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Publisher: University of Chicago Press. Country: United States. Date: 1956- .

The Intellectual Hero - Brombert (Phoenix Books/Uni. Chicago Pr.) (image)

The Intellectual Hero: Studies in the French Novel, 1880-1955
by Victor Brombert
Chicago, IL & London: University of Chicago, 1964 (Phoenix Books, P158)
Trade paperback in violet wrappers. 255 pages. Index, bibiography, footnotes throughout. Size: Octavo.

Series Note:

Arranged by serial number

P1. The Renaissance Philosophy of Man - Ernst Cassirer, Paul Oskar Kristeller and John Herman Randall, Jr., eds.
P2. They Wrote on Clay: The Babylonian Tablets Speak Today - Edward Chiera.
P3. The Child and the Curriculum, and the School and Society - John Dewey; Leonard Carmichael. 1943; c. 1963.
P4. The Road to Serfdom - F. A. Hayek.
P5. Man and the State - Jacques Maritain.
P6. The Social Psychology of George Herbert Mead - Anselm L. Strauss, ed. 1956.
P7. The Ghetto - Louis Wirth; Todros Geller. 1958.
P8. Philosophers Speak for Themselves: From Thales to Plato - Thomas Vernor Smith, ed. 2nd ed. 1960.
P8. Philosophers Speak for Themselves: From Aristotle to Plotinus - Thomas Vernor Smith, ed.
P10. The Professional Thief, by a Professional Thief - Edwin H. Sutherland, ed.

P11. The Culture of Ancient Egypt - John A. Wilson. 1951, 1956.
P12. The Literature of Ancient Greece - Gilbert Murray. First edition 1897. First Phoenix edition [to be checked].
P13. The Day of the Cattlemen - Ernest Staples Osgood.
P14. Counter-Statement - Kenneth Burke.
P15. Critics and Criticism (abridged) - R. S. Crane, ed.
P16. Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History - Karl Lowith. 1949.
P17. Philosophers Speak for Themselves: From Descartes to Locke - T. V. Smith and Marjorie Grene, eds.
P18. Philosophers Speak for Themselves: Berkeley, Hume, and Kant - T. V. Smith and Marjorie Grene, eds.
P19. The Protestant Era (abridged) - Paul Tillich. 1957.
P20. Man the Tool-maker - Kenneth P. Oakley.

P21. History of the Primates - W. E. Le Gros Clark [Os Sertoes, translated by Samuel Putnam].
P22. Rebellion in the Backlands - Euclides da Cunha. 1944, 1957.
P23. Behaviorism - John B. Watson.
P24. Lay My Burden Down: A Folk History of Slavery - Benjamin Albert Botkin. 1958.
P25. Sociology of Religion - Joachim Wach.
P26. Victorian Novelists - David Cecil.
P27. The Genius of American Politics - Daniel J. Boorstin.
P28. People of Plenty: Economic Abundance and the American Character - Daniel M. Potter.
P29. Alfred the Great: The King and His England - Eleanor Shipley Duckett.
P30. Meaning and Necessity: A Study in Semantics and Modal Logic - Rudolf Carnap.

P31. Vikings of the Pacific - Peter H. Buck. 1959.
P32. The People of the Twilight - Diamond Jenness.
P33. The Odes of Pindar - Richard Lattimore, tr.
P34. Introduction to Existentialism - Marjorie Grene. 1959.
P35. The History of Nature - C. F. von Weizsacher [Carl Friedrich Weizsäcker, Freiherr von]. 1949; 1966.
P36. History of the Persian Empire - A. T. Olmstead. 1969.
P37. Symbolism and American Literature - Charles Feidelson. 1953. 1959.
P38. The American Adam. Innocence, Tragedy and Tradition in the Nineteenth Century - R. W. B. Lewis. 1959.
P39. The Satires and Epistles of Horace: A Modern English Verse Translation - Smith Palmer Bovie, tr. 1959.
P40. The Crime of Galileo - Giorgio di Santillana.

P41, P42, P43. Greek Tragedies - Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus. Richard Lattimore, tr. 1960.
P44. Ideas Have Consequences - Richard M Weaver. 1960.
P45. The Human Animal - Weston La Barre. 1960.
P46. A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations. Third Edition, Revised. - Kate L Turabian. 1967.
P47. The Odes and Epodes of Horace: A Modern English Verse - 1960; 1965.
P48. Greek Lyrics - Richard Lattimore. 2nd ed. 1960.
P49. Principles of Intensive Psychotherapy - Frieda Fromm-Reichmann.
P50. The Meaning of Shakespeare (Vol. I) - Harold C. Goddard.

P51. The Meaning of Shakespeare (Vol. II) - Harold C. Goddard.
P52. Structural Linguistics - Zellig S. Harris. 1951.
P53. The Little Community and Peasant Society and Culture - Robert Redfield.
P54. T. S. Eliot's Poetry and Plays: A Study in Sources and Meaning - Grover Smith. 1956; 1967.
P55. The People of the Sierra - Julian Alfred Pitt-Rivers. 1961.
P56. Emotion and Meaning in Music - Leonard B. Meyer.
P57. Dandin's Dasha-kumara-charita: The Ten Princes. Translated from the Sanskrit by Arthur W. Ryder.
P58. Atoms in the Family - Laura Fermi.
P59. An Introduction to Library Science - Pierce Butler. 1933; 1961.
P60. Linguistic Change: An Introduction to the Historic Study of Language - E. H. Sturtevant.

P61. My Native Land: Life in America, 1790-1870 - Warren S. Tryon.
P62. The Impact of Freudian Psychology - Franz Alexander and Helen Ross, eds.
P63. The Iliad of Homer - Richard Lattimore, tr. 1961. "1st Phoenix edition".
P64. The Rites of Passage - Arnold van Gennep.
P65. ______
P66. Puritanism in Old and New England - Alan Simpson.
P67. Philosophy of Democratic Government - Yves R. Simon. 1951; 1961.
P68. Elizabethan and Metaphysical Imagery: Renaissance Poetic and 20th Century Critics - Rosemond Tuve.
P69. Medieval Islam - Gustve E. von Grunebaum.
P70. Dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy - Oscar Jaszi [Oszkar Jaszi]. 1929; 1966.

N71. The Hobo: The Sociology of the Homeless Man - Nels Anderson. 1961 (First published 1923.)
P72. The Poetry of Dylan Thomas - Elder Olson. 1961.
P73. Pontiac and the Indian Uprising - Howard H. Peckham.
P74. My Sad Captains and Other Poems - Thom Gunn.
P75. The Looking Glass - Isabella Gardner.
P76. Three Plays of Racine: Phaedra, Andromache, Britannicus - George Dillon, tr.
P77. What Happens in Literature - Edward W. Rosenheim, Jr.
P78. Learning to Look: A Handbook for the Visual Arts - Joshua C. Taylor.
P79. Learning to Listen - Grosvenor Cooper.
P80. The Colonial Craftsman - Carl Bridenbaugh.

P81. Expeience and Prediction - Hans Reichenbach.
P82. American Life: Dream and Reality - W. Lloyd Warner.
P83. A Reference Guide to English Studies - Donald F. Bond.
P84. Introduction to Legal Reasoning - Edward H. Levi.
P85. Continuity and Change in African Cultures - William R. Bascom and Melville J. Herskovits.
P86. Chan Kom: A Maya Village - Robert Redfield and Alfonso Villa Rojas.
P87. A Village that Chose Progress: Chan Kom Revisited - Robert Redfield. 1950; 1962.
P88. Method and Theory in American Archaeology - John R. Willey and Philip Phillips. 1958.
P89. In Praise of Adam - Reuel Denny.
P90. Sons of the Shaking Earth - Eric R. Wolf.

P91. The Structure of Literature - Paul Goodman.
P92. Sociology of Religion - Joachim Wach.
P93. Mallarmé - Wallace Fowlie. 1962.
P94. The Future of Public Education - Myron Lieberman.
P95. A Short History of Christianity - Archibald G. Baker. 1940; 1962.
P96. Managerial Psychology - Harold J. Leavitt.
P97. Lord Acton: A Study in Conscience and Politics - Gertrude Himmelfarb. 1962.
P98. Good Books for Children: A Selection of Outstanding Children's Books Published 1950-65 - Mary K. Eakin. 1966.
P99. Billy Budd, Sailor - Hermann Melville. Edited by Harrison Hayfor and Merton M. Sealts, Jr.
P100. Landmarks in Political Economy (vol. I) - Earl J. Hamilton, Albert Rees, and Harry G. Johnson.

P101. Landmarks in Political Economy (vol. II) - Earl J. Hamilton, Albert Rees, and Harry G. Johnson.
P102. ____
P103. ____
P104. ____
P105. Anthropology Today: Selections - Sol Tax. 1962.
P106. Perspectives in Linguistics - John T. Waterman. 1963.
P107. The Next Room of the Dream - Howard Nemerov.
P108. St. Denis: A French-Canadian Parish - Horace Miner.
P109. A Study of Writing - Ignace J. Gelb. 1963; 1965.
P110. The Pragmatic Philosophy of C. S. Peirce - Manley Thompson. 1953; 1963.

P111. Capitalism and Freedom - Milton Friedman.
P112. The Political Philosophy of Hobbes: Its Basis and Its Genesis - Leo Strauss.
P113. The Growth of Constitutional Power in the United States - Carl Brent Swisher.
P114. A Commentary on Kant's Critique of Practical Reason - Lewis White Beck. 1963; 1966.
P115. A Preface to Democratic Theory - Robert A. Dahl.
P116. The Political Community: A Study of Anomie - Sebastian de Grazia. 1948; 1966.
P117. Dynamics of Groups at Work - Herbert A. Thelen.
P118. The Rhythmic Structure of Music - Grosvenor Cooper; Leonard B. Meyer; Hans Moldenhauer. 1960; 1966.
P119. Essays in Linguistics - Joseph H. Greenberg.
P120. Capitalism and the Historians: Essays by T. S. Ashton [and others] - F. A. Hayek. 1963.

P121. Sovereignity: An Inquiry into the Political Good - Bertrand de Jouvenel.
P122. On the History and Method of Economics: Selected Essays - Frank H. Knight. 1963.
P123. Beginnings of American English: Essays and Comments - Mitford McLeod Mathews.
P124. Childhood in Contemporary Cultures - Margaret Mead; Martha Wolfenstein. 1955; 1963.
P125. When Egypt Ruled the East - George Steindorff and Keith C. Seele.
P126. For Future Doctors - Alan Gregg.
P127. Shakespeare's Prose - Milton Crane. 1963.
P128. The Study of Man - Michael Polanyi.
P129. A Manual of Intergroup Relations - John P. Dean and Alex Rosen.
P130. The Uneasy Case for Progressive Taxation - Walter J. Blum and Harry Kalven, Jr.

P131. The Prayers of Kierkegaard - Søren Kierkegaard; Perry D. LeFevre. 1956; 1963.
P132. The Long Encounter: Self and Experience in the Writings of Herman Melville - Merlin Bowen.
P133. The Babylonian Genesis - Alexander Heidel.
P134. Student's Guide for Writing College Papers - Kate L. Turabian.
P135. The Philosophy of Law in Historical Perspective - Carl Joachim Friedrich.
P136. The Gilgamesh Epic and Old Testament Parallels - Alexander Heidel. 1949; 1963.
P137. The Wall between Church and State - Dallin H. Oaks, ed.
P138. The Gang: A Study of 1,313 Gangs in Chicago (Abridged) - Frederic M. Thrasher.
P139. French Canada in Transition - Everett C. Hughes. 1943; 1963.
P140. The English Common Reader: A Social History of the Mass Reading Public, 1800-1900 - Richard D. Altick. 1957; 1963.

P141. The Ten Commandments - Solomon Goldman. 1956; 1963.
P142. Philosophers Speak of God - Charles Hartshorne; William L. Reese. 1953; 1963.
P143. The Future of Mankind - Karl Jaspers.
P144. We the People: The Economic Origins of the Constitution - Forrest McDonald.
P145. New & Selected Poems - Howard Nemerov. 1963.
P146. Collected Poems - Elder Olson. 1963.
P147. Venice: Immortal Village - Donald Culross Peattie.
P148. Life of Petrarch - Ernest Hatch Wilkins. 1961; 1963.
P149. Education and the Cult of Efficiency: A Study of the Social Forces that have Shaped the Administration of the Public Schools - Raymond E. Callahan.
P150. And the War Came: The North and the Secession Crisis, 1860-61 - Kenneth M. Stampp. 1964.

P151. The University of Utopia - Robert Maynard Hutchins. 1953; 1972.
P152. Mr. Justice - Allison Dunham and Philip B. Kurland.
P153. Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction - Eric L. McKitrick. 1964.
P154. Biblical Religion and the Search for Ultimate Reality - Paul Tillich. 1964.
P155. Science, Faith and Society - Michael Polanyi. 1946; 1964; 1970.
P156-P157. Feudal Society (Vols. I, II) - Marc Bloch. 1961; 1964.
P158. The Intellectual Hero: Studies in the French Novel, 1880-1955 - Victor Brombert.
P159. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - Thomas S. Kuhn.
P160. Ideals and Self-Interest in America's Foreign Relations - Robert Endicott.

P161. The Urban Frontier: Pioneer Life in Early Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville and St. Louis - Richard C. Wade. 1964.
P162. The Mormons - Thomas F. O'Dea. 1957; 1964.
P163. Aristocracy and the Middle Classes in Germany: Social Types in German Literature, 1830-1900 - Ernest Kohn Bramsted; G P Gooch. 1967.
P164. _____
P165. The Pullman Strike: The Story of a Unique Experiment and of a Great Labor Upheaval - Almont Lindsey. 1964.
P166. Past and Future - William H. McNeill.
P167. Ibn Khaldun's Philosophy of History - Muhsin Mahdi.
P168. Marxism: An Autopsy - Henry Bamford Parkes. 1964.
P169. The Panchatantra. Translated from the Sanskrit by Arthur W. Ryder. 1956; 1967.
P170. George Herbert Mead on Social Psychology - Anselm Strauss, ed.

P171. William F. Ogburn on Culture and Social Change - Otis Dudley Duncan, ed.
P172. Louis Wirth on Cities and Social Life: Selected Papers - Albert J. Reiss, Jr. 1964.
P173. Suye Mura, a Japanese Village - John F. Embree. 1964.
P174. The Military in the Political Development of New Nations - Morris Janowitz.
P175. Researches into the Early History of Mankind and the Development of Civilization - Edward B. Taylor.
P176. The Ghost-Dance Religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890 - James Mooney. 1965.
P177. _____
P178. Language Change and Linguistic Reconstruction - Henry M. Hoenigswald.
P179. North of Slavery: The Negro in the Free States - Leon F. Litwack. 1965.
P180. The Novel and the Modern World - David Daiches. 1965.

P181. Thomas Jefferson - Karl Lehmann.
P182. Standards of American Legislation - Ernst Freund. 1965.
P183. Mental Disorders in Urban Areas - Robert E. L. Faris and H. Warren Dunham.
P184. What Plato said (abridged edition) - Paul Shorey. 1965.
P185. A Study of War - Quincy Wright.
P186. From the Renaissance to Romanticism: Trends in Style in Art, Literature, and Music, 1300-1830 - Frederick B. Artz. 1962; 1967.
P187. _____
P188. Fiction of the Forties - Chester E. Eisenger.
P189. Scientific Man vs. Power Politics - Hans Morgenthau. 1965.
P190. Political Power and the Government Process - Karl Loewenstein. 1965.

P191. The Russian Language Today: System and Anomaly - Dennis Ward. 1965.
P192. -----
P193. Religion and Freedom in the Modern World - Herbert J. Muller. 1965.
P194. Tudor Puritanism: A Chapter in the History of Idealism - M. M. Knappen. 1939; 1965.
P195. Natural Right and History - Leo Strauss. 1965.
P196. Congress and the Court - Walter F. Murphy.
P197. Bantu Bureaucracy: A Century of Political Evolution among the Basoga of Uganda - Lloyd A. Fallers.
P198. The Hellenic Age - Emile Brehier. 1965.
P199. _____
P200. Poems and A Defence of Ryme - Samuel Daniel; Arthur Colby Sprague. 1965.

P201. Greek Political Theory: The Image of Man in Thucydides and Plato - David Grene. 1950; 1967.
P202. The Panic of 1837 - Reginald C. McGrane.
P203. The Supreme Court and the Constitution: Essays in Constitutional Law from the Supreme Court Review - Philip B. Kurland, ed. 1965.
P204. Deep South: A Social Anthropological Study of Caste and Class - Allison Davis and Burleigh and Mary Gardner. 1965.
P205. The Negro Family in the United States - E. Franklin Frazier. 1966.
P206. _____
P207. The Communism of Mao Tse-tung - Arthur A. Cohen. 1964; 1966.
P208. _____
P209. The Year of the Gorilla - George B. Schaller. 1964; 1966.
P210. The Coming of the Civil War - Avery Craven.

P211. Houses and House-Life of the American Aborigines - Lewis H. Morgan.
P212. The Art of Chinese Poetry - James J. Y. Liu.
P213. The Tragic Vision: Variations on a Theme in Literary Interpretation - Murray Krieger.
P214. Shadow of the Plantation - Charles S. Johnson.
P215. Desert Saints: The Mormon Frontier in Utah - Nels Anderson. "With plates, including portraits, maps and a bibliography."
P216. Mussolini - Laura Fermi. 1961; 1966.
P217. _____
P218. The Leopard's Spots - William Stanton.
P219. Casework with Families and Children - Eileen Louise Younghusband, Dame. 1965; 1966.
P220. A History of Early Christian Literature - Edgar J. Goodspeed; Robert M Grant. 1942; 1966.

P221. Virgil's "Georgics" - Smith Palmer Bovie, tr.
P222. They Thought They Were Free: The Germans in 1933-45 - Milton Mayer. 1966.
P223. The Amateur Democrat: Club Politics in Three Cities - James Q. Wilson.
P224. A Critical Guide to Leaves of Grass - James E. Miller.
P225. The Edicts of Asoka - N. A. Nikam and Richard McKeon, eds.
P226. An Introduction to the History of Sociology (Abridged) - Harry Elmer Barnes, ed.
P227. History of the Primates - W. E. LeGros Clark.
P228. Systematic Politics - Charles E. Merriam.
P229. Americanisms: A Dictionary of Selected Americanisms on Historical Principles - Mitford McLeod Mathews.
P230. Elements of General Linguistics - Andre Martinet; Leonard Robert Palmer; Elisabeth Palmer. 1966.

P231. Essays in Positive Economics - Milton Friedman. 1966.
P232. The New Science of Politics - Eric Voegelin.
P233. The Mind of Africa - William E. Abraham.
P234. The Senecan Amble: A Study in Prose From from Bacon to Collier - George Williamson. 1951; 1966.
P235. The History of the United States from the Discovery of the Continent - George Bancroft.
P236. Abraham Lincoln: A History - John C. Nicolay and John Hay.
P237. The History of the Conquest of Mexico - William H. Prescott.
P238. History of the United States from the Compromise of 1850 - James Ford Rhodes.
P239. The Works of the Mind - Mortimer Jerome Adler; Robert B, Heywood; University of Chicago. Committee on Social Thought - 1966.
P240. The Negro and the First Amendment - Harry Kalven, Jr. 1965; 1966.

P241. The Jack-Roller: A Delinquent Boy's Own Story - Clifford R. Shaw. With a new introduction by Howard S. Becker.
P242. W. I. Thomas on Social Organization and Social Personality - Morris Janowitz, ed.
P243. _____
P244. Voting: A Study of Opinion Formation in a Presidential Campaign - Bernard R. Berelson.
P245. Negro Politicians: The Rise of Negro Politics in Chicago - Harold F. Gosnell.
P246. _____
P247. _____
P248. Louis Agassiz: A Life in Science - Edward Lurie. 1960; 1966.
P249. The Philosophy of Francis Bacon: An Essay on its Development from 1603 to 1609 - Benjamin Farrington; Francis Bacon. 1963.
P250. Windy McPherson's Son - Sherwood Anderson. <== CHECK IF P250 CORRECT

P251. _____
P252. _____
P253. Urban Sociology - Ernest W. Burgess and Donald J. Bogue, eds.
P254. Theory and Practice in American Politics - William H. Nelson, ed.
P255. Essays in the Liberal Interpretation of History - Lord Acton.
P256. The German Revolutions - Friedrich Engels.
P257. History of the French Revolution - Jules Michelet.
P258. Melville Weston Fuller - Willard L. King.
P259. The Unpublished Opinions of Mr. Justice Brandeis: The Supreme Court at Work - Alexander M. Bickel. 1967.
P260. John Marshall - James Bradley Thayer.

P261. The Growth of American Constitutional Law - Benjamin F. Wright.
P262. Machine Age Maya - Manning Nash.
P263. The Community Press in an Urban Setting - Morris Janowitz.
P264. Jean Paul Marat - Louis R. Gottschalk.
P265. A Short Commentary on Kants Critique of Pure Reason - A. C. Ewing. 1967.
P266. A Portrait of Aristotle - Marjorie Glicksman Grene. 1967.
P267. The Rhetoric of Fiction - Wayne C. Booth. 1975.
P268. ____
P269. Studies in Chinese Thought - Arthur F. Wright, ed.
P270. Chinese Thought and Institutions - John K. Fairbanks, ed.

P271. Alienation and Freedom - Robert Blauner.
P272. Mind, Self, and Society - George H. Mead.
P273. Primitive Classification - Emile Durckheim and Marcel Mauss.
P274. The Scottish Moralists on Human Nature and Society - Louis Schneider, ed.
P275. Robert E. Park on Social Control and Collective Behavior - Ralph H. Turner, ed.
P276. History of the United States during the Administrations of Jefferson and Madison - Henry Adams.
P277. A History of American Literature, 1607-1783 - Moses Coit Tyler.
P278. ____
P279. The Economics of Trade Unions - Albert Rees. 1967.
P280. The Bureaucratic Phenomenon - Michel Crozier. 1969.

P281. The Politics of Modernization - David E. Apter. 1967.
P282. On the City: Physical Pattern and Social Structure: Selected Writings - Charles Booth; Harold W Pfautz. 1967.
P283. An Historian and the Civil War - Avery Craven. 1967.
P284. The Politics of Oil: A Study of Private Power and Democratic Directions - Robert Engler. 1967; 1969.
P285. America's Failure in China, 1941-50 - Tang Tsou; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 1963; 1967.
P286. America's Failure in China, 1941-50 - Tang Tsou; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 1963; 1967.
P287. Rimbaud - Wallace Fowlie. 1965; 1967.
P288. _____
P289. The Authoress of the Odyssey, Where and When She Wrote, Who She Was, the Use She Made of the Iliad, & How the Poem Grew under Her Hands - Samuel Butler. With a new introduction by David Grene. 1967.
P290. ____

P291. Urban Blues - Charles Keil.
P292. Apostles of the Self-Made Man - John G Cawelti. 1968.
P293. [sic] China in the Eyes of Europe: The Sixteenth Century - Donald F. Lach. 1968.
P293. [sic] India in the Eyes of Europe: The Sixteenth Century - Donald F. Lach. 1968.
P294. Southeast Asia in the Eyes of Europe: The Sixteenth Century - Donald Frederick Lach. 1968.
P295. _____
P296. [sic] China in the Eyes of Europe: The Sixteenth Century - Donald F. Lach. 1968.
P297. ______
P298. Newtonian Studies - Alexander Koyre. 1968.
P299. Education and the Idea of Mankind - Robert Ulich; Council for the Study of Mankind. 1968.
P300. The University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary: A New Concise Spanish-English and English-Spanish Dictionary of Words and Phrases Basic to the Written and Spoken Languages of Today, Plus a List of 1000 Spanish Idioms and Sayings with Variants and English Equivalents - Carlos Castillo; Otto F. Bond; Barbara M. García; D. Lincoln Canfield.

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