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Everyday Handbooks
Publisher: Barnes & Noble. Country: United States. Date: 1940s- .

Series Note:
"Everyday Handbooks... are self-teaching books on academic subjects, skills, and hobbies. The majority of these books sell for $1.25 to $2.25. Many are available in cloth bindings at a higher price."
-- A Dictionary of Economics by Harold S. Sloan and Arnold J. Zurcher. New York: Barnes & Noble, Inc., 1961. 4th edition, revised and enlarged. (Everyday Handbooks, 266.)

Arranged by broad subject area and by title

Art and Anatomy, 278
Bridgman's Book of 100 Hands, 299
Brdigman's Heads, Features and Faces, 300
Bridgman's The Human Machine, 303
Bridgman's Life Drawings, 304
Guide to the Ballet, 282
Paintings of the Western World, 281

Bookkeeping Made Easy, 235
Careers for College Graduates, 283
Dictionary of Economics, 266
Shorthand, 225
Touch Typing, 229
Your Introduction to Law, 286

Guiding Your Child Toward College, 295

Creative Writing, 203
Errors in English and Ways to Correct Them, 240
Everyday Speech: How to Say What You Mean, 239
Famous Books, Ancient and Medieval, 297
Grammar, Rhetoric and Composition, 228
Letters for All Occasions, 237
Playboy of the Western World/Riders to the Sea, 226
Plot Outlines of 100 Best Novels, 215
Public Speaking, 207
Punctuate It Right!, 255
Short History of English Literature, 205
Spell It Right!, 279
Twelve Ways to Build a Vocabulary, 293
Writer's Book, 265

American History at a Glance, 245
Brief History of the Western World, 284
Canadian History at a Glance, 246
Dictionary of American Politics, 261
The Essential Left, 219
Readings from Liberal Writers, English and French, 233

Introduction to the Humanities: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music and Literature, 277

French for Beginners, 252
German for Beginners, 217
Italian for Beginners, 214
Russian for Beginners, 287
Spanish for Beginners, 271

Arithmetic Clear and Simple, 270
Mathematicsfor Practical Use, 212
Slide Rule: How to Use It, 254

Ideas of the Great Philosophers, 218
Outline of the Bible, Book by Book, 263
Religion in the United States, 294
Religions of he World, 224

Dr. Fromme's Book on Sex and Marriage, 264
Layman's Dictionary of Psychiatry, 211
Layman's Guide to Psychiatry, 220
Modern Psychology, 231
Sociology: An Introduction to the Science of Society, 268

Biology for the Modern World, 288
Electronics in Everyday Things, 291
Fossils: An Introduction to Prehistoric Life, 280
Fundamentals of Physiology, 221
Making Things With the Stars, 227
Physics for the Modern World, 290
Rocks and Minerals, 260

Antiques for Amateurs, 243
Art Collecting for Amateurs, 234
Attack and Counterattack in Chess, 204
Body-Building and Self-Defense, 258
Chess for Beginners: A Picture Guide, 223
Chess Self-Teacher, 257
Complete Book of Chess Openings, 274
Etiquette for Today, 272
First Book of Bridge, 242
First Book of Chess, 241
How to Build a Coin Collection, 208
How to dance, 202
How to Draw and Paint, 244
How to Win Chess Games Quickly, 269
Improving Your Chess, 267
Modern Skiing, 222
Party Games, 216
Silver Collecting for Amateurs, 250
Sportsman's Digest of Fishing, 247
Sportsman's Digest of Hunting, 248
Watson's Classic Book on the Play of the Hand at Bridge, 209
Your Guide to Boating, 238
Your Guide to Photography, 285

How to Improve Your Memory, 273
Notescript, 232
Testmanship: Seven Ways to Raise Your Examination Grades, 296
Thinking With a Pencil, 206

Source: The above list originally appeared in:
A Dictionary of Economics by Harold S. Sloan and Arnold J. Zurcher. New York: Barnes & Noble, Inc., 1961. 4th edition, revised and enlarged. (Everyday Handbooks, 266.)

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