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The Direction Series
Publisher: New Directions Publishing. Country: United States. Date: 1949-52.

The Cannibal - Hawkes (Direction series/New Direction) (image)

The Cannibal by John Hawkes
With an introduction by Albert J. Guerard.
Norfolk, CT, New Directions, 1949 (Direction series, 13)
Hardcover (grey cloth with titling on black on spine). Dust wrapper. 223 pages. Size: Small octavo. Price: $1.50.

"The Cannibal is a story of Germany, but of a fantastic and hallucinated Germany, something halfway between nightmare and myth. The action is set in two different periods - 1914 and 1945 - and we follow the lives of Stella, a nightclub singer, later to become a boarding house owner known as Madame Snow; of Jutta, her sister; of Zisendorf, her sister's lover and leader of a new political movement; and of a single American on a motorcycle symbolically left to supervise the whole of changing, tumultuous, and horrible Germany. With an image, or the smallest movement of character, Hawkes leads the reader off on a strange journey into realms of novel and often terrifying experience." -- Front flap

Series Note:
This first six volumes in this series were published as paperbacks and the remaining volumes as hardbacks with dust wrappers. (See: Series of Series.)

Arranged alphabetically by author and title

1. Albert Guerard - Joseph Conrad
2. Vladimir Nabokov - Nine Stories
3. Harry Levin - Toward Balzac
4. Montagu O'Reilly - Who Has Been Tampering with These Pianos?
5. Raymond Queneau - The Skin of Dreams
6. W. C. Williams - A Dream of Love
7. Jose Garcia Villa - A Celebration for Edith Sitwell
8. G. Legman - Love & Death: A Study in Censorship
9. Boris Pasternak - Selected Writings
10. D. J. Enright - Commentary on Goethe's Faust

11. Albert Cossery - The House of Certain Death
12. Cyril Connolly - Rock Pool
13. John Hawkes - The Cannibal
14. Paul Goodman - The Break-Up of our Camp
15. Rudolph Friedmann - Kierkegaard
16. Giuseppe Berto - The Works of God
17. Jean-Paul Sartre - Baudelaire
18. Edward Dahlberg - The Flea of Sodom
19. Herbert Read - Phases of English Poetry
20. Kenneth Rexroth - Beyond the Mountains

21. Elio Vittorini - The Twilight of the Elephant
22. Julien Gracq - The Castle of Argol
23. Stendhal - Lamiel

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