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Crest Books
(also known as: Fawcett Crest Books)
Publisher: Fawcett Publications; Fawcett Crest Publications.
Country: United States. Date: 1955- .

Friday the Rabbi Slept Late - Kemelman (Fawcett Crest) (image)

Friday The Rabbi Slept Late by Harry Kemelman
New York, Fawcett Crest Publications, 1965 (Fawcett Crest Books, No. d863) (also: A Fawcett World Publication)
Paperback. 160 pages. 50 cents cover price.

"The Rabbi Slept Late is far more than a superb mystery; it is a dramatic story that digs deeply into such basic questions as integrity and faith. Indeed, the running theological colloquy between the rabbi and the Catholic chief of police provides some of the most delightful passages in this extraordinary book." - Kokomo Tribune, Aug 23, 1972

Series Note:
This paperback series featured reprints of novels and Westerns along with some suspense originals. The first title was numbered 114.

Arranged by serial number

114. Best Cartoons from True. Selected by the editors of True, the Man's Magazine
115. Run, Thief, Run - Frank Gruber
116. Top Hand with a Gun - Harry Sinclair Drago
117. Stranger at the Door - Gil Meynier
118. The Best from Captain Willy's Whizbang - Lester Grady
119. Love in Dishevelment - David Greenhood
120. Avenger from Texas (Prairie Smoke) - Will Ermine

121. Affair - Emily Hahn
122. A Journey with Love - Denys Val Baker
123. Riders by Night - Robert Nye
124. The Golden Hussy (Borrasca) - Octavius Roy Cohen
125. So Sweet, So Cruel (The Train from Pittsburgh) - Julian Farren
126. Captive in the Night - Donald Stokes
127. The Education of a French Model - Kiki. Specially arranged edition with an introduction by Ernest Hemingway.
128. The Thundering Trail - Norman A. Fox
129. Son of the Giant - Stuart Engstrand
130. Jadie (Jadie Greenway) - I. S. Young

131. Gun Smoke of the Mesa - Davis Dresser
132. Lie Down Killer - Richard S. Prather
133. All My Sins - Norbert Estey
134. Destination Danger - William Colt MacDonald
135. A Man's Affair (Angels on Toast) - Dawn Powell
136. Down Through the Night (Walk in Shadow) - Julius Fast
137. War on the Range (Rider from Yonder) - Norman A. Fox
138. The Memoirs of Maisie - Maude Hutchins
139. So Nude, So Dead - Richard Marsten
s140. Of Sin and the Flesh (Gala Day) - Robert De Vries

141. Sex Without Tears (The Sexual Conduct of Men and Women). The Facts of Life by Norman Lockridge. The Fun of It in Pen Pictures by VIP.
142. Dagger of Flesh - Richard S. Prather
143. Hypnotism: The Power Within - Dr. S. J. Van Pelt
s144. Come Desire Me (The Year of August) - Anton Fereva
s145. You Live After Death - Harold Sherman
s146. Code of the Gun (A Crest Western) - Gordon D. Shirreffs
147. And the Girl Screamed - Gil Brewer
148. My First Two Thousand Years - George Sylvester Viereck and Paul Eldridge
149. The Comanche Scalp - William Colt MacDonald
150. The Rule of the Pagbeasts - J. T. McIntosh

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