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Publisher: Henry Regnery Company. Country: United States. Date: 1948-52.

The German Opposition to Hitler. An Appraisal

by Hans Rothfels
Hinsdale, Illinois, Henry Regnery Company, 1948.
Hardback with dust wrapper. The B&W portrait on the front panel of the jacket shows Lt. General Paul von Hase listening to his death sentence as he was condemned to death in 1944 for being part of a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler.

"More than a study of resistance among the upper ranks, author Hans Rothfels examines the unprecedented totalitarian state, armed with mid-20th century modern weapons, science and industry. Professor Rothfels illustrates the true extent of the German resistance, its composition, aim, and the nature of its intent. He also considers the whole question of moral and practical problems involved in opposing a totalitarian regime."
-- Publisher's blurb for the Arcole Publishing's 2018 edition of this work

Originally at the University of Konigsberg, Hans Rothels was later Professor of Modern History at the University of Chicago and finally returned to West Germany. This book was first published in English and later published in Germany in German translation as Die deutsche Opposition gegen Hitler.

Series Note:

(A) Volume Number / Title / Author / Year of Publication

6. Satyagraha : The Power of Truth - R.R. Diwakar [Ranganath Ramachandra Diwakar]. Introduction to the American edition, by Clifford Manshardt. Prefatory observations to the Indian edition, by K.G. Mashruwala. 1948.

8. The Failure of Technology: Perfection Without Purpose - Friedrich Georg Junger. 1949.

9. Defeat Triumphant - Lewis Maclachlan. 1949.
This book contains interpretations of the sayings of Jesus Christ. Lewis Maclachlan was the chaplain to the Guild of Health (Edward Wilson House) in London.

10. Victor's Justice: A Letter Intended to have been Sent to a Friend Recently in Germany - Montgomery Belgion; Cyril Garbett. 1948.
Subject: Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946

11. Encounter With Nothingness An Essay On Existentialism - Helmut Kuhn. 1949.

12. Ortega y Gasset, Existentialist: A Critical Study of his Thought and its Sources - José Sanchez Villasenor. Translated from the Spanish by Joseph Small. 1949.

13. The Theory of Education in the United States - Albert Jay Nock. 1949.

14. The Mahatma and the Missionary: Selected Writings of Mohandas K. Gandhi - Mahatma Gandhi; Clifford Manshardt. 1949.

15. And Madly Teach: A Layman Looks at Public Education - Mortimer Smith. 1949; 1950.

(B) Volume Number Still to be Identified

-- The Flight from God - Max Picard; Marianne Kuschnitzky; J M Cameron. 1951; Washington, DC: Regnery Gateway, 1989.

-- The German Opposition to Hitler: An Appraisal - Hans Rothfels. 1948.

-- The Peace - Ernst Junger. Translated from the German by Stuart O. Hood. Introduction by Louis Clair. 1948.

-- The Poet and His Time : Three Addresses - Ernst Emil Wiechert; Irene Barnes Taeuber. 1948.

-- Space and Spirit: Theories of the Universe and the Arguments for the Existence of God - Edmund Whittaker. 1948.
Based on Whittaker's Donnellan lectures delivered in June, 1946, in Trinity College, Dublin, this book discusses modern scientific knowledge and the existence of God.

-- From Versailles to Potsdam - Leonard von Muralt. Originally published as: Die Friede von Versailles und die Gegenwart. Translated from the German by Heinrich Hauser. 1948.

-- Whither Germany? Reflections of a Swiss on the Future of Germany and Europe - Hans Zbinden; Marie Donald Mackie Hottinger. 1948.

-- The World of Silence - Max Picard; Stanley Godman. 1952; 1988.

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