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Publisher: Permabooks, Inc. Country: United States. Date: 1948- .

Fundamentals of Fishing & Hunting (Perma Books) (image)

The Fundamentals of Fishing and Hunting by Byron Dalrymple
New York, Permabooks, Inc., 1959 (Perma Books series, No. M4236)
Paperback. 324 pages. Cover art by Robert J. Lee. Interior line drawings by Paul Orban.

Fresh Water Fishing Tackle and How to Use It; Bait Casting; Fly Fishing;
Spinning; Bait and Still Fishing; Miscellaneous Equipment; Fresh Water
Fish and How to Fish Them; Game Fish; Pan Fish; Rough Fish; Ice Fishing;
Salt Water Tackle and How to Use It; Surf Tackle and Its Use; Salt Water
Trolling; Other Types of Salt Water Fishing; Salt Water Baits; Playing
Salt Water Fish; Salt Water Fishing Services; Salt Water Fish and How to
Fish Them; Big Game Fish; General Game Fish; Bottom Fish.

Hunting Equipment and How to Use It; Rifles; Shotguns; Safety with Guns;
Dogs and Their Training; General Training; Hunting Dog Breeds; Field
Training; Hunting Upland Game Birds; The Quails; The Pheasant;
Partridges; The Grouses; The Woodcock; The Wild Turkey; The Doves;
Hunting Lowland Game Birds; The Ducks; The Geese; Waterfowl Guns;
Hunting Methods; Rails and Rail Hunting; Hunting Small Game Animals and
Varmints; Rabbits; Squirrels; Night Hunting; Bobcats and Foxes; Varmint
Hunting; Crows; Hunting Big Game; Deer Hunting; Other Horned and
Antlered Game; Bears; Mountain Lion; Wild Hogs; Calling Predators Pests
and Game; and Hunting with Bow and Arrow.


Series Note:
This series began as hardbacks published in paperback format. The series comprised mostly "how to" books.

Serial Number / Title / Author

P1. Best-Loved Poems - Richard Charlton MacKenzie, ed.
P2. How to Write Letters for All Occasions - Alexander Sheff and Edna Ingalls
P3. Best Quotations for All Occasions - Lewis C. Henry, ed.
P4. Common Errors in English - Alexander W. Witherspoon, Ph.D.
P5. The Standard Bartender's Guide - Patrick Gavin Duffy
P6. Sex and the Love Life - William J. Fielding
P7. Eat and Reduce - Victor H. Lindlahr
P8. Best Jokes for All Occasions - Powers Moulton
P9. * * No title found * *
P10. The Conquest of Fear - Basil King

P11. How Shall I Tell My Child - Belle S. Mooney, M.D.
P12. The Male Hormone - Paul de Kruif
P13. Something to Live By - Dorothy S. Kopplin
P14. Sight Without Glasses - Dr. Harold M. Peppard
P15. Blackstone's Tricks Anyone Can Do
P16. Fortune Telling for Fun and Popularity - Paul Showers
P17. The Handy Encyclopedia of Useful Information - Lewis Copeland, ed.
P18. Famous Sheriffs and Western Outlaws - William MacLeod Raine
P19. Good English Made Easy - J. Milnor Dorey, M.A.
P20. Mathematics for Home and Business - William L. Schaaf, Ph.D.

P21. Modern Sex Life - Edwin W. Hirsch
P22. Life with Mother - Clarence Day
P23. Strange Customs of Courtship and Marriage - William J. Fielding
P24. Brief Biographies of Famous Men and Women - W. Stuart Sewell
P25. Handy Legal Advisor for Home and Business: A Layman's Handbook of Law - Samuel G. Kling
P26. What Your Dreams Mean - Herbert Hespro
P27. The Handbook for House Repairs - Louis Gelders and Eugene O'Hare
P28. A Short History of the World - J. Milnor Dorey
P29. In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? - Charles M. Sheldon
P30. Stories for Men: 13 Robust Tales by America's Most Virile Writers - Charles Grayson, ed.

P31. The Art of Enjoying Music - Sigmund Spaeth
P32. Photography as a Hobby - Fred B. Barton
P33. Winning Poker - Oswald Jacoby
P34. The Handy Book of Hobbies - Geoffrey Mott-Smith
P35. Five Minute Biographies - Dale Carnegie
P36. Astrology for Everyone - Evangeline Adams
P37. Numerology: What is Your Lucky Number? - Morris C. Goodman
P38. 3 Famous French Novels: Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert; Mademoiselle de Maupin by Theophile Gautier; Sapho by Alphonse Daudet.
P39. Character Reading Made Easy - Frederick Meier
P40. Stop Me if You've Heard this One: The Favorite Stories of Three Favorite Funnymen - Lew Lehr, Cal Tinnney, Roger Bower

P41. Best Short Stories of Jack London
P42. The Art of Living - Norman Vincent Peale
P43. The Human Body and How It Works - Elbert Tokay
P44. A Handy Illustrated Guide to Football - Sam Nisenson, ed.
P45. The Golden Book of Prayer - Donald R. Aldrich, ed.
P46. How to Control Worry (In the Name of Common Sense) - Matthew N. Chappell
P47. A Handy Illustrated Guide to Basketball - Sam Nisenson, ed.
P48. Better Speech for You: The Practical English Refresher - Daniel P. Eginton
P49. The Man Nobody Knows - Bruce Barton
P50. Psycho-analysis and Love - Andre Tridon

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