol. 5. Eric Bentley, ed. See: Footnote (7).
A48F. The Modern Theatre. Vol. 6. Eric Bentley, ed. See: Footnote (8).
A49. Amerika - Franz Kafka
A50. Travels in Arabia Deserta - Charles M. Doughty. Abridgement by Edward Garnett.

A51. Five Stages pf Greek Religion - Gilbert Murray
A52. The Myth of the State - Ernst Cassirer
A53. Shaw on music : a selection from the music criticism of Bernard Shaw - Eric Bentley, ed.
A54. Six Plays of Strindberg. In New Translations by Elizabeth Sprigge. See: Footnote (9).
A55. The Tale of Genji - Lady Murasaki. Translated from the Japanese by Arthur Waley.
A56. An Elizabethan Songbook. Lute Songs: Madrigals and Rounds. Music edited by Noah Greenberg. Text edited by W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman.
A57. Five Comedies of Aristophanes: The Birds; The The Frogs; The Clouds; The Wasps; Lysistrata.
A58. Selected Essays from Individualism Reconsidered - David Riesman.
A59. Meaning in the Visual Arts - Erwin Panofsky.
A60. The Old Regime and the French Revolution - Alexis de Tocqueville. New Translation by Stuart Gilbert.

A61. Diderot: Rameau's Nephew and Other Works in New Translations by Jacques Barzun and Ralph H. Bowen.
A62. My Mother's House and The Vagabond - Colette.
A63. The Wandering Scholars: The Life of the Lyric Poets of the Latin Middle Ages - Helen Waddell.
A64. The Anchor Review Melvin J. Lasky. See: Footnote (10).
A65. The Age of Constantine the Great - Jacob Burckhardt.
A66. Peasants and Other Stories - Anton Chekhov. Selected and with a preface by Edmund Wilson.
A67. Number: The Language of Science - Tobias Dantzig.
A68. Henry James - F. W. Dupree.
A69. On Native Grounds, an Interpretation of Modern American Prose Literature - Alfred Kazin.
A70. The Selected Letters of John Keats. Selected and with an introduction by Lionel Trilling.

A71. The Future of American Politics - Samuel Lubell.
A72. The Dehumanization of Art and Other Writings on Art and Culture - Ortega y Gasset.
A73. Character and Opinion in the United States - George Santayana.
A74a. An Approach to Shakespeare. Vol. 1: From Henry VI to Twelfth Night - D. A. Traversi.
A74b. An Approach to Shakespeare. Vol. 2: From From Troilus and Cressida to The Tempest - D. A. Traversi.
A75. Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China - Arthur Waley.
A76. The Ancient City - Fustel de Coulanges.
A77. Transformations: Critical and Speculative Essays on Art - Roger Eliot Fry
A78. A History of Rome from its Origins to 529 A.D. as Told by the Roman Historians - Moses Hadas
A79. Thérèse: A Portrait in Four Parts - François Mauriac; Gerard Hopkins
A80. The American Puritans: Their Prose and Poetry - Perry Miller, ed.

A81. The Birth of Tragedy and The Genealogy of Morals - Friedrich Nietzsche. In new translations by Francis Golffing.
A82. Medieval Cities - Henri Pirenne
A83. Reunion and Reaction - C. Vann Woodward
A84. The Mirror of Art: C
ritical Studies - Charles Baudelaire; Jonathan Mayne
A85. A Literary Chronicle: 1920-1950 - Edmund Wilson
A86. American Social Patterns: Studies of Race Relations, Popular Heroes, Voting, Union Democracy, and Government Bureaucracy - William Petersen
A87. Comedy: An Essay on Comedy - Introduction and appendix by Wylie Sypher
Contents: "Laughter" - Henri Bergson; "An Essay on Comedy" - George Meredith
A88. What is Life? and Other Scientific Essays - Erwin Schrödinger
A89. The Birth of Civilization in the Near East - Henri Frankfort
A90. Zen Buddhism: Selected Writings of D. T. Suzuki - William Barrett, ed.

A92. The Dead Sea Scriptures in English Translation. With an introduction and notes by Theodor H. Gaster.
A93. How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method - George Pólya
A94. Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo. Translated with an introduction by Stillman Drake.
A95. Caste and Class in a Southern Town - John Dollard
A96. Form and Value in Modern Poetry - R. P. Blackmur
A97. Pleasures and Days and Other Writings - Marcel Proust. Edited and with an introduction by F. W. Dupee.
A98. The Middle of the Journey - Lionel Trilling
A99. The Future of an Illusion - Sigmund Freud
A100. From Stone Age to Christianity: Monotheism and the Historical Process (2nd edition) - William Foxwell Albright

A101. Man in the Modern Age - Karl Jaspers. Translated by Eden Paul and Cedar Paul.
A102. An Elementary Book of Psychoanalysis - Charles Brenner.
A103. On Love - Stendhal
A104. Mysticism and Logic - Bertrand Russell
A105. Queen Elizabeth: A Biography - J. E. Neale
A106. Victory - Joseph Conrad
A107. Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature - Erich Auerbach
A108. Hadrian's Memoirs - Marguerite Yourcenar
A109. The Anchor Review: Number Two of a Series. See: Footnote (11).
A110. Race, Nationality and American Life - Oscar Handlin

A111. An Approach to Modern Physics - E. N. da C. Andrade
A112. The Origins of Psychoanalysis: Letters, Drafts and Notes to Wilhelm Fliess, 1887-1902 - Sigmund Freud
A113. Chance - Joseph Conrad
A114a. A Documentary History of Art. Vol. I: The Middle Ages and Renaissance. Selected and edited by Elizabeth G. Holt.
A114b. A Documentary History of Art. Vol. II: Michelangelo and the Mannerists: The Baroque and the Eighteenth Century. Selected and edited by Elizabeth G. Holt.
A114c. A Documentary History of Art. Vol. III: From the Classicists to the Impressionists. Selected and edited by Elizabeth G. Holt.
A115. A General Selection from the Works of Sigmund Freud. Edited by John Rickman, M.D.
A116. The American Novel and its Tradition - Richard Chase
A117. The Organization Man - William H. Whyte, Jr.
A118. Redburn: His First Voyage - Herman Melville
A119. The American Transcendentalists: Their Prose and Poetry - Perry White, ed.
A120. Tales of Good and Evil - Nicolai V. Gogol

A121. Love in the Western World - Denis de Rougemont. Translated by Montgomery Belgion.
A122. The Splendid Century: Life in the France of Louis XIV - W. H. Lewis
A123. Good-Bye to All That - Robert Graves
A124. The Human Image in Dramatic Literature - Francis Fergusson
A125. From Ritual to Romance an Account of the Holy Grail From Ancient Ritual to Christian Symbol - Jessie L. Weston
A126. Values in a Universe of Chance: Selected Writings of Charles S.Pierce (1839-1914). Edited, with an introduction and notes, by Philip P. Wiener.
A127. Darwin, Marx, Wagner: Critique of a Heritage - Jacques Barzun. 2nd edition.
A128. The Complete Poems of Hart Crane.
A129. America's Coming of Age - Van Wyck Brooks.
A130. Civilization and its Discontents - Sigmund Freud. Translated from the German by Joan Riviere.

A131. In the Cage and Other Tales - Henry James. Edited with an introduction by Morton Dauwen Zabei.
A132. The Flaming Heart: Essays on Crashaw, Macchiavelli, and Other Studies of the Relations between Italian and English Literature from Chaucer to T. S. Eliot - Mario Praz.
A133. - A Hero of Our Time - Mihail Lermontov. Translated by Vladimir Nabokov in collaboration with Dmitri Nabokov.
A134. An Anthology of French Poetry from Nerval to Valery in English Translation. Edited by Angel Flores.
A135. Constraint and Variety in American Education. With a New Preface by the Author. - David Riesman.
A136. Psyche and Symbol: A Selection from the Writings of C.G. Jung. Edited by Violet Staub de Laszlo.
A137. The World of the Inca - Bertrand Flornoy.
A138. The Awkward Age - Henry James.
A139. The Poems of Robert Graves: Chosen by Himself. - Robert Graves
A140. The Great Doctors: A Biographical History of Medicine from the Ancient World to the Twentieth Century - Henry E. Sigerist.

A141. Four Existentialist Theologians: A Reader from the Works of Jacques Maritain, Nicolas Berdyaev, Martin Buber, and Paul Tillich. Selected and with an Introduction and Biographical Notes by Will Herberg.
A142. The Autobiography of William Butler Yeats: Consisting of Reveries Over Childhood and Youth, The Trembling of the Veil, and Dramatis Personae.
A143. A Piece of My Mind: Reflections at Sixty - Edmund Wilson.
A144. The Negro Question: A Selection of Writings on Civil Rights on the South - George W. Cable. Edited by Arlin Turner.
A145. The Anchor Book of Stories - Randall Jarrell.
A146. The Exploding Metropolis: A Study of the Assault on Urbanism and How Our Cities Can Resist It - The Editors of Fortune.
A147. François Villon, A Documentary Survey - D. B. Wyndham Lewis.
A148. The Stoic Philosophy of Seneca. Essays and Letters. Translated and with an Introduction by Moses Hadas.
A149. The Nature of Prejudice: A Comprehensive and Penetrating Study of the Origin and Nature of Prejudice - Gordon W. Allport. Abridged edition.
A150. An Introduction to Haiku: An Anthology of Poems and Poets from Basho to Shiki. With Translations and Commentary by Harold Gould Henderson.

A151. ____
A152. Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy - Henry Kissinger
A153. Five Short Novels of Stendhal: The Duchess of Paliano; Vittoria Accoramboni; The Abbess of Castro; Vanina Vanini; The Cenci.
A154. The Ambassadors - Henry James.
A155a. The Classical Theatre. Edited by Eric Bentley. Volume I: Six Italian Plays (The Mandrake - Niccolo Macchiavelli; Ruzzante Returns from the Wars - Angelo Beolco; The Three Cuckolds - Anonymous; The Servant of Two Masters - Carlo Goldoni; Mirandolina - Carlo Goldoni; The King Stag - Carlo Gozzi)
A155b. The Classical Theatre. Edited by Eric Bentley. Volume II: Five German Plays (Egmont - Goethe; Don Carlos - Schiller; Mary Stuart - Schiller; Penthesilea - Kleist; The Prince of Homberg - Kleist)
A155c. The Classical Theatre. Edited by Eric Bentley. Volume III: Six Spanish Play (Celestina - Fernando de Rojas; Fuente Ovejuna - Lope de Vegas; The Trickster of Seville - Tirso de Molina; Life is a Dream - Calderon de la Barca; Love after Death - Calderon de la Barca; The Siege of Numantia - Miguel de Cervantes)
A156a. History of Europe. Vol. 1: From the End of the Roman World in the West to the Beginnings of the Western States - Henri Pirenne.
A156b. History of Europe. Vol. 2: from the Thirteenth Century to the Renaissance and Reformation - Henri Pirenne.
A157. Pocahontas; or, The Nonparell of Virginia - David Garnett
A158. The Goncourt Journals, 1851-1870 - Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
A159. Dream of the Red Chamber - Tsao Hsueh-chin. Translated and adapted from the Chinese by Chi-chen Wang.
A160. Roman Imperial Civilization - Harold Mattingly

A161. Selected Writings - John Jay Chapman
A162. The Masters - C. P. Snow
A163. The European Revolution and Correspondence with Gobineau - Alexis de Tocqueville
A164. The Philosophy of History in Our Time: An Anthology. Selected, and With an Introduction and Commentary, by Hans Meyerhoff
A165. Prefaces to Criticism - Walter Jackson Bate
A166. Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres - Henry Adams. With an Introduction by Ralph Adams Cram.
A167a. Medieval and Modern Early Science. Vol. 1: Science in the Middle Ages, V-XIII Centuries - A. C. Crombie
A167b. Medieval and Modern Early Science. Vol. 2: Science in the Later Middle Ages and Early Modern Times, XIII-XVII Centuries - A. C. Crombie
A168. The Nude: A Study in Ideal Form - Kenneth Clark
A169. Mathematics for the General Reader - E. C. Titchmarsh
A170. The Russian Revolution: The Overthrow of Tzarism and the Triumph of the Soviets. Selected and edited by F. W. Dupre from the History of the Russian Revolution by Leon Trotsky

A171. On War - Raymond Aron
A172. Matter and Memory - Henri Bergson
A173. Youth: A Narrative and Two Others Stories (Heart of Darkness and The End of the Tether) - Joseph Conrad. Edited and with an Introduction by Morton Dauwen Zabel
A174. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life - Erving Goffman
A175. History Begins at Sumer: Twenty-Seven "Firsts" in Man's Recorded History - Samuel Noah Kramer.
A176. The Tale of Genji. Part II: The Sacred Tree. - Lady Murasaki. Translated from the Japanese by Arthur Waley.
A177. A Henry Adams Reader. Edited and with an Introduction by Elizabeth Stevenson.
A178. The Shadow Line and Two Other Tales (Typhoon; The Secret Sharer) - Joseph Conrad. Edited and with an Introduction by Morton Dauwen Zabel.
A179. Creoles and Cajuns: Stories of Old Louisiana - George Washington Cable.
A180. A Short History of Science: Origins and Results of the Scientific Revolution.
Contributors: Herbert Butterfield; M. Postan; C. D. Broad; Sir Henry Dale; S. Lilley; Basil Willey; Douglas McKie; F. Sherwood Taylor; Hugh Clegg; C. F. A. Pantin; Canon C. E. Raven; J. A. Ratcliffe; Sir Lawrence Bragg; M. L. Oliphant.

A181. Either/Or. Vol I. - S. Kierkegaard.
A182. Either/Or. Vol II. - S. Kierkegaard.
A183. The Listener's Music Companion - B. H. Haggin. (Revised 2nd edition.)
A184. Nineteenth Century German Tales. Edited by Angel Flores.
A185. Marx and Engels: Basic Writings on Politics and Philosophy. Edited by Lewis S. Feuer.
A186. The Book of the Courtier - Castiglione. Translated by Charles S. Singleton.
A187. The Comic Tradition in America: An Anthology - Kenneth Schuyler Lynn.
A188. Literary Biography - Leon Edel
A189. Tocqueville in America - George Wilson Pierson. Abridged by Dudley C. Lunt from Tocqueville and Beaumont in America.
A190. Origins of the Medieval World - William Carroll Bark.

A191. A Companion to Shakespeare Studies. Edited by H. Granville-Barker and G. B. Harrison.
A192. Selected Poems and Letters of Emily Dickinson. Edited by Robert N. Linscott.
A193. Three Short Novels of Dostoyevsky (The Double; Notes from the Underground; The Eternal Husband). Translated by Constance Garnett. Revised and edited by Avrahm Yarmolinsky.
A194. Enemies of Promise and Other Essays: An Autobiography of Ideas - Cyril Connolly.
A195. Protestant, Catholic, Jew - Will Herberg. ("A new edition, completely revised.")
A196. The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook.
A197. An Anthology of German Poetry from Holderlin to Rilke. In English Translation with German Originals. Edited by Angel Flores.
A198. Politics in America - D. W. Brogan.
A199. The Rescue: A Romance of the Shallows - Joseph Conrad.
A200. The Discovery of India - Jawaharlal Nehru.

A201. Linguistics and Your Language - Robert A. Hall, Jr.
A202. Project Sherwood: The U.S. Program in Controlled Fusion - Amasa S Bishop.
A203. Selected Tales - Ivan Turgenev. Newly translated with an introduction by David Magarshack.
A204. The Selected Letters of Henry James. Edited with an introduction by Leon Edel.
A205. Heaven's My Destination - Thornton Wilder.
A206. The Unconscious Before Freud - Lancelot Law White.
A207. The Mirror of the Sea and A Personal Record - Joseph Conrad. Edited and with an introduction by Morton Dauwen Zabel.
A208. Discovery of Europe: The Story of the American Experience in the Old World. Philip Rahv, ed. Abridgement. New introduction and comments.
A210. Selections from the Writings of Kierkegaard. Translated by Lee M. Hollander.

A211. Adventures in Spain - Alexandre Dumas. Translated by Alma Elizabeth Murch.
A213. From Shakespeare to Existentialism - Walter Kaufman.
A214. The Story of Engineering - James Kip Finch.
A215. Brand - Henrik Ibsen. Newly translated from the Norwegian by Michael Meyer. Introduction by W. H. Auden.
A216. Small Town in Mass Society: Class, Power and Religion in a Rural Community - Arthur J. Vidich and Joseph Bensman.
A217. Nineteenth Century French Tales. Edited by Angel Flores.
A218. Soviet Short Stories. Edited by Avrahm Yarmolinksy.
A219. Five Plays of Strindberg in a New Translation by Elizabeth Sprigge.
Contents: Creditors; Crime and Crime; The Dance of Death: Swanwhite; The Great Highway.
A220. Culture and Society, 1780-1950 - Raymond Williams.

A221. Community, State and Church: Three Essays - Karl Barth. With an introduction by Will Herberg.
A222. The Book of the Acts of God: Contemporary Scholarship Interprets the Bible - G. Ernest Wright and Reginald H. Fuller.
A223. Selected Letters - Rainer Maria Rilke. Edited by Harry T. Moore.
A224. American Strategy for the Nuclear Age. Edited by Walter F. Hahn and John C. Neff.
A225. The Last Days of Shelley and Byron, Being the Complete Text of Trelawny's "Recollections". Edited, with Additions from Contemporary Sources, by J. E. Morporgu.


Contents of A21: Daphnis & Chloe - Longus; An Ephesian Tale - Xenophon; The
Hunters of Euboea - Dio Chrysostom]

Contents of A29: "Shooting an Elephant", "Charles Dickens", "Such, Such Were the Joys", "Rudyard Kipling", "Marrakech", "Raffles and Miss Blandish", "Inside the Whale", and others.

(3) Contents of A48A: Mother Courage (Bertolt Brecht); Fantasio (Alfred de Musset); The Diary of a Scoundrel (Alexander Ostrovsky); La Ronde (Arthur Schnitzler); Purgatory (W. B. Yeats)

(4) Contents of A48B: Mother Courage (Bertolt Brecht); Fantasio (Alfred de Musset);
The Diary of a Scoundrel (Alexander Ostrovsky); La Ronde (Arthur. Schnitzler); Purgatory (W. B. Yeats)

Contents of A48C: The Italian Straw Hat (Eugene Labiche and Marc-Michel); Gamblers (Nikolai Gogol); One Day More (Joseph Conrad); Thieves' Carnival (Jean Anouilh)

Contents of A48D: Guys and Dolls (Jo Swerling, Abe Burrows & Frank Loesser); Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines (Clyde Fitch); The New York Idea (Langdon Mitchell); Pullman Car Hiawatha (Thornton Wilder); The Man with the Heart in the Highlands (William Sarayan).

(7) Contents of A48E: Danton's Death (Georg Buchner); The Marriage (Nikolai Gogol); Escurial (Michel de Ghelderode); Medea (Jean Anouilh); Cock-A-Doodle Dandy (Sean O'Casey).

(8) Contents of A48F: Lorenzaccio (Alfred de Musset); Spring's Awakening (Frank Wedekind); The Underpants (Carl Sternheim); A Social Success (Max Beerbohm); The Measures Taken (Bertolt Brecht)

Contents of A54: The Father; Miss Julie; The Stronger; Easter; A Dream Play; A Ghost Sonata.

(10) Contents of A64: Includes contributions by Arthur Koestler, David Reisman, Gerald Brenan, Cyril Connolly, Denis de Rougemont, T. R. Fyvel, Alfred Kazin, Francis Fergusson, W. H. Auden, David Daiches, C. D. Coulson, and Ignazio Silone.

(11) Contents of A109: Essays by F. W. Dupee, Vladimir Nabokov, Dwight Macdonald, W. M. Barrett, Marguerite Yourcenar, Harry M. Jaffa, Richard Chase, John Lukacs, Herbert Luthy, H. R. Trevor-Roper, and W. H. Auden.

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