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Capricorn Books
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Country: United States. Date: c. 1958- .

Ante-Bellum (Capricorn Books/G. P. Putnam's Sons) (image)

Ante-Bellum: Writings of George Fitzhugh and Hinton Rowan Helper on Slavery.
Edited with an introduction by Harvey Wish.
New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1960 (Capricorn Books, CAP 31).
Paperback. 256 pages.

"Three classic works on slavery, edited with an introduction by Harvey Wish. These are three of the most famous books on slavery ever written, works which go to the heart of the savage struggle between the North and the South, which ended with the Civil War. Sociology for the South by George Fitzhugh (1854); Cannibals All! by George Fitzhugh (1857); and The Impending Crisis by Hinton Rowan Helper (1857). The two books by Fitzhugh are powerful defences of slavery on humanitarian grounds. Helper's book is a resounding attack on the institution of slavery, written with scorn and fury, but backed by solid and convincing facts as well, Helper's book caused riots in Congress and any man caught with the book in the South was subject to public whipping for the first offense and hanged for the second."
-- The Parnassus Bookshop, Newport, WA

Series Note:
Capricorn Books was published by G. P. Putnam's Sons from c. 1958 and was one of the early trade paperback series. Format: Paperback. Size: 7.25 x 4.25 inches.

Arranged by serial number

CAP 1. Dewey, John - Art as Experience.
CAP 2. Adler, Alfred - What Life Should Mean to You.
CAP 3. ____
CAP 4. Bell, Clive - Art.
CAP 5. ____
CAP 6. ____
CAP 7. Olsted, Frederick Law - The Slave States Before the Civil War.
CAP 8. Jefferson, Thomas - The Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson.
CAP 9. ____
CAP 10. ____

CAP 11. ____
CAP 12. Shaw, Bernard - The Adventures of the Black Girl in Search of God.
CAP 13. Whithead, Alfred North - Symbolism: Its Meaning and Effect.
CAP 14. Golding, William - Lord of the Flies.
CAP 15. Chekhov, Anton - St. Peter's Day and Other Tales.
CAP 16. ____
CAP 17. ____
CAP 18. Coates, Robert M. - The Eater of Darkness.
CAP 19b. Bryce, James - The American Commonwealth. Vol. II.
CAP 20. ____

CAP 21. Tolstoy, Leo (Ed. by Leon Stilman) - Last Diaries.
CAP 22. Wain, John - Living in the Present.
CAP 23. Lovejoy, Arthur O. - Essays in the History of Ideas.
CAP 24. Di Prima, Diane (Ed.) - Various Fables from Various Fables.
CAP 25. ____
CAP 26. White, T. H. - The Bestiary: A Book of Beasts.
CAP 27. Chesterton, G. K. - The Man Who Was Thursday.
CAP 28. Dewey, John - The Quest for Certainty.
CAP 29. Wood, W. B. and Edmunds, J. S. - A Military History of the Civil War.
CAP 30. Reavy, George (Trans. & Intro. by) - The Poetry of Boris Pasternak: 1914-1960.

CAP 31. Fitzhugh, George and Helper, Hinton Rowan - Ante-Bellum: Three Classic Writings on Slavery in the Old South.
CAP 32. Valency, Maurice and Levtow, Harry (Eds.) - The Palace of Pleasure: An Anthology of the Novella.
CAP 33. ____
CAP 34. Lord, Walter (Ed.) - The Fremantle Diary: The South at War.
CAP 35. Four Modern French Comedies (edit. by Wallace Fowlie), as follows:
- Clerambard - Marcel Aymé.
- Commissioner, The - George Courteline.
- Professor Taranne - Arthur Adamov.
- Ubu Roi - Alfred Jarry.
CAP 36. Torrey, Norman L. (Ed.) - Les Philosophes: The Philosophers of the Enlightenment and Modern Democracy.
CAP 37. Ault, Norman (Ed.) - Elizabethan Lyrics.
CAP 38. ____
CAP 39. White, T. H. - Mistress Masham's Repose.
CAP 40. Gilbert, Allan (ed.) - The Letters of Machiavelli.

CAP 41. Still, Bayrd (Ed.) - The West: Contemporary Records of America's Expansion Across the Continent.
CAP 42. Myers, Gustavus - History of Bigotry in the United States.
CAP 43. ____
CAP 44. ____
CAP 45. Viereck, Peter - Metapolitics: The Roots of the Nazi Mind.
CAP 46. _____
CAP 47. ____
CAP 48. ____
CAP 49. Bemelmans, Ludwig - Small Beer.
CAP 50. Dangerfield, George - The Strange Death of Liberal England: 1910-1914.

CAP 51. ____
CAP 52. Jaspers, Karl - The Question of German Guilt.
CAP 53. ____
CAP 54. LaGuardia, Fiorello H. - The Making of an Insurgent: An Autobiography: 1882-1919.
CAP 55. Cooper, J. Fenimore - Home as Found: A Novel of Social Criticism and Observation.
CAP 56. Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur - On the Art of Writing.
CAP 57. Kerman, Sandra Lee (Intro. by) - The Newgate Calendar: or Malefactor's Bloody Register.
CAP 58. ____
CAP 59. Disraeli, Benjamin - Coningsby or The New Generation.
CAP 60. ____

CAP 61. Dewey, John - Individualism: Old and New.
CAP 62. ____
CAP 63. Conant, James Bryant - Germany and Freedom: A Personal Appraisal.
CAP 64. Shepherd, Jean (Ed.) - The America of George Ade.
CAP 65. ____
CAP 66. Golding, William - Pincer Martin.
CAP 67. ____
CAP 68. ____
CAP 69. Jerome, Thomas Spencer - Aspects of the Study of Roman History.
CAP 70. Lewis, D. B. Wyndham and Lee, Charles - The Stuffed Owl: An Anthology of Bad Verse.

CAP 71. Astrov, Margot - American Indian Prose and Poetry.
CAP 72. Bynner, Witter (Ed.) - The Way of Life According to Laotzu.
CAP 73. White, E. B. and Katherine S. (Edited & Abridged by) - A Subtreasury of American Humor.
CAP 74. Dewey, John - Liberalism and Social Action.
CAP 75. Dewey, John - Freedom and Culture.
CAP 76. ____
CAP 77. Tasso, Torquato - Jerusalem Delivered.
CAP 78. Fulford, Roger - George the Fourth: 1762-1830.
CAP 79. ____
CAP 80. ____

CAP 81. Jones, Rufus (Ed.) - George Fox's Journal.
CAP 82. ____
CAP 83. Strachey, Lytton - Eminent Victorians.
CAP 84. Shaw, Bernard - Advice to a Young Critic.
CAP 85. ____
CAP 86. Burton, Sir Richard and Arbuthnot, F. F. (Trans. by) - The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana.
CAP 87. Kaster, Joseph - Putnam's Concise Mythological Dictionary: A Dictionary of the Deities of All Lands.
CAP 88. Rauch, Basil - The History of the New Deal: 1933-1938.
CAP 89. Curnock, Nehemiah (Abridged by) - The Journal of John Wesley.
CAP 90. Ferrero, Gulielmo, and Barbagallo, Corrado - A Short History of Rome: Monarchy and Republic. 754-44 B.C.

CAP 91. Ferrero, Gulielmo, and Barbagallo, Corrado - A Short History of Rome: The Empire. 44 B.C.-476 A.D.
CAP. 92. Melville, Herman - Mardi and A Voyage Thither.
CAP 93. ____
CAP 94. Symonds, John Addington - Italian Literature: From the Beginning to Ariosto.
CAP 95. Symonds, John Addington - Italian Literature: From Ariosto to the Late Renaissance.
CAP 96. ____
CAP 97. Strong, C. F. - A History of Modern Political Constitutions.
CAP 98. Sterne, Laurence - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy.
CAP 99. Dick, Everett - The Dixie Frontier: A Social History.
CAP 100. Shaw, Bernard - Tales.

CAP 101. Ruchames, Louis (Ed.) - The Abolitionists: A Collection of their Writings.
CAP 102. Saint-Simon, Dud de - The Age of Magnificence: Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV (Edited by Sanche de Gramont).
CAP 103. ____
CAP 104. ____
CAP 105. Chopin, Kate - The Awakening.
CAP 106. Taussig, F. W. - The Tariff History of the United States.
CAP 107. Filler, Louis (Ed.) - Democrats and Republicans from Harry Thurston Peck's Twenty Years of the Republic.
CAP 108. Adler, Alfred - Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind.
CAP 109. Pernoud, Regine - The Crusades.
CAP 110. Irving, Washington - Knickerbocker's History of N.Y.

CAP 111. Dewey, John - Philosophy, Psychology and Social Practice.
CAP 112. Redfield, Bessie - Capricorn Rhyming Dictionary.
CAP 113. Bruce, P. A. - Social Life in Old Virginia.
CAP 114. Gregory, Lady - Our Irish Theatre.
CAP 115. Hirschfield, Magnus - Curious Sex Customs in the Far East.
CAP 116. Musil, Robert - The Man Without Qualities.
CAP 117. Gregory, William K. - Our Face from Fish to Man.
CAP 118. Antonius, George - The Arab Awakening.
CAP 119. Barke, James and Smith, Sydney Goodsir (Eds.) - Robert Burns' The Merry Muses of Caledonia.
CAP 120. Viereck, Peter - Shame and Glory of the Intellectuals.

CAP 121. Good, I. J. (ed.) - The Scientist Speculates.
CAP 122. Orgler, Hertha - Alfred Adler: The Man and His Work.
CAP 123. Thompson, Edward Herbert - People of the Serpent: Life and Adventure among the Mayas.
CAP 124. Williams, Eric - Capitalism and Slavery.
CAP 125. Rehatsek, Edward (Trans. by) (E.G. Archer ed.) The Gulistan of Sa'di.
CAP 126. Wilstach, Paul (ed.) - Correspondence of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
CAP 127. Christman, Henry M. (Ed.) - The Public Papers of Chief Justice Earl Warren.
CAP 128. Bass, Robert (Edited & Abridged by) - The Classic History of Nineteenth Century Russia.
CAP 129. Huxley, Francis - Affable Savages.
CAP 130. Gielgud, John - Stage Directions.

CAP 131. ____
CAP 132. DeSade [De Sade], Marquis - Justine.
CAP 133. Sidney, Sir Philip (Edited by T. W. Craik) - Arcadia and Other Poetry and Prose.
CAP 134. Lebon, J. H. G. - An Introduction to Human Geography.
CAP 135. Crone, G. R. - Maps and their Makers.
CAP 136. Potts, L. J. - Comedy.
CAP 137. Jackson, Holbrook - The Eighteen Nineties.
CAP 138. Walzel, Oskar - German Romanticism.
v139. Smith, Frank - Congressman from Mississippi.
CAP 140. Olcott, William Tyler - Myths of the Sun.

CAP 141. Brown, Ivor - Mind Your Language.
CAP 142. Wooldridge, S. W. and East, W. G. - The Spirit and Purpose of Geography.
CAP 143. Seton-Watson, Hugh - The New Imperialism.
CAP 144. Maude, Angus - South Asia.
CAP 145. Cranston, Maurice (Ed.) - Western Political Philosophers.
CAP 146. Agar, Herbert - Perils of Democracy.
CAP 147. Watson, Lord - Agriculture Under Communism.
CAP 148. Daniel, G. E., et al. - Myth or Legend?
CAP 149. De Voto, Bernard (ed.) - Mark Twain in Eruption.
CAP 150. Prabhavananda, Swami (Trans. by) - The Wisdom of God (Srimad Bhagavatam).

CAP 151. Burton, Sir Richard and Arbuthnot, F. E. (Trans. by) - The Ananga Ranga of Kalyana Malla.
CAP 152. Von Kraft-Ebling, Dr. Richard - Psychopathia Sexualis.
CAP 153. Bham, E. J. - Philosophy of the Buddha.
CAP 154. Diderot, Denis - Dialogues.
CAP 155. Hadas Moses (ed. and Abridged by) - Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
CAP 156. Veblen, Thorstein - Veblen on Marx, Race, Science and Economics.
CAP 157. Veblen, Thorstein - The Vested Interests and the Common Man.
CAP 158. Cruikshank, George - The Cruikshank Fairy Book.
CAP 159. Lowry, Malcolm - Hear Us O Lord from Heaven They Dwelling Place.
CAP 160. Adler, Gerhard - Studies in Analytical Psychology.

CAP 161. Trotsky, Leon - Lenin.
CAP 162. Pernoud, Georges and Flaissier, Sabine - The French Revolution.
CAP 163. Payne, Robert (Ed.) - The Civil War in Spain: 1936-1939.

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