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What They Really Said
Publisher: Macdonald & Co.. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1965- .
Publisher: Schocken Books. Country: United States. Date: 1965- .

What Mao Really Said (Macdonald & Co.) (image)

Mao: What They Really Said
by Philippe Devillers and Tony White
London, Macdonald & Co., 1967 (What They Really Said Series).

Hardcover. 317 pages. Bibliography; index.

Series Note: "Great men attract legends and misquotation. Their lives are frequently described; all too often what they thought and wrote is ignored or distorted. The aim of this series is to recall what was really said by men whose thoughts and words have exercised much influence, to account for this effect upon their contemporaries and to assess their lasting value.

They will sometimes be revealed as much mistaken, but they stand securely above the portrayal of their warts. Freud's mythology may be as absurd as Bernard Shaw's muddles about medicine, the Marxist labor theory of value as unsound as William Temple's view on banking. But the intelligent non-specialist of any age will find here no shallow debunking but a basis for forming a fair judgment upon men who, though dead, still make us think today.

These books not only supply authoritative factual summaries of 'What they really said' in a concise and approachable manner, but also express the personal criticisms of a wide variety of experts. The series therefore forms an ideal basis for informed discussion and a valuable stimulus to further reading in the works of the world's great men."

-- Blurb on back panel of dustwrapper of What Freud Really Said by David Clark (Schocken Books, 1966).

Series editor: A. N. Gilkes.

Macdonald & Co., (Publishers) Ltd., Gulf House, 2 Portman Street, London W.1, United Kingdom
(printed by Purnell & Sons, Ltd., Paulton, Somerset and London, United Kingdom)
Schocken Books, 67 Park Avenue, New York City 10016, United States

Series Number / Author or Editor / Title

What Darwin really said
by Benjamin Farrington

What Freud really said
by David Stafford-Clark; Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

What Jung really said
by Edward Armstrong Bennet

What Mao really said
by Philippe Devillers; Tony White

What Marx really said
by H. B. Acton

What Nietzsche really said
by Robert C. Solomon; Kathleen Marie Higgins

What Shaw really said
by Ruth Adam

What St. Paul really said
by J. W. C. Wand

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