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Foundations of Philosophy
Publisher: Prentice-Hall. Country: United States. Date: 1963-2006.

Philosophy of History by William H. Dray (Foundations of Philosophy) (Prentice-Hall) (image)

Philosophy of History by William H. Dray

Prentice-Hall, 1964 (Foundations of Philosophy series)

Series Note:
The publisher, Prentice-Hall, described the series thus: "Written by a group of distinguished philosophers, the Foundations of Philosophy Series aims to exhibit some of the main problems in the various fields of philosophy at the present stage of philosophical inquiry."

Arranged alphabetically by title

Economic Justice
Philosophy of Art
Philosophy of Biological Science
Philosophy of Economics
Philosophy of Education
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy of Logic
Philosophy of Mathematics
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Natural Science
Philosophy of Perception
Philosophy of Psychology
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Social Science
Philosophy of Technology
Political Philosophy
Theory of Action
Theory of Knowledge

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