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Living Age Books
Publisher: The World Publishing Company. Country: United States. Date: ---.

Series Note:

Arranged by serial number

LA1. An Interpretation of Christian Ethics - Reinhold Niebuhr.
LA2. The Mind of the Maker - Dorothy L. Sayers.
LA3. Christian Mysticism - W. R. Inge.
LA4. Primitive Christianity in its Contemporary Setting - Rudolf Bultmann.
LA5. The Descent of the Dove - Charles Williams.
LA6. The Religious Situation - Paul Tillich.
LA7. What Mean these Stones? Millar Burrows.
LA8. The Meaning of Paul for Today - C. H. Dodd.
LA9. Martin Luther: Road to Reformation - Heinrich Boehmer.
LA10. Religious Drama 1: Five Plays. Selected and introduced by Marvin Halverson.

LA11. The Social Sciences of Denominationalism - H. Richard Niebuhr.
LA12. Christian Thought - Ernest Troeltsch.
LA13. Leaves from the Notebooks of a Tamed Cynic - Reinhold Niebuhr.
LA14. Mysticism East and West -Rudolf Otto.
LA15. Dostoevsky - Nicholas Berdyaev.
LA16. The Unity of the Bible - H. H. Rowley.
LA17. The Sermons of John Donne. Selected and introduced by Theodore Gill.
LA18. A Handbook of Christian Theology.
LA19. Ethics and United States Foreign Policy - Ernest Lefever. Introduced by Hans Morgenthau.
LA20. Religious Drama 2: Mystery and Morality Plays. Selected and introduced by E. Martin Browne.

LA21. Peter: Disciple, Apostle, Martyr - Oscar Cullmann.
LA22. The Faith of the Church - Karl Barth.
LA23. An Introduction to the Books of the Old Testament - W. O. E. Oesterley and Theodore H. Robinson.
LA24. A Short History of Christianity - Martin E. Marty.
LA25. The Cultural Significance of the Reformation - Karl Holl.
LA26. Essays in Applied Christianity - Renhold Niebuhr.
LA27. Religious Drama 3. Selected and introduced by Martin Halverson.
LA28. Religion in the Making - Alfred North Whitehead.
LA29. Existence and Faith: Shorter Writings of Rudolf Bultmann. Schubert M. Ogden, ed.
LA30. Rembrandt and the Gospel - W. A. Visser 't Hooft.

LA31. God's Knotty Log: Selected Writings of John Bunyan - Henri A. Talon, ed.
LA32. The Private Devotions of Lancelot Andrewes - F. E. Brightman, ed.
LA33. How My Mind has Changed - Harold E. Fey, ed.
LA34. The Infidel: Freethought and American Religion - Martin E. Marty.
LA35. Liturgies of the Western Church - Bard Thompson, ed.
LA36. The Meaning of History - Nicholas Berdyaev.
LA37. Selected Writings of St. Augustine - Roger Hazelton, ed.
LA38. Christian Hymns - Luther Noss.
LA39. Anselm: Fides Quaerens Intellectum (Faith in Search of Understanding) - Karl Barth.

Source of the above list:
The Origins of Totalitarianism - Hannah Arendt
Cleveland and New York: The World Publishing Company, 1962 (Meridian Books/Meridian Giants, MG 15).

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