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Comstock Editions
Publisher: Ballantine Books, Inc. Place: New York, United States. Series Date(s): 1971-1975.

Ghost Towns of the American West  (image)

Ghost Towns of the American West
by Robert Silverberg
New York, Ballantine Books, Inc., 1973 (Comstock Editions).
Paperback. "Silverberg brings these early mining towns back to life in the rowdy splendor of their heyday -- when eggs might cost three dollars apiece and a town's streets might be literally paved with silver." --

Series Note: A series of paperbound books of Western Americana, which depicted life during during the colonial era in earlier centuries in what are now western U.S. states such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

This series was published in paperback format by Ballantine Books, Inc., 101 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003, and also published in paperback format by Comstock Editions, Inc., 3030 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965.

Many Comstock Editions titles were reprints of original hardback editions issued by other publishers. For example, The Big Four: The First Railroad to the Pacific Coast was originally published as a hardback, The Big Four: The Story of Huntington, Stanford, Hopkins and Crocker and of the Building of the Central Pacific by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York in 1938, and then reprinted in the Comstock Editions series by Ballantine Books, Inc., New York in 1971 and also reprinted in the Comstock Editions series by Comstock Editions, Inc., Sausalito in the same year.

A Select List arranged by Title, Author and Publication Year

The Big Four: The First Railroad to the Pacific Coast
by Oscar Lewis
1971, 1974

Calamity Jane and the Lady Wildcats
by Duncan Aikman

The Divine Eccentric : Lola Montez and the Newspapers
by Doris Foley

Doctors of the American Frontier
by Richard Dunlop

Donkeys of the West
by William G. Long

Don't Go Buy Appearances; The Comstock Western Home Buyer's Guide, A Manual for House Inspection
by George Cleborn Hoffman

Driftwood Valley
by Theodora C. Stanwell-Fletcher

Ghost Towns of the American West
by Robert Silverberg

Great Crimes of San Francisco
by Dean Dickensheet

The Hatchetmen: The Story of the Tong Wars in San Francisco's Chinatown
by Richard H. Dillon

Hoofbeats of Destiny
by Robert West Howard

The Iron Trail
by Rex Beach

A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
by Isabella L. Bird

The Land of Little Rain
by Mary Austin

The Last Days of the Late, Great State of California
by Curt Gentry

Lost Legends of the West
by Brad Williams and Choral Pepper

by Don Berry

My Life of High Adventure
by Grant H. Pearson

Notorious Ladies of the Frontier
by Harry Sinclair Drago

An Overland Journey from New York to San Francisco in the Summer of 1859
by Horace Greeley

Promised Land: A Collection of Northwest Writing
Edited by Stewart H. Holbrook

Rocket of the Comstock : The Story of John William Mackay
by Ethel H. Van Vick Manter

Rocky Mountain Tales
Edited by Levette Jay Davidson and Forrester Blake

The Saga of the Comstock Lode : Boom Days in Virginia City
by George D. Lyman

San Diego and the Back Country
by Davis Dutton

Sea Routes to the Gold Fields : The Migration by Water to California in 1849-1852
by Oscar Lewis

Sheep Rock
by George R. Stewart

The Shirley Letters, From the California Mines, 1851-1852
by Shirley

Silver Kings : The Lives and Times of Mackay, Fair, Flood and O'Brien, Lords of the Nevada Comstock Lode
by Oscar Lewis

The Sound of Mountain Water : part I
by Wallace Stegner

Sourdough Sagas
by Herbert L. Heller

Spin a Silver Dollar : The Story of a Desert Trading-Post
by Alberta Hannum

Tales Out of Oregon
by Ralph Friedman

Tall Tales of the Western Badmen
by Russ Leadabrand

Totem Tales of Old Seattle : Legends and Anecdotes
by Gordon Newell and Don Sherwood

Two In the Far North
by Margaret E. Murie

Under Cover for Wells Fargo : The Unvarnished Recollections of Fred Dodge
by Fred Dodge and Carolyn Lake

Vines in the Sun : A Journey Through the California Vineyards
by Idwal Jones. Illustrated by: Albert Camille.

You Rolling River
by Archie Binns

A further list of Comstock Editions, arranged by the year of publication:

Don Berry 
- A Majority of Scoundrels
- Moontrap

Archie Binns 
- The Timber Beast 
- You Rolling River
- The Laurels Are Cut Down

Isabella Bird 
- A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains

Levette J. Davidson and Forrester Blake 
- Rocky Mountain Tales

Curt Gentry
- The Killer Mountains

Hazel Heckman 
- Island in the Sound

Stewart Holbrook 
- Holy Old Mackinaw

Joseph Le Conte 
- A Journal of Ramblings Through the High Sierra

Oscar Lewis 
- The Big Four
- I Remember Christine
- Sea Routes to the Gold Fields

Oscar Lewis and Carroll D. Hall 
- Bonanza Inn

George Lyman 
- Ralston's Ring
- The Saga of the Comstock Lode

Max Miller and Fred Mazzulla 
- Holladay Street

Murray Morgan 
- Skid Road

William Saroyan 
- The Bicycle Rider in Beverly Hills

Marshall Sprague 
- Monkey Mountain

George Stewart 
- Sheep Rock
- East of the Giant
- Committee of Vigilance

Monica Sutherland 
- The Damndest Finest Ruins 

Richard H. Dillon 
- The Hatchet Men

Mrs. Hugh Brown 
- Lady in Boomtown

Ann Ahlswede 
- The Savage Land

Rex Beach 
- The Iron Trail

Archie Binns 
- The Land is Bright

E. H. Cookridge 
- The Baron of Arizona

Dan Cushman 
- The Old Copper Collar

Harry Sinclair Drago 
- Notorious Ladies of the Frontier, Vols. 1 and 2

Davis Dutton 
- San Diego and the Back Country

Ralph Friedman 
- Tales Out of Oregon

Curt Gentry 
- The Last Days of the Late Great State of California

Horace Greeley 
- An Overland Journey

A. B. Guthrie 
- The Big It

Herbert L. Heller 
- Sourdough Sagas

Dorothy M. Johnson 
- Western Badmen

Idwal Jones 
- Vines in the Sun

Kenneth Lamott 
- Chronicles of San Queintin

Ellis Lucia 
- Kondike Kate

N. C. McDonald 
- Shaman

Margaret E. Murie 
- Two in the Far North

Thomas Emerson Ripley 
- Green Timber

Marshall Sprague 
- Massacre

Wallace Stegner 
- Joe Hill

Paul Bailey 
- Polygamy Was Better Than Monotony

Sam Churchill 
- Big Sam

Richard H. Dillon 
- Embarcadero

Ralph Friedman 
- Northwest Passages

Curt Gentry 
- The Madams of San Francisco

Stewart Holbrook 
- Far Corner

Robert West Howard 
- Hoofbeats of Destiny

Kenneth Lamott 
- Who Killed Mr. Crittenden?

Ralph Moody 
- The Old Trails West, Vols. 1 and 2

Zola Ross 
- Spokane Saga

Davis and Judy Dutton 
- Tales of Monterey

Ralph Friedman 
- A Touch of Oregon

William G. Long 
- Donkeys of the West

James D. Moran 
- Desperate Men

Gordon Newell and Don Sherwood 
- Totem Tales of Old Seattle

Neill C. Wilson 
- Silver Stampede

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