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Compass Books
Publisher: The Viking Press. Country: United States. Date: 1956- .

The Long Valley - Steinbeck (Compass Books/The Viking Press) (image)

The Long Valley
by John Steinbeck
New York, The Viking Press, 1956 (Compass Books, C 1).

Series Notes:
"The second series of Viking paperbacks, "Compass Books," was started in March, 1956 and by 1957 eighteen titles of reprints from Viking's and other publishers' backlists had appeared. The books, priced at ninety-five cents to $1.45 have most attractive covers, designed by Bill English, Raphael Boguslav and Robert Hallock. They are primarily individual books of significan modern authors. The bestselling title to date is James Joyce's 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.' Others include Malcolm Cowley's 'Exile's Return,' Stefan Zweig's 'Erasmus of Rotterdam,' and John Steinbeck's 'The Long Valley.' "
-- The Paperbound Book in America: The History of Paperbacks and Their European Background by Frank L. Schick. New York, R. R. Bowker Company, 1958, pp. 189-190.

"Compass Books are Viking Press' venture into the low-cost quality paperback field."
-- The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana), 12 Aug 1956, p. 58.

"...a new paperbound reprint series to be known as Compass Books. This series, which will be unrelated to the Viking Paperbound Portables, will consist of individual books by leading authors taken from Viking's hardcover back list, and not otherwise available in low-cost editions.

In this respect it will be similar to Knopf's Vintage Books and Harcourt, Brace's Harvest Books lines. Fiction and non-fiction, most of it by contemporary authors, will be included on the Compass Books' list. Some of the titles will be special works that have been highly regarded by a moderately large group of readers but that have never, in their higher-priced editions, 'reached the huge new public that has been found waiting for the quality paperbacks,' according to Viking."
-- The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee), 22 Jan 1956, p. 55.

Arranged by serial number

C1. The Long Valley - John Steinbeck. 1956.
C2. A Candle for St. Jude - Rumer Godden. 1956.
C3. The Challenge of Man's Future: An Inquiry Concerning the Condition of Man during the Years that Lie Ahead - Harrison Brown. 1956.
C4. Exile's Return: A Literary Odyssey of the Nineteen-Twenties - Malcolm Cowley. 1956.
C5. Philosopher's Holiday - Irwin Edman.
C6. The Victim - Saul Bellow. 1956.
C7. Creation of the Universe - George Gamow. 1956.
C8. Brighton Rock - Graham Greene. 1961.
C9. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - James Joyce.
C10. The Love Letters of Phyllis McGinley - Phyllis McGinley. 1956.

C11. Kamongo, or, The Lungfish and the Padre - Homer W. Smith. 1956.
C12. The Song of Bernadette - Franz Werfel.
C13. Erasmus of Rotterdam - Stefan Zweig. 1956.
C14. An Episode of Sparrows - Rumer Godden. 1957.
C15. Hart Crane: The Life of an American Poet - Philip Horton. 1957.
C17. The Biology of the Spirit - Edmund W. Sinnott.
C18. Lie Down in Darkness - William Styron. 1957.
C19. The Quiet American - Graham Greene. 1956. Cover design by Bill English.
C20. Herman Melville: A Critical Biography - Newton Arvin. 1957.

C21. Twelve Against the Gods: The Story of Adventure - William Bolitho.
C22. The Unquiet Grave: A Word Cycle - Palinurus (Cyril Connolly). 1957.
C23. Nathaniel Hawthorne: A Critical Biography - Mark Van Doren. 1957.
C24. A Sportsman's Notebook - Ivan Turgenev. Translated from the Russian by Charles and Natasha Hepburn. 1963.
Note: This collection contains: Khor and Kalinich; Ermolai and the Miller's Wife; Raspberry Water; The Country Doctor; My Neighbour Radilov; Ovsyanikov the Freeholder; Lgov; Bezhin Meadow; Kasyan from Fair Springs; The Bailiff; The Estate Office; The Bear; Two Landowners; Lebedyan; Tatyana Borisovna and Her Nephew; Death; The Singers; Pyotr Petrovich Karataev; The Rendezvous; Prince Hamlet of Shchigrovo; Chertopkhanov and Nedopyuskin; The Live Relic; The Knocking; and Forest and Steppe.
C25. Collected Poems of James Joyce - James Joyce. 1957.
C26. Etruscan Places - D. H. Lawrence. 1957.
C27. Loser Takes All - Graham Greene. 1957.
C28. Aristotle's Politics and Poetics - Aristotle. Translated by Benjamin Jowett and Thomas Twining. Introduction by Lincoln Diamant. 1957.
C29. The Moth and the Star: A Biography of Virginia Woolf - Aileen Pippett.
C30. Dylan Thomas in America: An Intimate Journal - John Malcolm Brinnin. 1959.

C31. The Craft of Fiction - Percy Lubbock. With a New Preface by Mark Schorer. 1957.
C32. Death of a Salesman: Certain Private Conversations in Two Acts and a Requiem - Arthur Miller. 1958.
C33. The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck. 1962.
C34. The Apprenticeship of Ernest Hemingway: The Early Years - Charles A. Fenton. 1958.
C35. Lucky Jim - Kingsley Amis. 1958. Cover illustration by Edward Gorey.
C36. Radiation: What It Is and How It Affects You - Jack Schubert and Ralph E. Lapp. 1958. Includes "Your Radiation Diary" (perforated). HARDBACK.
C37. Sons and Lovers - D. H. Lawrence. 1965.
C38. The Literary Situation - Malcolm Cowley.
C39. Winesburg, Ohio [new edition] - Sherwood Anderson. With an introduction by Malcolm Cowley. 1958.
C40. The Power and the Glory - Graham Greene. 1963.

C41. Dubliners - James Joyce. 1962.
C42. Race, Science and Politics - Ruth Benedict. Includes the pamphlet "The Races of Mankind" by Ruth Benedict and Gene Weltfish. With a New Foreword By Margaret Mead. 1957. New edition: 1959.
C43. The Supreme Doctrine: Psychological Studies in Zen Thought - Hubert Benoit - Introduction by Aldous Huxley. 1959.
C44. The Wilder Shores of Love - Lesley Blanch.
C45. Finnegan's Wake - James Joyce. 1959. With Joyce's own corrections.
C47. On the Road - Jack Kerouac. 1959. Bill English, design (illustrator).
C48. Fabulous Voyager: A Study of James Joyce's "Ulysses" - Richard M. Kain [Richard Morgan Kain]. 1959.
C49. The Opposing Self - Lionel Trilling.
C50. A Handbook of Jazz - Barry Ulanov.

C51. Peter Abelard: A Novel - Helen Waddell. 1959.
C52. Writers at Work: The "Paris Review" Interviews - Malcolm Cowley, ed.
C53. Biography of the Earth: Its Past, Present, and Future (Revised Edition) - George Gamow.
C54. The River - Rumer Godden. 1959.
C55. Reminiscences of Tolstoy, Chekhov, & Andreyev - Maxim Gorky. 1959.
C56. The Ascent to Youth - Thomas Merton.
C57. Notre-Dame de Paris - Allan Temko. 1959.
C58. Sex, Literature, and Censorship - D. H. Lawrence. Edited with an Introduction and New Preface by Harry T. Moore. 1959. With Judge Frederick vanPelt Bryan's decision on the "Lady Chatterley's Lover" obscenity case.
C59. Of Societies and Men - Caryl P. Haskins. Introduction by Vannevar Bush. 1960.
C60. Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious; and Fantasia of the Unconscious - D. H. Lawrence. With an Introduction by Philip Rieff. 1960.

C61. The Evolution of Political Thought - C. Northcote Parkinson. 1960.
C62. Anglo-Saxon Attitudes: A Novel - Angus Wilson. 1960.
C63. The Killing of the Peace - Alan Cranston. 1960.
C64. Vedanta for the Western World - Edited with an Introduction by Christopher Isherwood. 1962.
C65. Women in Love - D. H. Lawrence.
C66. The Crowd: A Study of the Popular-Mind - Gustave Le Bon. Introduction by Robert K. Merton. 1960.
C67. The Human Problems of Industrial Civilization - Elton Mayo. Introduction byF. J. Roethlisberger. 1963.
C68. Pleasures of Music - Jacques Barzun, ed.
C69. The Adventures of Augie March - Saul Bellow.
C70. The Heart of the Matter - Graham Greene.

C71. Psychopathology and Politics (revised edition with new material) - Harold D. Lasswell [Harold Dwight Lasswell]. 1960.
C72. Kangaroo - D. H. Lawrence. With an introd. by Richard Aldington. 1960; 1963.
C73. A View from the Bridge: A Play in Two Acts with a New Introduction - Arthur Miller. 1960.
C74. A Skeleton Key to Finnegan's Wake - Joseph Campbell and Henry Morton Robinson.
C75. Journey Without Maps - Graham Greene. 1961.
C76. The Little Foxes - Lillian Hellman. 1961.
C77. The Rainbow - D. H. Lawrence. 1961.
C78. The Question of Hamlet - Harry Levin.
C79. The Congress of Vienna - Harold Nicolson.
C80. Holism and Evolution - J. C. Smuts [Jan Christiaan Smuts]. Introduction by Edmund W. Sinnott. 1961.

C81. Venture to the Interior - Laurens van der Post.
C82. The Circus of Dr Lao - Charles G. Finney.
C83. The End of the Affair - Graham Greene. 1961.
C84. Exiles: A Play in Three Acts - James Joyce. 1965.
C85. Aaron's Rod: A Novel - D. H. Lawrence. 1963.
C86. The Medieval Manichee: A Study of the Christian Dualist Heresy - Steven Runciman. 1961.
C87. The Edwardians - V. Sackville-West.
C88. The Best of Saki - H. R. Munro ("Saki"). Selected with an introduction by Graham Greene. 1961.
C89. The Great Rehearsal - Carl Van Doren. 1961.
C90. The Thinking Reed - Rebecca West.

C91. Seize the Day - Saul Bellow. 1961.
C92. The Way Things Are - P. W. Bridgman.
C93. Man, Morals and Society - J. C. Flugel.
C94. The Potting Shed - Graham Greene.
C95. The Complete Short Stories of D. H. Lawrence, Vol. I.
C96. The Complete Short Stories of D. H. Lawrence, Vol. II.
C97. The Complete Short Stories of D. H. Lawrence, Vol. III.
C98. Leaves of Grass - Walt Whitman. His original edition, edited by Malcolm Cowley.
C99. The Royal Game - Stefan Zweig.
C100. Indirections - Sidney Cox.

C101. Power and Personality - Harold D. Lasswell.
C102. Twilight in Italy - D. H. Lawrence.
C103. The Time of Man: A Novel - Elizabeth Madox Roberts. 1966.
C104. Judaism: A Portrait - Leon Roth.
C105. The Women on the Wall: Stories - Wallace Stegner. 1962.
C106. The Aunt's Story - Patrick White. 1962.
C107. The Saving Remnant: An Account of Jewish Survival - Herbert Agar. 1962.
C108. The United States and China - John King Fairbank. 1964.
C109. The Soft Voice of the Serpent, and Other Stories - Nadine Gordimer.
C110. 21 Stories - Graham Greene. 1962.

C111. Story Writing - Edith Ronald Mirrielees. 1963.
C112. The Story of Utopias - Lewis Mumford. 1963.
C113. The United States & Japan - Edwin O. Reischauer. 1957; 1962.
C114. Love Among the Artists: A Novel - Bernard Shaw. 1962.
C115. The Republic : Conservations on Fundamentals - Charles Austin Beard. 1962.
C116. The Lost Childhood and Other Essays - Graham Greene. 1962.
C117. Another Part of the Forest: A Play in Three Acts - Lillian Hellman. 1962.
C118. The Stanislavski Method: The Professional Training of an Actor: Digested from the Teachings of Konstantin S. Stanislavski - Sonia Moore. 1960; 1963.
C119. The Passionate Playgoer: A Personal Scrapbook (A Theater Anthology) - George Oppenheimer. 1963.
C120. The Log From the Sea of Cortez, being the Narrative Portion of the Book, "Sea of Cortez," the Report of the Steinbeck-Ricketts Expedition to the Gulf of California - John Steinbeck. 1964.

C122. Mrs. Bridge - Evan S. Connell, Jr.
C123. Sea and Sardinia - D. H. Lawrence. 1963.
C124. The Anatomy of Peace - Emery Reves; Leo Cherne. 1964.
C126. The Outermost House: A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod - Harry Beston. 1962.
C127. One, Two, Three... Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science - George Gamow.
C128. Four Ways of Being Human - Gene Lisitzky . 1962.
C129. Hotel Splendide - Ludwig Bemelmans. 1963.
C130. My Family and Other Animals - Gerald Durrell. 1963.

C131. Cannery Row - John Steinbeck. 1963.
C132. In Dubious Battle - John Steinbeck. 1963.
C133. The Pastures of Heaven - John Steinbeck. 1963.
C134. Tortilla Flat - John Steinbeck. 1965.
C135. The Next Hundred Years: Man's Natural and Technological Resources. A Discussion Prepared for Leaders of American Industry - Harrison Brown, James Bonner and John Weir. 1963.
C136. The Viking Book of Folk Ballads of the English-Speaking World - Albert B. Friedman, ed. 1963.
C138. American Communism and Soviet Russia: The Formative Period - Theodore Draper. 1963.
C139. In Parenthesis: Seinnyessit E Gledyf Ym Penn Mameu - David Jones. Intro. by T. S. Eliot. 1961.
C140. A Severed Head - Iris Murdoch. 1964.

C141. The Essential T. E. Lawrence. Selected by a preface by David Garnett. "A biography out of his own writings: Seven Pillars of Wisdom; The Mint: and letters."
C143. The Desert Year - Joseph Wood Krutch. 1963.
C144. The Hidden Civil War: The Story of the Copperheads - Wood Gray. 1964.
C145. The Critical Writings of James Joyce. Edited by Ellsworth Mason and Richard Ellmann. 1964.
C146. The Fables of La Fontaine. Translated by Marianne Moore.
C147. Studies in Classic American Literature - D. H. Lawrence.
C148. Wildlife in America - Peter Matthiessen.
C149. Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia - Rebecca West. 1964.

C152. Image of America - R.-L. Bruckberger [Raymond-Léopold Bruckberger]. 1964.
C153. How to Read a Novel - Caroline Gordon. 1964.
C154. Another Mexico - Graham Greene. 1964.
C156. The New World of Negro Americans - Harold R. Isaacs. 1963.
C157. The Crucible: A Play in Four Acts - Arthur Miller. 1964.
C159. The Ancient Greeks: An Introduction to Their Life and Thought - M. I. Finley. 1964.

C161. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: A Novel - Ken Kesey. 1973.
C164. Benjamin Franklin - Carl Van Doren. 1964.
C165. Munich: Prologue to Tragedy - John Wheeler Wheeler-Bennett. 1965.
C166. On Revolution - Hannah Arendt. 1965.
C168. Education and Income: Inequalities of Opportunity in our Public Schools - Patricia Cayo Sexton. 1964.
C169. Wayward Youth - August Aichhorn. Foreword by Sigmund Freud. 1965. "Revised and adapted from the second German edition."
C170. Henderson, the Rain King: A Novel - Saul Bellow. 1965.

C172. Political Power: USA/USSR - Zbigniew K Brzezinski; Samuel P Huntington. 1965.
C173. A Treasury of Yiddish Stories - Irving Howe; Eliezer Greenberg. 1965.
C174. Black Cargoes: A History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1518-1865 - Daniel P. Mannix in collaboration with Malcolm Cowley. 1965.
C175. Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews: Second Series - Malcolm Cowley. 1965.
C176. The Way of the Storyteller - Ruth Sawyer. 1965.
C177. The Pearl - John Steinbeck. 1965. [The Pearl; The Red Pony: Two Books in One - John Steinbeck. 1965.]
C178. The Cherokee Strip: A Tale of an Oklahoma Boyhood - Marquis James. 1965.
C179. The Anathemata - David Jones. 1964.
C180. Four Short Novels - D. H. Lawrence. 1972.

C181. A Marianne Moore Reader - Marianne Moore. 1965.
C183. Flowering Earth - Donald Culross Peattie; Paul Landacre. 1965.
C184. The World of Odysseus - M. I. Finley. 1965.
C185. The Martial Spirit: A Study of Our War with Spain - Walter Millis. 1965.
C186. The Martial Spirit: A Study of Our War with Spain - Walter Millis. 1965.
C187. Hurry On Down: A Novel - John Wain. 1965.
C188. Poor White: A Novel - Sherwood Anderson; Walter B Rideout. 1966.
C190. Crowds and Power - Elias Canetti. 1966.

C191. Apocalyse - D. H. Lawrence. Introduction by Richard Aldington. 1966.
C192. The Last Analysis: A Play - Saul Bellow. 1969.
C193. "Bequest of Wings": A Family's Pleasures with Books - Annis Duff. 1966.
C194. Among the Dangs: Ten Short Stories - George P. Elliott. 1966.
C195. Selected Literary Criticism - D. H. Lawrence. Anthony Beal, ed. 1964.
C196. Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book for All and None - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. Translated and with a preface by Walter Arnold Kaufman. 1966.
C197. Wolf Willow: A History, A Story, and a Memory of the Last Plains Frontier - Wallace Stegner. 1967.
C199. The Tower and the Abyss: An Inquiry into the Transformation of Man - Erich Kahler. 1969.

C202. Gods, Demons, and Others - R K Narayan; R K Laxman. 1967.
C203. John Keats: The Making of a Poet - Aileen Ward. 1967.
C206. The Nemesis of Power: The German Army in Politics, 1918-1945 - John W. Wheeler-Bennett. 1964.
C207. O Strange New World : American Culture: The Formative Years - Howard Mumford Jones. 1972.
C209. Thought and Action - Stuart Hampshire. 1969.

Serial Numbers Still to be Determined

- The Flight from the Enchanter - Iris Murdoch. 1965.
- Dramatis Personae: A Retrospective Show - John Mason Brown. 1965.
- D. H. Lawrence: Selected Poems - D. H. Lawrence. Introduction by Kenneth Rexroth. 1965.

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