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Unicorn Books
Publisher: E. P. Dutton. Country: United States. Date: 1979-83.

Series Note:
This fiction paperback series was published for young people.

Arranged in alphabetical author by title

The amazing egg - Robert M McClung; Emilie McLeod. 1980.

The cloud over Clarence - Marc Tolon Brown. 1979.

Cober's choice - Alan E Cober. 1979.

Crazy in love - Richard Kennedy; Marcia Sewall. 1980.

Dashiel and the night - Larry Callen; Leslie H Morrill. 1981.

The deadly hoax - Scott Corbett; Emilie McLeod. 1981.

Destination unknown - Dale Fife. 1981.

The donkey planet - Scott Corbett; Troy Howell - 1979.

Elephant facts - Bob Barner. 1979.

Follow that ghost! - Dale Fife; Joan Drescher. 1979.

Follow the river - Lydia Dabcovich; Emilie McLeod. 1980.

Great Cat - David M MacPhail. 1982.

I'm telling you now - Judy Delton. 1983.

I want to be big - Genie Iverson; David McPhail. 1979.

Jenny's cat - Miska Miles; Wendy Watson. 1979.

Jim Bridger's alarm clock and other tall tales - Sid Fleischman; Eric Von Schmidt. 1978.

Jokes to read in the dark - Scott Corbett. 1980.

Katharine's doll - Elizabeth Winthrop; Marylin Hafner. 1983

Lenny and Lola - Marc Tolon Brown. 1978.

The leprechaun's story - Richard Kennedy. 1979. Marcia Sewall, illus.

Mercy Short: a winter journal, North Boston, 1692-93 - Norma Farber. 1982.

Mistletoe - David McPhail. 1978.

Moose and goose - Marc Tolon Brown. 1978.

Mouse Six and the happy birthday - Miska Miles; Leslie H Morrill. 1978.

North of danger - Dale Fife; Haakon Sæther. 1978.

One unicorn - Gale Cooper. 1981.

Owl and other scrambles - Lisl Weil. 1980.

Pig Pig grows up - David McPhail. 1980.

Rabbit tales - John E McCormack. Pictures by Jenni Oliver. 1980.

Roadrunner - Naomi John; Peter Parnall; Virginia Parnall; Emilie McLeod; Riki Levinson. 1980.

Sloan & Philamina: or, How to make friends with your lunch - Patti Stren. 1979.

Something to count on - Emily Moore. 1980.

Song of the horse - Richard Kennedy; Marcia Sewall. 1981.

There goes feathertop! - Norma Farber; Marc Tolon Brown; Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1979.

This little pig - Miska Miles; Leslie H Morrill. 1980.

The trouble with soap - Margery Cuyler. 1982

The truth trap - Frances A Miller; Emilie McLeod. 1980.

Tuppenny - Julia Cunningham. 1978.

Uncle Lemon's spring - Jane Yolen; Glen Rounds. 1981.

The war between the pitiful teachers and the splendid kids - Stanley Kiesel; Emilie McLeod. 1980.

Whale in the sky - Anne Siberell. 1982.

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