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Publisher: Columbia University Press. Country: United States. Date: 1960- .

20th French Drama - Grossvogel (Columbia Paperbacks/Columbia University Press) (image)

20th Century French Drama by David I. Grossvogel.
New York, Columbia University Press, 1961 (Columbia Paperbacks, 22).
Paperback. 378 pages. Size: 5 x 0.9 x 8 inches.
Originally published as The Self-Conscious Stage in Modern French Drama (Columbia University Press, 1958).

Series Note:

Serial Number / Title / Author

1. Man's Unconquerable Mind - Gilbert Highet.
2. The Book of Delight - Moses Hadas, tr.
3. Paths of Loneliness - Margaret Mary Wood.
4. Anton Chekhov - Nina Andronikova Toumanova.
5. Introduction to Japan - Herschel Webb.
6. Autobiography of John Stuart Mill - John Stuart Mill.
7. Discovering Plato - Alexandre Koyre. L. C. Rosenfeld, tr.
8. Italy from Napoleon to Mussolini - Rene Albrecht-Carrie.
9. Art and Technics - Lewis Mumford.
10. The Biological Basis of Human Freedom - Theodosius Dobzhansky.

11. Academic Freedom in the Age of the College - Richard Hofstadter.
12. Academic Freedom in the Age of the University - Walter P. Metzger.
13. Shakespeare's Audience - Alfred Harbage.
14. Plainville, U.S.A. - James West.
15. Constitutional Government in the United States - Woodrow Wilson.
16. Comedy and Conscience After the Restoration - Joseph Wood Krutch.
17. Ancilla to Classical Reading - Moses Hadas.
18. The Story of Ancient History - James Thomson Shotwell.
19. An Essay on Nature - Frederick James Eugene Woodbridge.
20. Motive and Method in the Cantos of Ezra Pound - Lewis Gaston Leary, ed.

21. The Rise and Fall of Civilization - Shepard Bancroft Clough.
22. 20th Century French Drama - David I. Grossvogel.
23. The Mind of Napoleon - J. Christopher Herold.
24. The Meaning of Heidegger - Thomas D. Langan.
25. The Poetry of History - Emery E. Neff.
26. The Economic Interpretation of History - Edwin Robert Anderson Seligman.
27. Through the Glass of Soviet Literature - Ernest J. Simmons, ed.
28. The Comparative Study of Religions - Joachim Wach. With an introduction by Joseph M. Kitagawa.
29. Aristotle - John Herman Randall, Jr.
30. Chaucer's World - Edith Rickert, ed.

31. Science in the Making - Joel H. Hildebrand.
32. The Breaking of the Circle - Marjorie Hope Nicolson.
33. Man, Money and Goods - John S. Gambs.
34. International Politics in the Atomic Age - John H. Herz.
35. The Atoms Within Us - Ernest Borek.
36. Four Steps Toward Modern Art: Giorgione, Caravaggio, Manet, Cézanne - Lionelli Venturi.
37. Nature and Historical Experience: Essays in Naturalism and in the Theory of History - John Herman Randall.
38. Introduction to Space - Lee A. DuBridge.
39. A History of Greek Literature - Moses Hadas.
40. Europe at Sixes and Sevens: The Common Market, the Free Trade Association, and the United States - Emile Benoit.

41. Headlines and Deadlines: A Manual for Copy Editors - Robert Edward Garst and Theodore Menline Bernstein.
42. The Eccentric Design: Form in the Classic American Novel - Marius Bewley.
43. Editing the Small Magazine - Rowena Ferguson.
44. The Dreams of Reason: Science and Utopias - Rene Dubos.
45. Mark Twain's Letters to Mary - Lewis Leary, ed.
46. The Negro Potential - Eli Ginzberg.
47. Liberty and Reformation in the Puritan Revolution - William Haller.
48. The Psychological Frontiers of Society - Abram Kardiner, with the collaboration of Ralph Linton, Cora Du Bois and James West.
49. This is Astronomy - Lloyd Motz.
50. Decision-Making in the White House - Theodore C. Sorensen.

51. Genetics and the Origin of Species (3rd ed.) - Theodosius Dobzhansky.
52. Primitive Views of the World - Stanley Diamond, ed.
53. Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu - Donald Keene, tr.
54. The Idea of Revelation in Recent Thought - John Baillie.
55. Christianity and the Encounter of World Religions - Paul Tillich.
56. A History of Latin Literature - Moses Hadas.
57. Minorities of the New World: Six Case Studies - Charles Wagley.
58. Heredity and Human Life - H. J. Carson.
59. Twentieth Century China - O. Edmund Clubb.
60. An Introduction to Brazil - Charles Wagley.

61. A Chinese Village: Taitou, Shantung Province - Martin C. Yang [Yang, Mou-ch'un].
62. Little Science, Big Science - Derek J. de Solla Price.
63. Popular Education and Democratic Thought in America - Rush Welter.
64. Man, the State and War - Kenneth N. Waltz.
65. The Poetry of Edmund Spenser: A Study - William Nelson.
66. The Common Defense: Strategic Programs in National Politics - Samuel Huntington.
67. The Supreme Court of the United States. Its Foundation, Methods and Achievements: An Interpretation - Charles Evans Hughes.
68. Peace by Revolution: Mexico After 1910 - Frank Tannenbaum.
69. The Political and Social Ideas of St. Augustine - Herbert A. Deane.
70. New Patterns of Genetics and Development - C. H. Waddington.

71. Novelists on the Novel - Miriam Allott.
72. The Political Economy of Latin America - Wendell Gordon.
73. Pakistan: The Consolidation of a Nation - W. A. Wilcox [Wayne Ayres Wilcox}.
74. The President and his Powers - William Howard Taft.
75. The Quest for Peace - Andrew W. Cordier and Wilder Foote, eds.
76. The Sense of History in Greek and Shakespearean Drama - Tom Faw Driver.
77. A Century of Civil Rights - Milton R. Konvitz.
78. Paths to World Order - Andrew Wellington Cordier and Kenneth L. Maxwell.

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