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Cultural Atlas series
Publisher: Checkmark Books; Phaidon Press; Facts on File; Time-Life; Andromeda Oxford; Equinox; Stonehenge; Happy Minds; Prentice Hall; John Wiley; etc.
Country: United Kingdom/United States. Date:1989- .

Cultural Atlas of the Renaissance (Time-Life Books) (image)

Cultural Atlas of the Renaissance by C. F. Black et al.

Time-Life Books, 1993. Hardback with dustjacket. 240 pages.

Series Note:

Arranged alphabetically by title

Atlas of ancient America - Michael Coe, Dean Snow and Elizabeth Benson

Atlas of ancient Egypt - John Baines and Jaromir Málek

Atlas of medieval Europe - Donald Matthew

Atlas of the Bible - John Rogerson

Atlas of the Christian church - Henry Chadwick and G. R. Evans

Atlas of the Greek world - Peter Levi

Atlas of the Islamic world since 1500 - Francis Robinson

Atlas of the Jewish world - Nicholas de Lange

Atlas of the Roman world - Tim Cornell and John Matthews

Cultural atlas of Africa - Jocelyn Murray

Cultural atlas of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific- Richard Nile and Christian Clerk

Cultural atlas of China - Caroline Blunden and Mark Elvin

Cultural atlas of France - John Ardagh and Colin Jones

Cultural atlas of India - Gordon Johnson

Cultural atlas of Japan - Marius Colcut, Martin Jansen and Isao Kumakuru

Cultural atlas of Mesopotamia and the ancient Near East - Michael Roaf

Cultural atlas of Russia and the Soviet Union - Robin Milner-Gulland and Nikolai Dejensky

Cultural atlas of Spain and Portugal - Mary Vincent and R. A. Stradling

Cultural atlas of the Crusades - Jonathan Riley-Smith

Cultural atlas of the Renaissance - C. F. Black, Mark Greengrass, David Howarth, Jeremy Lawrance, Richard Mackenney, Martin Rady, Evelyn Welch

Cultural atlas of the Viking World - James Graham-Campbell, Colleen Batey, Helen Clarke, R. I. Page, and Neil S. Price

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