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Little Blue Books
Publisher: E. Haldeman-Julius Company. Country: United States. Date: 1919-76.

Newspaper ad for Little Blue Books in Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Apr. 1, 1925) (image)

Newspaper advertisement for the Little Blue Books
in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 1, 1925, page 10
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Serial No/Title/(Author)
This list is taken from a 64 page Little Blue Books promotional catalog (date: c. 1939) that listed 1,823 titles.

203 Love Rights of Women. Havelock Ellis
648 Facts About Sexual Rejuvenalion. Fishbein
1043 Study of Woman. Balzac
1258 Why I Belleve in Companionate Marriage
1371 Sins of Good People
1420 Why Wives Leave Home
1421 How to Get a Divorce
1436 Strange Marriage Customs
1449 Love Affairs of John Wesley
1476 What to Know About Your Sensations
1477 How Glands Affect Personality
1184 Why Preachers Go Wrong
1496 Sexual Factor in Divorce
1497 Companionate Divorce
1507 Rational View of Sex
1509 The Gay Chronicle of the Monks and Nuns
1516 Facts You Should Know About Gonorrhea
1523 How to Avoid Catching Venereal Diseases
1538 A Rational Sex Code
1516 An Encyclopedia of Sex
1600 Questions and Answers About Birth Control
1604 Venereal Disease Problems and Treatment
1608 Facts You Should Know About Art of Love
1638 Notes on Cases of Sexual Suppression
1677 How Army and Navy Fight Venereal Diseases
1678 Aspects of the Venereal Disease Problem
1679 Venereal Diseases and Their Treatment
1709 The White Slave Traffic
171S Sexual Impotence—Causes and Treatment
1736 Dictionary of Sexual Terms
1737 Sex and Blackmail Rackets Exposed
1741 The Case Concerning Incest
1753 Why Some Women Are Sexually Unattractive

106 Frenchwoman's Views of Life. George Sand
196 The Marquise: Secret Passion. George Sand
197 What Frenchwomen Learned About Love
649 Defense of Women's Cosmetics
675 Love Code of a Parisian Actress. Bernhardt
1270 Visits Among the Mormons
1380 Flesh and the Devil
1381 Prostituted Woman. De Gourmont
1382 Is Our Civilization Over-Sexed?
1392 Confessions of a Gold Digger
1428 Curious and Unusual Love Affairs
1438 How to Be a Modern Mother
1445 Wild Women of Broadway
1446 Texas Guinan, Ace of Night Clubs
1461 Reno Lawyer on Marriage and Divorce
1515 The Love Affair of a Priest and a Nun
1566 How to Conduct a Love Affair
1582 A Liberal View of Divorce. Bertrand Russell
1587 Amazing Loves of King Carol of Rumania
1680 The Position of the Greek Woman. Nietzsche

7 How to Get a Liberal Education. Huxley
78 Hints on Public Speaking
112 Secret or Self-Developmcnt
361 How to Argue Logically
1143 How to Prepare Manuscripts
1171 How to Write Business Letters
1201 Dictionary of Musical Terms
1340 How to Get a Job
1351 How to Get Ahead
1361 How to Use the Dictionary
1365 Little Lessons In Vocabulary Building
1366 How to Write Little Blue Books
1367 Prepositions and How to Use Them
1395 Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
1431 How to Read and Correct Proofs
1432 How to Hyphen and Divide Words
1433 Fascinating Pastimes With Words
1444 Making Words Work for You
1473 How to Find What You Want in a Library
1503 Effective English in Speech and Writing
1504 How to Overcome Self-Consciousness. Smith
1555 Rules for Success In Business
1726 How to Think Creatively
1739 Hints on Developing Personality

215 The Miraculous Revenge. Bernard Shaw
223 Wanton Wife of a King. Jack London
375 Love Story of an Old Maid
630 Second-Story Man. Upton Sinclair
640 The Apostate. Jack London
1017 Without Benefit of Clergy. Kipling
1457 Sketches of Naughty Ladies. Goethe
1624 The Woman Who Inspired Fatal Passion. Anatole France
1627 A Piece of the Princess. Anatole France
1628 Merry Tales of Childhood. Anatole France
1642 Maidens and Women. Heine
1643 Under the Hill. Aubrey Beardsley
1647 The Abbe Aubain Falls In Love. Herlmee
1669 The Jolly Beggars. Robert Burns
1670 Death's Old Comedy. Maurice Hewlett
1684 To Please His Wife. Thos. Hardy

79 Enoch Arden. Tennyson
146 Snowbound. Pied Piper
148 Strength of the Strong. Jack London
152 Son of the Wolf. Jack London
1S4 Epigrams of Henrik Ibsen
229 Ridiculous Women. Moliere
285 An Unconventional Amour. Geo. Moore
335 Land of Heart's Desire. Yeats
554 Child's Garden of Verse. Stevenson
766 Gallant Cassian: Pnppets of Love. Schnltzler
799 Deserted Village. Oliver Goldsmith
1458 The Princess and the Tiger. Goethe
1605 The Girl in the Snappy Roadster
1609 How a Goose Vendor Was Paid. Rabelais
1610 One Lover Among Many. D. H. Lawrence
1569 Boccaccio—Lover and Chronicler of Love

1242 Care of Skin and Hair
1321 Fasting for Health
1333 Common Sense of Health
1389 Facts About the Tobacco Habit
1393 Fake Way to Health
1426 Foot Troubles Corrected
1435 Constipation: Its Correction
1443 Daily Exercises for Busy People
1478 Poor Posture Corrected by Exercise
1479 Correction of Underweight and Overweight
1534 How to Test Urine at Home
1553 Exercises for Nervousness and Indigestion
1554 Beneficial Heart Exercises
1556 How Sun's Rays Give Health and Beauty
1562 How to Live Long
1563 The Marvels and Oddities of Sunlight
1575 The History of Venereal Diseases
1576 Facts You Should Know About Masturbation
1742 Short Introduction to Mental Hygiene
1745 The Story of Cancer

139 Crimes Against Criminals
374 Psychology of Suicide
789 U. S. Marriage and Divorce Laws
880 What I Saw in Russia
1256 Darrow-Wheeler Dry-Law Debate
1310 Snyder-Gray Murder Echoes
1386 Problems of Old Age Dependency
1387 Racial Intermarriage in the U. S.
1123 U. S. Immigration Law Debate. Darrow
1425 The Open Shop. Clarence Darrow
1447 Can People Be Made Good by Law? Birkhead
1467 Party Issues in the U. S.
1468 How to Deal With Crime
1469 American Industrial History
1483 Trial by Jury: The Great Burlesque
1506 How Capitalism Developed
1511 War Guilt and Present European Situation
1512 Is This Century Most Admirable in History?
1517 How Can We Wipe Out the Crime of War?
1519 Why I Do Not Believe In Censorship
1525 The Menace of the Modern Prison. Barnes
1526 Peace Plans from Kant to Kellogg. Barnes
1527 Herbert Hoover: The Man
1543 Is War Inevitable?
1544 Why I Do Not Believe in Capital Punishment
1557 What Is a Liberal?
1560 Why I Quit Being a Prohibitionist
1561 That Horrible French Revolution. McCabe
1572 How the U. S. Was Forced Into World War I
1573 Herbert Hoover—the Fatuous Failure
1577 Can Americans Be Made Good by Law?
1578 Was President Harding Murdered?
1579 How Newspapers Deceive Their Readers
1580 Serious Lesson In Pres. Harding's Gonorrhea
1588 Debunking the Myth of Calvin Coolidge
1591 Does the Death Penalty Curb Crime? Marcus A. Kavansgh vs. Warden Lawes
1602 Principles of International Law
1639 Story of British Imperialism
1682 Story of American Imperialism
1685 History and First Principles of Insurance
1687 History and First Principles of Banking
1711 The Economics of Taxation
1723 Amazing Career of Al Capone
1724 Next World War: How It's Being Prepared
1725 Story of Tammany Hall

1186 Handbook of Latest Golf Rules
1277 Hindu Magic Self Taught
1278 Ventriloquism Self Taught
1279 Sideshow Tricks Explained
1285 Gamblers' Crooked Tricks Exposed
1369 How to Be a Gate-Crasher
15S5 How to Throw a Party
1592 A History of Gambling
1688 100 Cocktails
1747 Standard Games of Solitaire

459 How to Write a Telegram Properly
1073 How to Paint and Finish Woodwork
1108 Elements of Woodworking
1192 Bookbinding Self Taught
1399 Journalism from the Inside
1400 Advertising from the Inside
1422 How Businessmen Avoid Litigation
1470 How to Become a Radio Artist
1528 Getting Into Print: A Practical Guide
1548 Popular Chinese Cook Book
1567 Making Men Happy with Jams and Jellies
1727 Fifty Famous Sauces
1738 How to Win Prize Contests
1752 How to Become a Detective
1755 How to Be a Fur Trapper

1299 Origin of Life. Darwin Was Right
1335 Can Knowledge Be Made Popular?
1383 How Galileo Was Gagged by Inquisition
1442 Facts About Graphology
1448 Character Reading from Faces
1455 The End of the World
1456 Dictionary of Social Sciences
1514 The Famous Inventions of Edison
156S Text of Edison's Scholarship Questionnaire
1581 Environment vs. Heredity. A Debate Between Darrow and Albert E Wiggam
1595 Facts You Should Know About the Calendar
1607 Einstein's New Space-Substance Theory
1621 How Man Will Live in the Future
1715 Funeral Services Without Theology
1722 Fortune Telling from Dreams
1729 Technocracy Explained
1748 Scientific Crime Detection
1751 Methods of Criminals
1754 How to Read Finger Prints

777 Riddle of Human Behavior
1402 How I Went to the Devil
1434 How to Think Clearly
1430 Your Intelligence: How to Test It
1441 How Ignorant Are You?
1459 Psychology of the Criminal
1471 How to Become Mentally Superior
1551 Why I Believe in Freedom of Thought. E- Haldeman-Julius
1559 Can We Change Human Nature? McCabe
1585 From Sin to Psychiatry
1743 What You Should Know About Sleep
1744 A Short Treatise on Abnormal Psychology

171 Has Life Any Meaning? Frank Harris
179 Gems of Thought from Emerson
184 Strange Primitive Beliefs of Mankind
202 Survival of the Fittest
233 Revealing Comments on Life
478 Lessons from the Ancient Lowly (Sanskrit)
581 Lucretius on Life and Death
593 As a Man Thinketh. Allen
890 Epigrams of Power. Nietzsche
1312 Reasonableness of Skepticism
1450 Do We Live Forever?
1452 Docs Life Spell Accident or Design?
1510 Epicurean Doctrine of Happiness
1522 Why We Write Like Human Beings. E Haldeman-Julius
1536 Facing Death Fearlessly
1540 How We Can Live Happily: A Practical Rule
1541 What Life Means to Me at 72. Harrow
1617 The Evil of Error
1619 Sir James Jeans' "Mathematical God"
1714 Case for Determinism vs. Free Will

76 Prince of Peace. Wm. Jennings Bryan
204 Sun Worship. Tichenor
207 Olympian Pagan Gods
236 61 Reasons for Doubting the Bible. Ingersoll
636 Greatest Thing in the World
677 What Can a Free Man Worship? Russell
724 Burbank Funeral Oration. Ben B. Llndsey
935 Necessity of Atheism. Shelley
936 Christianity Refuted. Shelley
937 Refutation of Deism. Shelley
1020 Why I Am an Infidel. Luther Burbank
1138 What Atheism Means to Me
1187 Ghastly Purpose of Parables
1311 Real Alms of Catholicism
1313 Freedom vs. Fundamentalism
1332 Debunking the Laws of Moses
1372 Why I Am Not a Christian. Russell
1385 Defense of the Devil
1388 Are the Clergy Honest?
1404 Myth of the Soul. Clarence Darrow
1405 Dialog Between Priest and Dying Man
1440 Can Man Know God?
1451 President Hoover and Quakerism. Birkhead
1453 Have We Religious Freedom?
1462 Science vs. Religion As a Guide to Life
1463 Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization? Bertrand Russell
1485 Religion of a Free Man
1486 Are Atheists Dogmatic?
1487 A Manual of Debunking
1489 What Is Christianity? An Answer to Harry Emerson Fosdick. E. Haldeman-Julius
1490 Is Einstein's Theory Atheistic?
1499 New Light bn the Ten Commandments
1501 Mussolini and the Pope
1539 A Debate With a Jesuit Prlest
1515 Why I Do Not Fear Death
1597 The Meaning of Atheism
1598 Is "Knowledge" of God a Delusion? Prof. Eddington vs. E. Haldeman-Julius
1618 Why I Reject the Idea of God. Huxley
1625 Is There a Return to Religion? Gilbert K. Chesterton vs. E. Haldeman-Julius
1637 Absurdities of the Bible. Harrow
1720 Surrendering to Catholicism
1730 How Man Made God. McCabe
1731 Atheism in Russia. McCabe
1732 What Gods Cost Man. McCabe
1733 The Blood of Martyrs. McCabe

26 On Going to Church. Bernard Shaw
59 Famous Epigrams of Wit and Wickedness
71 When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish. Smith, etc
114 Wll and Wisdom of French
115 Wit and Wisdom of Japanese
120 Wit and Wisdom of Spanish
121 Wit and Wisdom of Arabians
135 Socialism for Millionaires. Bernard Shaw
168 Witty Epigrams. Oscar Wilde
235 Five Essays. Gilbert K. Chesterton
347 A Book of Riddle Rimes
348 Best Wit of the Scotch
825 Wit and Wisdom of Turkish People
979 Modern Greek Wit and Wisdom
989 Hunting of the Snark. (Nonsense.) Carroll
1129 Wit and Wisdom of Persian People
1199 Laughable Lyrics
1261 Prize Winning Tongue Twisters
1417 Paul Whiteman: Glimpses of Tin Pan Alley
1474 Roxy: the Moguls of Movleland
1735 Worldly Wisdom

1689 Socialism and the Farmer's Problem. A. Lee
1690 Socialism and Culture. Upton Sinclair
1691 Why I Am a Socialist. Heywood Broun
1692 Socialism and the City. Daniel W. Hoan
1693 Will Socialism End the Evil of War? Allen
1694 Socialism and Communism. N. Angell
1695 Pioneers of Socialism
1696 Incentive Under Socialism
1697 Socialism and the Trade Unions. Oneal
1698 Certain Misconceptions. John M. Work
1699 The Socialist Goal
1700 The Betrayal of the Workless
1701 Can Socialism Prevail in America? Oneal
1702 Forces Making for Socialism
1703 Organizing the World for Socialism. Senior
1704 Socialism and the Individual. Thomas
1705 Socialism and Women. Marlon Phillips
1706 The Practical Accomplishments of Socialism
1707 The Practical Program of Socialism. Laidler
1708 Political Philosophy of Socialism. Hillquit

30 What Life Means to Me. Jack London
973 10 o'Clock: What Art Means. Whistler
1294 Minneapolis vs. St Paul
1295 Detroit: Mecca of the Midwest
1309 Is the Yankee Vanishing?
1315 Debunking of a Mid-Western Lawyer. Ludwlg
1350 Curiosities of the English Language
1384 Gary, Shrine of the Steel God
1409 Milwaukee, the City of Beer
1410 New Orleans, Civilized City
1413 My Prison Days. David Gordon
1418 Broadway Gangsters and Their Rackets
1419 Curious snd Unusual Deaths
1454 Dictionary of Contemporary Authors
1460 Book of American Statistics
1464 Clarence Darrow: The Big Minority Man
1465 Book of European Statistics
1472 History: Truth or Propaganda? Barnes
1480 The Causes of the World War
1508 What You Should Know About Poisons
1524 Famous Eccentric Americans
1533 Famous Infant Prodigies
1550 How People Really Lived in the Middle Ages
1558 A Peep at 19th Century Americans. E. H-J.
1586 Were the Founding Fathers Pious Angels and Plaster Saints? Harry Elmer Barnes
1683 My Life at the U. S. Naval Academy.
1710 The Magic of Numbers
1712 Great Dates in History
1740 True Prison Escapes
1746 An Exposure of Mediums' Tricks and Rackets

109 Facts You Should Know About the Classics. McCabe
435 Digest of 100 Best Classics
463 Art of Reading Constructively. H-J.
1223 How to Work Your Way Through College
1319 How to Study. Crawford
1331 How Much Does Man Really Know? Harding
133 Principles of Electricity Explained
405 Outline of Economics. Gambs
679 Chemistry for Beginners
748 Plane Geometry Self Taught
991 Physics Self Taught. Shipley
1280 Facts About Heat. Barrett
1323 Facts About Light. Barrett
1327 Facts About Sound. Barrett
1352 Chemistry of Familiar Things
710 Botany for Beginners. Clement Wood
725 Zoology Self Taught
895 Astronomy for Beginners
1185 Weather: What Makes It and Why. Ray
629 Handbook of Legal Forma
1074 Handbook of Commercial Law
1305 Patents: How to Get and Sell Them
1339 Crooked Financial Schemes Exposed. Husser
1346 Religion's Blight on America's Divorce Law
1356 Wills: How to Make and Break Them
1357 What You Should Know About Law
1362 Law for Every Woman
1363 Law for Auto Owners
1396 Our Fading Bill of Rights
1415 How the U. S. Government Works
1416 Corporations and How to Form Them
1427 Law for the Workingman
1437 Curiosities of the Law
82 Common Faults in Writing English
367 How to Improve Your Conversation
681 Spelling Self Taught
682 Grammar Self Taught
683 Punctuation Self Taught
696 How to Pronounce Proper Names
697 4.000 Words Often Mispronounced
708 Romance of Words (Philology). Wood
734 A Book of Useful Phrases
821 How to Improve Your Vocabulary
822 Rhetoric Self Taught
823 English Composition Self Taught
855 How to Write All Kindt of Letter!
986 How to Talk and Debate
1750 Curiosities of Language
465 Esperanto for Beglnnera
637 Pocket German-English Dictionary
862 German Self Taught
999 Latin Self Taught
1011 Pocket French-English Dictionary
1021 Italian Self Taught. Goldberg
1105 Pocket Spanish-English Dictionary
1109 Spanish Self Taught
1207 French Self Taught.
1216 Pocket Italian-English Dictionary
1222 Easy Readings In Spanish
1226 Easy Readings for French Student!
1227 French Readings for French Student!
687 U. S. Constitution. Monroe Doctrine
835 Handbook of Useful Tablea
872 Manual of Parliamentary Law
1317 Meaning of the U. S. Constitution, Butler
25 Pocket Rhyming Dictionary
56 Dictionary of American Slang. Wood
192 Book of Synonyms
452 Dictionary of Scientific Terms
499 Dictionary of Ancient Mythology
639 4.000 Most Essential English Words
754 International Dictionary of Authors
815 Dictionary of Familiar Quotation!
816 Popular Shakespearean Quotations
902 Dictionary of Foreign Word!
905 Dictionary of Biblical Allusions
1002 Dictionary of Sea and Nautical Terms
1259 Dictionary of Geographical Names
1354 Book of Similes

86 How to Get Most Out of Reading. Brandei
759 How to Conquer Stupidity
868 General Hint! on Self-Improvement
891 Your Talent and How to Develop It
1290 Art of Digesting Ideas
1358 How to Acquire Good Taste
1375 Meaning of Success In Life
326 How to Write Short Stories That Sell
342 How to Be a Newi Reporter
437 How to Write a Big-Money Scenario
496 How to Write Plays
514 How to Write Poetry
764 Hint! on Writing Uook Reviewi. Markun
1131 Writing for the Market
1240 Short Story Writing for Beginners. Tarleton
431 U. S. Commercial Geography
751 Hints on How to Merchandise
801 A Rapid Calculator
856 Arithmetic Self Taught, Part I
857 Arithmetic Self Taught, Part II
1009 Typewriting Self Taught
1296 Personal Elements In Business
1301 How to Go Into Business for Yourself
1324 Practical Mechanical Problems and How to Solve Them
1430 Lightning Shorthand Self Taught
1513 Statistics: How to Use and Interpret Them
863 It Pays to Advertise
894 How to Write Advertising
486 Modern Hints on Soils and Fertilizer!
805 How to Keep Bees for Profit. Randolph
1172 How to Build a Greenhouse
501 How to Tie All Kinds of Knots
1041 How to Cane and Upholster Chairs
1232 Practical Masonry: Cement and Brick
729 How to Budget the Family Income
775 First Aid for Investors
998 How to Make Money in Wall Street
1004 How to Save Money
1031 How to Own Your Home

475 How to Develop Sense of Humor. Markun
556 Hints on Etiquette
858 Psychology of Leadership
882 Psychology of Character Building. Markun
1613 What Knowledge Is of Most Worth? Spencer
1614 How to Improve Yourself Intellectually. Herbert Spencer
1615 How to Improve Yourself Morally. Spencer
1616 How to Improve Yourself Physically. Spencer
1676 How the World's Greatest Scholar Can Help You
212 Life and Character. Goethe
217 Puzzle of Personality
414 Art of Being Happy
488 How Not to Be a Wallflower
773 Good Habits and How to Form Them
850 Bad Habits and How to Break Them. Markun
1052 Nature of Instincts nnd Emotions. Fielding
1264 Art of Forgetting the Unpleasant. Powys
1268 Are You a Babbitt?
1649 Are Manners Important? Wm. Hazlltt
1650 What I Have Learned About Life from Fools and Sages. William Hazlitt
1651 Tremendous Trifles About Important Commonplaces. William Hazlitt
1668 Do You Lose Your Temper?
75 On the Choice of Books. Thos. Carlyle
387 Facts You Should Know About Painting
403 Facts You Should Know About Music
466 Facts You Should Know About Sculpture
468 Architecture Facts You Should Know
731 Mental Differences of Men and Women
859 How to Enjoy Good Music
897 How to Enjoy Good Reading. Goldberg
1003 How to Think Logically
1069 The Conquest of Fear
1070 How to Fight Nervous Troubles. Oppenhelm
1097 Memory: What It Is and How to Use It
1221 Facts About Will Power
1286 Do We Have Free Will? Darrow vs. Foster
227 Introduction to Zoology
238 Reflection on Science
419 Life: Its Origin and Nature
722 Electricity and Life
728 Life Among the Bees
778 Facts About Environment of Life. Fenton
779 Facts About Fitness of Life
796 Life Among the Butterflies
818 Life Among the Dragonflies
827 Life Among the Apes and Monkeys. Fenton
833 Life Among the Ants
873 Dwellers of the Ponds
885 Life Among the Spiders
1301 Way of All Flesh
1302 What Life Means to Me
1303 Lessons Life Has Taught Me
11 Nietzsche's Philosophy Explained. Hamblem
63 What Poetry May Mean to You. Shelley
201 Intimate Conversation on Life. Goethe
338 Story of Emerson's Philosophy. Tichenor
413 Why You Need Art In Your Life. Holborn
519 How to Enjoy Rabelais' Lusty Humor
527 Guide to Aeschylus' Beautiful Greek Plays
643 Terse Truths About Life's Riddle. Bacon
646 Spirit of Brazilian Literature. Goldberg
732 Spirit of Jewish Literature
737 Thoughts on the Meaning of Life. Joubert
762 Optimism or Pessimism?
1611 Sinclair Lewis' Speech on Nobel Prize

14 What Every Girl Should Know. Mrs. Sanger
74 Physiology of Sex Life. Dr. Greer
91 Manhood: Facts of Life
127 What Expectant Mothers Should Know
536 What Women Beyond 40 Should Know
645 Confidential Chats With Wives. Goddard
653 What Every Boy Should Know. Fielding
654 What Young Men Should Know. Fielding
655 What Young Women Should Know. Fielding
656 What Married Men Should Know. Fielding
657 What Married Women Should Know
689 Woman's Sexual Life. Wm. J. Fielding
690 Man's Sexual Life. Wm. J. Fielding
691 Child's Sexual Life. Wm. J. Fielding
692 Homosexual Life. Wm. J. Fielding
726 Facts About Venereal Diseases. Dr. Greer
846 Womanhood: Facts of Life for Girls
864 Confidential Chats With Husbands. Dr. Lay
903 All About Syphilis
1089 Common Sense of Sex
1564 Homosexuality In the Lives of the Great
98 How to Love. Clement Wood
163 Sex Life In Greece and Rome
172 Evolution of Sex
175 A Hindu Book of Love (Kama Sutra)
176 Four Essays on Sex. Havelock Ellis
189 Eugenics Explained. Havelock Ellis
208 Debate on Birth Control. Sanger, Russell
209 Modern Aspects of Birth Control. Knopf
213 Ellis' Plea for Sane Sex Life
661 Neurotic America and the Sex Impulse
800 Sex and Psycho-Analysis
804 Freud on Sleep and Sexual Dreams
811 Genetics for Beginners
812 Introduction to Heredity
904 Sex Symbolism. Wm. J. Fielding
950 Determination of Sex. Wm. J. Fielding
966 Dawn of Rational Sex Ethics. Harding
987 The Art of Kissing
988 The Art of Courtship
1148 Sexual Crimes and American Law. Wood
1318 Case for and Against Sexual Sterilization
1342 Typical Love Problems
1343 Sex Relations In the Southern States. Wood
1353 Love Elements in Psycho-Analysis
1359 Is Birth Control a Sin?
1498 Missouri University Sex Questionnaire
1636 What Doctors Know About Birth Control
144 Was Poe Immoral? Sarah H. Whitman
286 Prostitution in the Ancient World. Markun
383 Prostitution in the U. S. Markun
575 Essays in Ethics. Schopenhauer
576 Encheiridion or Manual. Epictetus
671 Moral Discourses of Epictetus
709 Sociology for Beginners. Wood
717 Modern Sexual Morality
736 Morals of Seneca: Roman Philosopher
798 Morals and Beliefs of African Negroes
861 Behaviorism: New Psychology. Tripp
1111 Prostitution in the Medieval World. Markun
1123 Facts About Puritan Morals
1135 Prostitution in the Modern World. Markun
1212 Marriage and Morals in Soviet Russia
1281 What Is Good and Evil? Nietzsche
1282 Guilt and Bad Conscience. Nietzsche
1283 Are Petting Parties Dangerous? Cunningham
1481 The New Immorality
1665 Moral Swindlers. George Eliot
1666 Letters of Courtesans
1667 Debasing the Moral Currency. Geo. Eliot
1716 The Superstition of "Sin"

81 Care of the Baby. Dr. Grulee
93 How to Live 100 Years
136 Measles. Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever
137 Home Nursing: First Aid
167 Everyday Rules of Health. Dr. Flshbein
269 Can Faith Heal the Invalid?
278 Quacks of the Healing Cults
449 Auto-Suggestion and Health
680 Pasteur: Chemist of Human Ills
688 Teeth and Mouth Hygiene. Fielding, Relss
703 Physiology Self Taught
761 Latest Food and Diet Facts
794 Facts About "Patent Medicine." Dr. Cramp
870 Tuberculosis: Cause, Prevention. Dr. Long
875 Diabetes: Cause and Treatment. Dr. Wilder
983 Truth About Christian Science. Wood
1000 Wonders of Radium. Maynard Shipley
1050 X-Ray, Violet Ray, and Other Rays. Shipley
1091 Facts About Cancer
1094 Insanity and Other Mental Disorders
1126 Eating for Health: Vitamins and Caloriea
1245 How to Get Most Out of Recreation. Markun
1298 How to Select Your Doctor
1330 Facts About Digestion
1390 Facts and Fiction About Health
1391 Magic in Those Ultra Violet Rays. Harding
1728 New Aim in Care of Teeth. Dr. Raper
271 Is Death Inevitable?
524 Death and Its Problems
996 Dual and Multiple Personality. Fielding

283 Courtship of Miles Standish
384 Because Hubby Misfired in Love (The Stronger Woman.) Strindberg
420 Stories of Spanish Life and Love
672 Illicit Love. Boccaccio
673 Tales of Love and Life. Boccaccio
733 Brazilian Love Stories
746 A Daughter of Eve. Frank Harris
803 Costa Rican Love Tales
909 Amorous Tales of the Monks
958 Love Tales of Italian Life
1133 Loves Tales of Queen of Navarre
1149 Irish Poems of Love
1176 A Mad Love. Frank Harris
1190 What Price Love? Anton Checkhov
1195 First Love, and Other Tales
1197 Moral Divorce and Other Tales
1202 Forbidden Love. Barry Pain
1648 The Love of Life. Wm. Hazlitt

21 Carmen, Exciting Love Story
178 One of Cleopatra's Nights
230 Quest for a Blonde Mistress
319 Story of Infamous Intrigue
345 Clarimonde: Vampire and Harlot. Gautier
401 Romances of Paris
410 French Amorous Misadventures. Bretonne
540 Brightly Colored Tales of Passion
541 French Love Stories of Many Hues
810 Some Polite Scandals of Parisian Life
817 Her Burning Secret
892 Follies of Lovers
1620 Merry Tales. Anatole France
1622 Five Women and the Grand Passion. France
1623 Who Seduced the Cook. Anatole France.
1626 When Youth Burns. Gautier
1634 Dance of Death. Flaubert
1644 The Prostitute and Her Lover. Merimee
1654 The Record of Fellclte's Life. Flaubert
1655 The Accursed Woman. Flaubert
6 Love and Other Stories
199 Tallow Ball: A Prostitute's Sacrifice
292 Mlle. Fifi, and Other Stories
886 Piece of Siring
887 The Necklace.
915 Mad, and Other Stories
916 Night in Whltechapel
917 Room No. 11
918 Man With the Blue Eyes
919 The Clown
920 Queer Night In Paris
921 Mme. Tellier's Establishment
922 Wife's Confession
15 Atheist's Mass: Accursed House
143 Time of the Terror and Other Tales
318 Christ In Flanders
344 Don Juan: Passion in the Desert
1042 Crime at the Red Inn
1044 Another Study of Woman
1045 Story of a Mad Sweetheart
1046 Coquette's vs. a Wife
1017 Mysterious Exiles
1067 Splendors of a Courtesan
1213 Romance That Balzac Lived
87 The Nature of Love. Montaigne
131 Love's Redemption. Tolstoy
296 Lyric Love. Robert Browning
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1322 Confessions of a Modern Woman. Deventer
1370 Clement Wood and His Loves
1656 The Girdle of Aphrodite
84 Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun
89 Love Letters of People of Genius
665 Love Letters of a Parisian Actress
676 More Love Letters of a Parisian Actress.
871 Love Letters of Abelard and Helolse
1244 How to Write Love Letters

92 Hypnotism Made Plain
411 Facts About Phrenology
493 Novel Discoveries in Science
658 Toasts for All Occasions
704 Facts to Know About Palmistry. Markun
707 Facts to Know About Astrology. Markun
845 Facts to Know About Fortune-Telling
1010 Book of Amateur Magic Tricks
1023 Book of Popular Recitations
1064 Simplicity of Radio. Crosley
1139 Photography Self Taught
1284 Tips on Theatrical Art
1338 Oil Painting for Beginners
1355 Tour of Europe for Stay-at-Homes. Goddard
17 The Joys of Hiking. Thoreau
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535 How to Play Golf. Geo. Lardner
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715 Auction Bridge for Beginners
749 Camping, Woodcraft and Wildcraft
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853 How to Know the Song Birds
1006 A Book of Children's Games
1183 How to Play Checkers
1206 How to Teach Yourself to Swim. Hazelburst
1239 Party Games for Grown Ups
1254 Contract Bridge Make Easy
1630 How to Play Stud Poker
1749 How to Play Backgammon
830 Crossword Puzzle Book
831 Another Crossword Puzzle Book
876 Curiosities of Mathematics
893 Five Hundred Riddles
1103 Book of Puzzles and Brainteasers
1175 Amusing and Popular Riddles
1210 Mathematical Oddltles
1251 What Do Yon Know? (Questlons)
1253 General Information Quizzes
1255 Who, When. Where and What? (Questions)
301 Sailor Chanties and Cowboy Songa
346 Old English Songs Everyone Knows
398 More Irish Fairy Tales and Popular Songs
470 Jazz Music: What It Is and Means. Goldberg
626 Old Favorite Negro Songs
743 Great Christian Hymns
984 Harmony Self Taught (Music). Goldberg
995 How to Play the Piano
1005 How to Enjoy Orchestra Music. Goldberg
1019 How to Teach Yourself to Sing. Spear

61 What Is Religion? Tolstoy
124 Theory of Reincarnation Explained
132 Beliefs of Major Religions
211 Idea of God In Nature. John Stuart Mill
218 Essence of the Talmud
325 Essence of Buddhism
428 Essence of the Koran
471 Wisdom of Confucius: Chinese Sage
498 Greek and Roman Mythology
614 Religious Philosophers
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753 Essence of Catholicism
1502 Taxation of Church Property
1529 Why I Am Not an Atheist. John Haynes Holmes. (With a Reply by Haldeman-Julius)
1530 Why I Believe in God. Prof. Eddlngton (With a Reply by E Haldeman-Julius)
1537 The Essence of Unitarlanism
1565 Catholicism and the Public Schools
1571 Should Church Property Be Tax Exempt?
1574 What Price Tolerance?
1584 The Crisis That Threatens the Church
1599 Advice to the Godly Who Fear Atheism
1603 Is Christianity Dying?
1717 Religion As a Bar to Progress
1719 Dean Inge's Apology for Christianity
67 History of the Medieval Church. Randolph
111 Sermon on the Mount, etc
169 History of Modern Christian Church
170 History of Ancient Christian Church
310 Life of Jesus. Ernest Renan
532 New Light on Jesus. Harvey
533 New Light on the Friends of Jesus. Harvey
600 Essence of the Bible
624 Gospel of Luke in Modern English
625 Gospel of Mark in Modern English
818 Poems About Jesus
1071 Psycho-Analysis of Jesus
1361 Who Killed Jesus?
1407 Religious Bunk Over the Radio
322 Buddhist Philosophy of Life
412 Mahomet: Founder of Arab Faith. Finger
610 Martin Luther and Protestantism. Vedder
735 Confession of St. Augustine
765 Life of Francis of Asslsi
854 Loyola: Founder of the Jesuits. Vcdder
907 Sex Obsessions of Saints and Mystics
982 The Real Mary Baker Eddy
1072 Truth About Bryan
49 Controversy on Creation of Man. Haeckel

51 Bruno: Famous Martyr
62 Nature of Religion. Arthur Schopenhauer
97 Self-Contradictions of the Bible

1101 Hollywood from the Inside
1403 Voice of the Yokels. Fulks
1591 How "Wicked" Is Hollywood? ,

110 Short History of the World War
125 War Specches of Woodrow Wilson
214 Speeches of Abraham Lincoln
277 Man Without a Country
324 Life of Abraham Lincoln
343 Secret Diary of Columbus
351 Memories of Lincoln. Whitman
503 Short History of the Civil War
521 John Brown at Harper's Ferry
523 Benjamin Franklin's Life
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604 Roosevelt and the "Big Stick"
652 Is the KKK Destructive?
756 Story of the Sioux Indians
769 Life of Thomas Jefferson
770 Adventures of Kit Carson
1051 Civil War Stories (1). Ambrose Bierce
1055 Civil War Stories (2). Ambrose Bierce
1065 Lives of U. S. Presidents
1100 Civil War Horrors
1241 Outline of U. S. History
1542 Who Started the World War?
1593 Romantic Heroes of the Confederacy. Nash
1601 Herbert Hoover's Record as President
1612 Hoover's Record Before He Was President
1653 Fallacies of U. S. Historians. Barnes
1757 Facts You Should Know About Alaska
1257 How to Become a U. S. Citizen
494 Night Life In New York's Harlem
788 American Negro and His Problems. White
797 20 Years Among African Negroes. Bender
1306 Negro's Contribution to U. S. Literature
34 Mystery of Man in Iron Mask
104 Battle of Waterloo. Victor Hugo
126 History of Rome. Clement Wood
128 Julius Caesar's Amazing Career. Wood
141 Facts About Napoleon
147 Cromwell and His Times
300 Terrorism in France. Dumas
356 Charge of Light Brigade, etc.
596 A History of Modern Mexico
627 Short History of the Jews
878 How Napoleon Became Emperor. Gottechalk
898 Short History of Japan
899 Life in Decadent Rome
1087 The Facts About Fascism
1088 Truth About Mussolini
505 How Russia Is Remaking Common People
633 Was Lenin a Great Man?
723 Soviet Form of Government
1147 How Communists Rule Russia. Strong
1234 How Soviet Russia Does Business. Strong
1235 Worker's Life in Soviet Russia
1236 Peasant Life in Soviet Russia

24 The Kiss, and Other Stories. Checkhov
29 Dreams: Tales of Passion's Pawns. Schreiner
31 Pelleas and Melisande. Maeterlinck
46 Salome: Love Murder. Oscar Wilde
99 Tartuffe: Sinner in Saint's Clothing. Moliere
107 Dream-Woman: Yellow Tiger. Collins
317 Night Flirtation, etc. Checkhov
511 A Tragedy of Incestuous Love (Oedipus)
539 None Beneath the King Shall Enjoy Her
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947 Queen of Spades. Alexander Pushkin
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1019 Bluebeard and His 8 Unhappy Wlves
1178 Chorus Girl and Lover's Wife
1194 Love's Heroism and Other Tales

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42 Origin and History of Human Race
47 Animals of Ancient Seas
274 Animals of Ancient Lands
275 Building of the Earth
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415 Age of Mammals
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568 Charles Darwin and Evolution
686 Records of Evolution
694 Evidence for Evolution
695 Embryology for Evolution
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721 Intelligence of Vertebrate Animals. Shipley
826 More Animals of Long Ago
874 Lower Invertebrate Animals
1325 Americans 1,000,000 Years Ago
1326 Origin of the Solar System. Shipley

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605 Indians of the Pueblos
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1552 Africa—Its Place in Modern History

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400 Aladdin: Thieves (Arabian Nights)
516 Book of Real Adventures
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1198 Devil's Mother-in-Law, and Other Tales
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1168 Adventure Stories
1169 Tales of Ships and Seas

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701 Why I Am a Heretic
706 The Bible: Should It Be in the Schools?
781 Catholicism and Sex
851 Bible Myths and Legends
928 Religion or a Darwinist. Keith
1188 Sex and Garden of Eden Myth
1217 Why I Didn't Enter the Ministry. Thurston
1265 Is "Elmer Gantry" True?
1273 Truth About American Evangelists
1274 Truth About American Preachers. Symposium
1275 Truth About the "Deluge"
1287 Braun: Who Cracked Dull Heads
1300 Sources of Intolerance in America. Folks
1307 Word of Satan in the Bible
1308 Harvard Wars on Religious Ideas. Norwln
1314 Bigotry Trust in the U. S. A.
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4 Age of Reason. Paine
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3 Skeptical Views of Life
28 Toleration of Others
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200 Ignorant Philosopher
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1406 Voltaire'a Weapon, the Smile!
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297 Do We Need Religion?
354 Absurdities of Christian Science
365 Myths of Religious Statistics
366 Religion's Failure to Fight Crime
439 Joseph McCabe's 12 Years in a Monastery
445 Fraud of Spiritualism
446 Psychology of Religion
477 Nonsense Called Theosophy
841 Future of Religion
1007 Revolt Against Religion
1008 Origin of Religion
1030 World's Greatest Religions
1059 Myth of Immortality
1060 Futility of Belief In God
1061 Human Origin of Morale
1066 Forgery of the Old Testament
1076 Morals in Ancient Babylon
1077 Morals In Ancient Egypt
1078 Morals in Greece and Rome
1079 Phallic Elements In Religion
1084 Did Jesus Ever Live?
1095 Sources of Christian Morality
1102 Pagan Christs Before Jesus
1104 Myth of the Resurrection
1107 Legends of Saints and Martyrs
1110 How Christianity Triumphed
1121 Evolution of Christian Doctrine
1122 Degradation of Woman
1127 Christianity and Slavery
1128 Church and the School
1130 The Dark Ages
1132 New Light on Witchcraft
1134 Horrors of the Inquisition
1136 Medieval Art and the Church
1137 Moorish Civilization in Spain
1140 Renaissance: European Awakening
1141 Reformation and Protestant Reaction
1142 Galileo and Medieval Science
1144 Jesuits: Religious Rogues
1145 Religion in French Revolution
1150 Churches and Modern Progress
1203 Seven Infidel U. S. Presidents
1205 Palne's Revolt vs. Bible
1211 Conflict Science vs. Religion
1215 Ingersoll, Great Agnostic
1218 Christianity and Phllanthrophy
1224 Religion in Great Poets
1229 Triumph of Materialism
1237 Beliefs of Scientists
1243 Failure of Christian Missions
1248 Lies of Religious Literature
1262 Is Evolution True? vs. Prof. Price

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267 What Ford's 5-Day Week Really Means
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461 Is Progress the Bunk? Haldeman-Julius
472 Bowel Evacuation (Notes of Butler)
504 Myth of Paul Revere'a Ride
566 How a Struggling Youth Became a Great Scientist
776 The Foundations of Science
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1099 A Cynic Looks at Life. Ambrose Bierce
1488 The Age-Old Follies or Man
484 Why "Blue" Laws Must Go
647 Truth About Los Angeles
650 KKK Kreed of the Klansmen
71! Odd Facts About U. S. Life
752 Facts You Should Know About California
757 Facts You Should Know About Today's South
852 What Is Wrong With Newspapers?
985 Psycho-Analyals of America
1125 Book of American Shams
1260 Story of a Lynching. Haldeman-Julius
1267 Are Americans Standardized?
1269 Does the U. S. A. Need the KKK? Bair
1276 Truth About American Yokela
1288 American Fakirs and Guides
1291 America: Greatest Show on Earth
1293 What America Needs
1297 Facts About Arkansas
1373 Flight of the South. Clay Folks
1414 San Francisco, Credit to the Nation. Jarrell
1583 A Book About Texas
1590 How the Great Corporations Rule the U. S.
1686 Unemployment Insurance: Big Issue

534 Mystic Materialism
834 Younger Generation's View of Life
840 Conventional Lies of Civilization. Norden
981 Songs for the New Age. Oppenheim
1316 Revolt of Modern Youth
1374 Is the World Getting Better?
473 Lives of Hot-Cha Chorus Girls
479 How N. Y. Working Girls Live
755 Life Among Hollywood "Extra" Girls
838 Life of Parisian Fashion Puppets. Middleton
1053 Guide to N. Y.'s Strange Sections. Wood
1057 The Truth About N. Y.'s Chinatown. Wood
1058 The Truth About N. Y.'s White Lights
1106 Bohemian Life in Greenwich Village. Wood
1124 On the Bum: Tramp Life Sketches. Hennessy
1336 Greenwich Village in the Jazz Era. Wood
1394 Confessions of a Minister's Daughter. Brown
1398 War. What for? Fulks
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222 The Sex-Mad Vampire
332 The Man Who Waa
333 Mulvaney Stories of Army Life
336 Mark of the Beast
783 Mandalay, and Other Poems
795 Gunga Din, and Other Poems
912 God from the Machine, etc.
913 Black Jack, etc.
914 On the City Wall. etc.

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69 Mary, Queen of Scots. Dumas
77 What Great Men Learned of Women
304 What Women Learned About Men
323 Life of Joan of Arc
401 Woman the Warrior
529 Woman the Criminal, Fielding
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667 Memories of a Parisian Actress (2)
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456 Bizet's Carmen, Who Took the Men She Wanted
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595 Happy Hypocrite's Love
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780 Blessed Damozel and Other Poems. Rossetti
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1193 Woman's Way and Other Italian Tales

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1037 Get Ready the Wreaths
1038 T. B.
1039 "Ice Water. PI—"
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906 Devil of a Fellow
865 Main Street Tales
866 Untold Lie, etc.
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699 Broken Necks
1163 Policewoman's Daughter
1164 Unlovely Sin
1165 Jazz
1166 Infatuation
1167 Sinister Sex
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991 Humorous Notes for My Biographer
992 Sinner Sermons
993 Preaching from the Audience
1083 Dying Like a Gentleman
1208 Success Easier Than Failure
1230 Her Fifth Marriage
1734 The Indignations of E W. Howe
1151 Selected Stories
1152 Vagabonds
1153 Haunted Mind
923 Magic Glasses
924 Miracle of the Stigmata
590 The Millennium (1)
591 Millennium (2)
592 Millennium (3)
594 The Overman
634 Captain of Industry (1)
635 Captain of Industry (2)

705 100 Professions for Women
1092 Simple Beauty Hints
1096 How to Dress on a Small Salary. Goddard
1182 How to Make Cosmetics
1189 How to Make Pin Money at Home. Goddard
1209 Charming Hostess (Entertainment Guide)
177 Subjection of Women
221 How to Know Women
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1491 The Power of Women. Konrad Bercovici

1 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
9 Great English Poems
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58 Tales from the Decameron
65 Golden Sayings of Marcus Aurelius
95 Confessions of an Opium Eater. DeQuincey
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220 Vest's Tribute to a Dog and Other Dog Lore
237 Best Prose Ever Written
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373 Truth of Illusions. Oscar Wilde
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441 Laugh, Clown, Laugh! (I Pagliacci)
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458 Substance of Tannhauser
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836 Bluebeard, Cinderella, etc.
918 Famous Russian Short Stories
956 Italian Tales of Love and Revenge
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1196 Girl With Three Husbands, and Other Tales
1532 Don Quixote. Cervantes

814 How to Raise and Train Cats and Dogs
860 How to Fight Household Insects
1032 Home Vegetable Gardening
1090 How to Grow Fruits for the Home. Power
1219 How to Make Your Home More Homelike
1466 Home Removal of Spots and Stains
685 Hints on Interior Decoration
881 Interior Decoration for Small Homes
518 How to Make All Kinds of Candy
877 French Cooking for Amateurs
997 Simple Recipes for Home Cooking
1179 How to Make Pies and Pastries
1180 How to Cook Fish and Meats
1181 How to Make Ice Cream and Gelatine
1233 Better Meals for Less Money
1341 Unusual Menus
1345 Sandwiches and Box Lunches
1360 Perfect Pocket Cook Book
1756 Simplified Cook Book

377 Psychology of Joy and Sorrow. Markun
417 Nature of Dreams
447 Auto-Suggestion—How It Works
491 Psychology for Beginners. Carrlngton
693 Experiments in Animal Psychology
727 Psychology of the Affections
978 Psychology of Jung
1051 Cause and Nature of Genius. Fielding
1063 Psychology of Laughter
1247 Psychology of Love and Hate
1408 What's the Matter With Human Nature?
1570 Is Man a Rational Animal?
190 Psycho-Analysis Explained
651 How to Psycho-Analyze Yourself. Bonus
782 Psycho-Analysis: Mind and Body.
784 Association Tests in Psycho-Analysis. Bonus
980 How I Psycho-Analyzed Myself. Oppenheim
1112 Psycho-Analysis of the Jews
1344 How to Psycho-Analyze Your Neighbors

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153 Chinese Philosophy of Life
210 Stoic Philosophy. Gilbert Murray
339 Thoreau: Who Escaped from the Herd
508 Story of Bergson's Philosophy. Thomas
613 Ancient Philosophers
615 Modern Philosophers
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1589 Facing Life Realistically.
1635 The Gods in Exile. Heinrich Heine.
1652 The Origin or War and the Philosophy of Conflict. Havelock Ellis.
19 Story of Nietzsche's Philosophy
39 Story or Aristotle's Philosophy
159 Story of Plato's Philosophy
443 Story of Bacon's Philosophy
772 Story of Spencer's Philosophy
802 Contemporary European Philosophers
813 Today's American Philosophers
839 Anatole France: Laughing Cynic
35 Facing Plain Facts of Life
36 Soul of Man Under Socialism. Oscar Wilde
48 Truth and 17 Other Essays. Bacon
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195 Thoughts on Nature. Thoreau
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573 Spencer's Individualistic Philosophy
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582 Splendid Nights in Paris. Gourmont
60 Compensation and Friendship. Emerson
423-424-425-426 Representative Men. By Emerson, contains: Uses of Great Men. Plato, Swedenborg, Montaigne; or, the Skeptic, Shakespeare; or, the Poet, Napoleon; or, the Man of the World. Goethe; or, the Writer.
542 Power and Behavior. Emerson
543 Experience and Politics
544 Poet and Nature. Emerson
545 Character and Manners
546 Love, Heroism and Prudence
547 Spiritual Laws and Circles
548 History and Intellect. Emerson
549 Nominalist and Realist
550 Art and Self-Reliance. Emerson
551 Beauty and Worship. Emerson
552 Fate and Illusions. Emerson
553 Wealth and Culture. Emerson

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22 Tolstoy: Russian Novelist
o4 Trial and Death of Socrates
305 Merciless Machiavelli
409 Great Men of Science
432 Tragic Life of a Homosexual. Wilde
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453 A Sailor and a Homosexual (Jos. Conrad and Oscar Wilde). Powys
507 Richard Wagner: An Introduction. Goldberg
515 Louis XVI and His Corrupt Court
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528 Brandes' Life of Wm. Shakespeare
530 Camoens: Soldier-Poet-Lover
598 Haeckel: Philosopher-Naturalist
601 Truth About Oscar Wilde, the Candid Homosexuallst
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867 Cicero As Revealed in His Letters
1266 Great Fighters for Freedom
1482 The Dramatic Career of Gen. U. S. Grant
293 Villon: Cad and Thief
526 Brandes' Life of Julius Caesar
C17 Hamilcar: Great Man of Carthage. Flaubert
1328 Huxley, Who Advanced Progress 104 Years
1349 Lindbergh: Hero of the Air
1368 Isaac Newton: Superman of Science. Nash
1376 Henry Ward Beecher: Barnum of the Pulpit
1377 Straton: Witch Doctor of Gotham
1378 Notorious Case of Sacco and Vanzettl
1379 President Harding's Illegitimate Daughter

408 Einstein's Relativity Explained
474 Proof That Man Is a Machine
510 Electric Energy: What It Doea
557 Is the Moon a Dead World?
603 A-B-C of the Electron Theory
607 Solving the Mystery of the Comets
608 Development of Atomic Theory
609 Are the Planets Inhabited?
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808 Man's Debt to the Sun. Shipley
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1411 Real Thomas A. Edison
1429 Alrplanes and How to Fly Them
1640 Is Science Vindicating Religion? John Haynes Holmes vs. E. Haldeman-Julius
1681 The Warfare of Religion Against Science

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396 When the Sheriff Met the Convict
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819 A Book of Strange Murders
942 Great Detective Stories
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1271 Prisons or Crime Prevention?
1658 The Handbook of Swindling
1659 On Murder As One of the Fine Arts Thomas De Qulncey
102 Sherlock Holmes Tales
266 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
1026 Sherlock Holmes Detective Stories
1027 Sherlock Holmes Mystery Stories
1028 Sherlock Holmes Crime Stories
1029 More Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
1101 Sherlock Holmes Problem Stories

2 Wilde's Ballad of Reading Jail
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73 Walt Whttman's Best Poems
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740 Best Poems of Bryant
741 Best Poems of Whlttier
742 Best Poems of Emerson
744 Best Poems of Shelley
774 Famous German Poems
790 Roguish Poems of Francois Villon
832 Life and Poems of Catullus

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829 Voltaire Lecture
933 Skeleton in the Closet
934 Realism In Literature and Art
974 Ordeal of Prohibition
1329 Facing Life Fearlessly
1424 Examination of Bryan at Evolution Trial
1500 Why I Am An Agnostic
1606 Darrow: "Evangelist" of Sane Thinking
509 Are We Machlnes?
843 Can Individúals Control Conduct?
883 Debate on Capital Punishment
884 Debate on Prohibition
910 Is Life Worth Living?
911 Is Mankind Progressing?
1596 Should the 18th Amendment Be Repealed?
206 Capitalism Debate, Sellgman vs. Nearing
1252 Butler-Borah Prohibition Debate
1531 Can We Follow Jesus Today?

40 Haunted House and the Brain. Bulwer-Lytton
145 Great Ghost Stories
282 The Ancient Mariner
739 Tales of Terror and Wonder
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970 Out of the Earth, etc. Arthur Machen
1075 Tales of Ghouls and Ghosts. Bierce
1080 Tales of Haunted Houses
1160 Two Masterly Ghost Stories
1162 Tales of Ghosts. Villains
1170 Funny Ghost Stories

85 Attack on the Mill. Zola
225 Strange Loves. Manuel Komroff
824 Torquemada: Spanish Torturer. Wood.
967 Pace of Youth, etc Stephen Crane
968 Upturned Face, etc. Stephen Crane

943 Masterpieces of Mystery Stories
1155 Great Mystery Tales
1156 Extraordinary Mystery Stories
1158 Mystery Tales of the Sea
1159 Mystlc-Humorous Stories
1161 Mysterious and Weird Tales
12 Tales of Mystery
108 Fall of the House of Usher
162 .Murders in the Rue Morgue
290 The Gold Bug (Detective)
939 Tales of Imaginative Science
940 Tales Grotesque and Weird
941 Tales Psychological and Gruesome
1154 Tales of Hypnotism and Revenge
165 Discovery of the Future
925 Empire of the Ants
926 Obliterated Man
927 Stolen Bacillus
1660 A Woman's Heart
1661 The Man Who Could Work Miracles
1662 The Valley of Spiders
1663 The Treasure in the Forest
1664 A Slip Under the Microscope

186 How I Wrote "The Raven." Poe
299 The Great Outdoors
334 Mid-West Stories. Haldeman-Julius
454 The Ribald, Unworthy Coopers. E. H-J.
578 Haunted House. Viereck
579 The Three Sphinxes. Viereck
678 History of the Little Blue Books. Gunn
719 Poetry of the Southern States
1289 Facts About American Literature
1671 Queer People and a Damning Passion. Henry James
1672 The Sweetheart of M Briseux. James
1673 The Runaway Wife. Henry James
1674 Spiritual Magnetism. Henry James
1675 The Mad Lovers and the Emperor's Topaz. Henry James

113 Wit and Wisdom of English
116 Wit and Wisdom of Chinese
117 Wit and Wisdom of Italians
118 Wit and Wisdom of Russians
119 Wit snd Wisdom of Irish
380 Wisdom from Peasants
388 Wisdom from the Far East

287 The Best Jokes About Doctors
422 Books of Best Yankee Jokes
768 Best Jokes About Lawyers
820 Best Jokes About Married Life
842 Book of Best Jokes
869 More Best Jokes
879 Best Jokes About Preachers
889 Jokes, Clever Sayings About Kissing
959 Masterpieces of American Humor
960 Masterpieces of American Wit
971 Book of Humorous Anecdotes
972 Popular Joke Book
1012 Book of Beat Negro Jokea
1013 Book of Best Irish Jokes
1014 Best American New Jokes
1033 Masterpleces of Russian Humor
1034 Masterpieces of Spanish Humor
1035 Masterpieces of Italian Humor
1036 Masterpieces of German Humor
1082 Book of Best Jewish Jokes
1093 Interesting and Amusing Pans
1146 Book of College Humor
1184 Book of Best Scotch Jokes
1191 Book of Broadway Wisecracks
1214 Book of Best Ford Jokes
1220 Book of Best Rube Jokes
1228 Best Jokes About Drunks
1231 Book of New Best Jokes
1246 Book of Best Hobo Jokes
1219 Best Jokes About Lovers
1397 Small Town Humor. Peery
1475 More Best Jokes
1825 Stop, Look and Laugh. Gag-cartoons.

20 Let's Laugh. Nasby
70 Origin of Roast Pig. Chas. Lamb
90 The Mikado. Famous Comedy
187 Whistler's Famous Humor
188 Lying Adventnres of Baron Munchausen
193 Wit and Wisdom of Charles Lamb
368 Comic Journey to California and Back
382 Lincoln's Pet Funny Yarns
738 Poor Rlchard'a Almanac
771 The Humor of "Bill" Nye
908 Brief Burlesques and Epigrams. E. H-J.
1048 Gargantua: Mighty Monster. Rabelais
1068 Best Fun from the Pickwick Papers. Dickens
1171 Funny Facts About Stageland. Jerome
1657 Gentle Art of Making Enemies. Whistler
669 Josh Billings' Humorous Epigrams
670 Josh Billings' Comical Lexicon
1200 Nonsense Stories and Pictures
716 Mother Goose Rhymes
849 One-Hoss Shay, etc. O. W. Holmes
961 Book of Humorous Verse
o62 Book of Comic Poems
1015 Book of Comic Dialect Poems
1016 Book of Nonsense Poems
1018 Book of Humorous Limericks
1025 Casey at the Bat, and Other Favorites
1173 Nonsense Alphabets
5 Life of Samuel Johnson
312 Sterne: Sexy Humorist
429 Jonathan Swift: Ace of Satirists
517 Mark Twain: Philosopher of Laughter
702 Book of Intellectual Rowdies
166 English As She Is Spoke
231 Humorous Sketches. Mark Twain
662 Answers to Correspondents. Mark Twain
663 Journalism In Tennessee
668 Humorous Fables. Mark Twain
930 Idle Excursion. Mark Twain
931 Stolen White Elephant
932 Curious Experience
1115 Ridiculous Stories
1116 Funny Dramatics
1117 Human Animals Folly
1118 Life As I See It
1119 Follies In Fiction
1126 Serious Spoofing

45 Tolstoy's Stories of Real Russian Life
198 Majesty of Justice. Anatole France
219 A Story of Human Tragedy. France.
226 The Jew-Haters. Arthur Schnitzler.
280 The Happy Prince. Oscar Wilde.
314 Short Stories of French Life.
352 Tales of 13th Century. Morris.
397 Irish Fairy Tales and Stories.
497 Exploits of Greek and Roman Heroes.
561 African Jungle Tales.
807 African Negro Tales. Faith Maris.
828 Wisdom of the Ages, etc. Anatole France.
949 Cloak of Desire
952 Souvenirs of a Varied Life.
1040 Book of Bedtime Stories
1263 Serpent's Tooth. Fulks.
1292 Best Short Stories.
1412 Stories of Tramp Life.
1492 Stories of Gypsy Life. Konrad Bercovici.
1494 Stormy Hearts. Konrad Bercovici.
1495 Steel Against Steel. Konrad Bercovici.
1517 Land, an Old Man and his Young Wife. Konrad Bercovici.
1518 The Beggar of the Alcazar. Bercovici.
1519 Blood and Lava. Bercovici.
1520 For Love of Zaska. Bercovici.
1521 When Faith in Love Returns.
1629 Comedy of the Saint's Breeches. Masuccie.
1632 A Tragedy of Two Ambitions. Hardy.
1633 The Seductive Exploits of a Fiddler. Hardy.
1641 The Rabbi and Beautiful Sara. Heine.
1645 Strange Flower of Passion. Heine.
1646 Girls, Virgins and Wine. Heinrich Heine.
1718 A Nasty Story. Fedor Dostoevski.
1721 Gambler's Luck.

155 Military Maxims of Napoleon.
180 Worldly Epigrams of Bernard Shaw.
216 Laughter That Rings Down the Ages. Heine.
310 Will and Wisdom of Thackeray.
381 Charles Dickens' Witty Wisdom.
402 Pungent Precepts (Epigrams). Moore.
621 Sophisticated Wit of Disraeli.

1757 What You Should Know About Alaska (Sayings of a Soughdough). William Sulzer.
1758 Is Adolf Hitler a Maniac? Haldeman-Julius.
1759 Abraham Lincoln - Lawyer. Richard Hopkins.
1760 The United States of Europe. Hopkins.
1761 America's Little Hitlers. Roy Tozier.

240 Tempest.
241 Merry Wives of Windsor.
242 As You Like It.
243 Twelth Night.
244 Much Ado About Nothing.
245 Measure for Measure.
246 Hamlet.
247 Macbeth.
248 King Henry V.
249 Julius Caesar.
250 Romeo and Juliet.
251 Midsummer Night's Dream.
252 Othello.
253 Henry VIII.
254 Taming of Shrew.
255 King Lear.
256 Venus and Adonis.
257 Henry IV (1).
258 Henry IV (2).
259 Henry VI (1).
260 Henry VI (2).
261 Henry VI (3).
262 Comedy of Errors.
263 King John.
264 Richard III.
265 Richard IV.
266. Merchant of Venice.

16 Ghosts.
80 Pillars of Society.
395 Master Builder.
302 Wild Duck.
303 Rosmersholm.
350 Hedda Gabler.
353 Doll's House.

359-360-361-362 (4 vols.) Frank Harris' The Man Shakespeare

8 Lady Windermere's Fan, Wilde
18 Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
37 Strange Dreams of John Ball
38 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
41 A Christmas Carol. Dickens
50 Common Sense. Thomas Paine
54 Importance of Being Earnest. Wilde
72 Color of Life and Love
100 Red Laugh of War. Andreyev
103 Pocket Theology of a Skeptic. Voltaire
105 Seven That Were Hanged. Andreyev
142 Bismarck and the German Empire
158 Alice in Wonderland
182 Daisy Miller and Her Adventure. James
205 Artemus Ward's Laugh Book
234 McNeal-Sinclair Debate on Socialism
270 Contemporary Portraits. Frank Harris
272 More Contemporary Portraits. Harris
276 Speeches of George Washington
291 Celebrated Jumping Frog. Mark Twain
298 Today's Poetry. Anthology
307 Tlllyloss Scandal. James M. Barrie
308 She Stoops to Conquer
309 The Show-Off. Moliere
328 London's Life in Addison's Time
329 Dante's Inferno, Vol. 1
330 Dante's Inferno, Vol. 2
331 Finest Story in the World. Kipling
341 Famous Lincoln-Douglas Debate
357 City of Dreadful Night. Kipling
369 Artemus Ward's Funny Travels
376 Woman of No Importance. Oscar Wilde
379 Lustful King Enjoys Himself
386 Creatures That Once Were Men. Gorky
390 Candid Story of a Man's Life (Ivan llyltch). Tolstoy
392 It Happened Around the Stove. Ouida
393 Life of Frederick the Great
395 Cellini: Swordsman, Lover, Sinner
407 How to Make Real Money at Farming
416 Life in a Brothel (The God of Vengeance)
421 Yoga Philosophy Explained
430 Poultry for Profit
442 Oscar Wilde in Candid Outline (Homosexual Genius)
476 Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Guide Book
480 Animal Raising at a Profit
483 Seaman's Battles: Privateersman
487 Thomas Carlyle's Philosophy of Clothes
489 Realistic Short Stories of Jewish Life
490 The Life of Michelangelo
492 Beautiful and Inspirational Thoughts. Morris
612 Voltaire and French Enlightenment. Durant
520 Story of Spinoza's Philosophy. Durant
531 Brandes' Currents of Literature
537 P. T. Barnum: Great Circus Owner. Finger
560 Electra. Famous Drama. Euripides
572 Beggar's Comic Opera
583 (1) The Jungle. A Novel of the Chicago Stockyards in Six Volumes. By Upton Sinclair.
584 (2) Ditto.
585 (3) Ditto.
586 (4) Ditto.
587 (5) Ditto.
588 (6) Ditto.
589 The Pot-Boiler. Upton Sinclair
623 Electra. Famous Play. Sophocles
631 The Naturewoman. Upton Sinclair
632 The Machine. Upton Sinclair
641 Story of Kant's Phllosophy
700 Story of Schopenhauer's Philosophy. Durant
758 The Frogs. Aristophanes

1762 What Is Wrong With the World.
1763 How An Ape Became a Man
1764 The Evolution of Animal Life
1765 The World We Live In
1766 The Body Machine and How It Works
1767 The Mysteries of Embryology and Heredity
1768 The Plant World Simplified
1769 Has Man a Mind?
1770 Man the Creator
1771 The Wonders of Modern Chemistry
1772 How Religion Began
1773 Philosophers and Their Dreams
1774 Real and Unreal Moral Law
1775 How Christianity Grew Out of Paganism
1776 The Ancient World
1777 The World of the Greeks and Romans
1778 The Middle Ages
1779 The Historical Truth About the Rebirth of Civilization
1780 Asia's Great Atheist Religions
1781 Skeptics the Great Leaders of Progress
1782 The Making of the Modern World
1783 Lies and Bunk About Racial Superiority
1784 Asia and Its Problems
1785 Japan and America
1786 Russia in the Light of the War
1787 Socialism and Capitalism
1788 Evolution or Revolution
1789 Can We Change Human Nature?
1790 Sham Fighting About Matter and Spirit
1791 Freethought and Agnosticism
1792 The Literature of Myths and Legends
1793 Great Poets and Their Creeds
1794 The Theaters and the Cinema
1795 Pessimism in Modern Literature
1796 Modern Fancy Religions
1797 The Futility of All Mysticisms
1798 Fundamentalists and Superior Believers
1799 Is Our Age Degenerate?
1800 The Crying Need of School Reform
1801 This Question of Democracy
1802 The Man and the Woman
1803 What Is the End of Life?
1801 Bunk About Marriage
1805 Should the World Federate?
1806 H. G. Wells and His Creed
1807 Is America Religious?
1808 Death Control and Birth Control
1809 Bunk About Free Will and Strong Will
1810 The Materialistic Determination of History
1811 Man Today Faces His Greatest Opportunity

1812 How to Analyze and Interpret Propaganda
1813 How to Becomo a Public Speaker
1814 How to Choose a Mate Scientifically
1815 How to Know Common Mental Derangements
1816 How to Understand Drug Addiction: Its Causes and Effects
1817 How to Understand Mental Deficiency
1818 How to Understand Social Problems
1819 How to Understand Criminology and Penology
1820 How to Understand the Negro Problem
1821 How to Understand the Fundamental Factors in the Social Life of Man
1822 How We Solve Our Problems Scientifically
1823 How to Understand the Problems of Adolescence

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