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Junior Elf Books
Publisher: Rand McNally. Country: United States. Date: c. 1952- .

My Animal Picture Book (Rand McNally/Junior Elf Books) (image)

My Animal Picture Book by Virginia Hunter (Marge Opitz, illustrator).
Chicago: Rand McNally & Company, 1959 (Junior Elf Books, no. 8035)

Series Note:
A series of small illustrated hardbacks for young readers.

"This delightful series presents an excellent selection of factual and fanciful adventures for the young child. The stories will stir his imagination and awaken his sense of wonder, making him more aware of the realities of his environment."
-- Back cover of My Animal Picture Book

Serial Number / Title

100 See My Toys
101 Go-to-Sleep Book
102 A Penny for Candy
103 The Puppy that Found a Home
104 The Little Red Wagon
105 The Bear's Picnic
604 Hide-Away Animals
658 Little Red Riding-Hood
663 Mrs Hen Goes to Market
665 Captain Kitty
666 Jack and the Beanstalk
668 Sleeping Beauty
669 Bedtime Stories
673 Puppies
682 The Animals' Train Ride
684 Farm Pets
688 My Toys
694 ABC Book
695 Three Little Pigs
8000 The Story of Toby
8001 The Jolly Jingle Book
8002 Five Beds for Bitsy
8003 Alexander Kitten
8004 The Runaway Kangaroos
8005 Mailman Mike
8006 Fireman Joe
8007 Little Elephant
8008 Benjie Engie
8009 Cowboy Dan
8010 Surprise in the Barnyard
8011 Timothy, the Little Brown Bear
8012 Mother Goose
8017 Peter Rabbit
8019 Timmy Mouse
8020 My First Zoo Book
8021 The Gingerbread Man
8023 Bunny Blue
8024 Little Lamb's Hat
8025 My Animal Picture Book
8026 Noah's Ark
8027 Nubbins and the Tractor
8028 Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs
8033 The Puppy that Found a Home
8037 Puppies
8055 The House that Jack Built
8067 The Cock, the Mouse and the Little Red Hen
8068 Once Upon a Time
8072 Little Bear
8076 Myrtle Turtle
8078 Animal Mothers and Babies
8079 Rock-a-Bye Baby
8080 Little Deer
8100 Little Beaver
8101 Jiggers
8102 Sunny Meadow Stories
8103 Baby's Animal Toys
8104 The Story of Little Jack Horner
8105 Lancelot


8013 Bible Stories for Little Children
8014 Prayers for Little Children
8015 The Story of Jesus
8016 The Ten Commandments
8018 God Is Good
8022 Friends of Jesus

Sources of the above list:
Friends of Jesus
by Mary Alice Jones (also Janet Robson Kennedy). Illustrated by Janet Robson
Chicago: Rand McNally & Company, 1959 (Rand McNally Junior Elf Book, no. 8022:15).
Small hardback. No dust wrapper. Unpaginated (c. 24 pages).

Once Upon a Time
Illustrated by Elizabeth Webbe.
Chicago: Rand McNally & Company, 1960 (Junior Elf Books, No. 8068)
Small hardback. No dust wrapper. Unpaginated

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