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Pitman Art Series
(Pitman Art Instruction Guides)
Publisher: Pitman Publishing Corporation. Country: United States. Date: 1954-74.

Series Note:
The Pitman Art Series (as the series is most commonly referred to) is also known as the Pitman Art Books (as the series is referred to on the back covers of the volumes themselves). In the Publisher's Trade List Annual (1967 edition) the series was referred to as the Pitman Art Instruction Guides.

The publisher was the Pitman Publishing Corporation of 6 East 43 Street, New York, NY 10017, and also of Toronto, Canada and London, England.

The format was a landscape-orientation paperback with colour drawings on the front cover. Size: 19.5 cm (H) x 26 cm (W).

The series was also published as the "Grosset Art Instruction Series" by Grosset & Dunlap and each volume in that series is identical in size and internal text and image layout to the Pitman Art Series volume of the same name.

Arranged alphabetically by author and title

1. Composition The Anatomy of Picture Making - Harry Sternberg.
2. Costume Drawing - Doten & Boulard.
3. Decorative Design - Fritzi Brod.
4. Drawing and Selling Cartoons - Jean Markow.
5. Drawing Animals - Victor Perard.
6. Drawing Birds - Joy Postle.
7. Drawing Boats and Ships - Yngve Edward Soderberg.
8. Drawing Cats - Gladys Emerson Cook.
9. Drawing Children - Genevieve Shimer.
10. Drawing Dogs - Gladys Emerson Cook.

11. Victor Perard's Drawing Faces and Expressions - Victor Perard. Revised by Rune Hagman.
12. Drawing Flowers - Victor Perard.
13. Drawing for Boys - Genevieve Vaughan-Jackson.
14. Drawing for Young Artists - Mary Black Diller.
15. Drawing Hands - Carl Cheek.
16. Victor Perard's Drawing Horses - Victor Semon Perard and Gladys Emerson Cook.
17. Drawing Sea and Sky - Victor Perard.
18. Drawing Trees: And Introducing Landscape Composition - Victor Perard.
19. Fashion Drawing - Frances Neady.
20. Victor Perard's Figure Drawing - Victor Perard.

21. Lettering: In a Variety of Alphabets - Harry B. Wright.
22. Perspective for Artists - Edward Laning.
23. Portraits: Principles and Techniques - Jessie Ansbacher.
24. Ships and How to Draw Them - William James Aylward.
25. Sketching Landscape - Victor Perard.
26. Sketching Out of Doors - Leonard Richmond.
27. Young Artists Go to Europe - Mary Black Diller.
28. Painting: Materials and Methods - Alexander Abels and Allen Koss.
29. Realistic / Abstract Art - Harry Sternberg.
30. Drawing for Girls - Genevieve Vaughan-Jackson.

31. How to Sketch. Contributing Artists: Yngve Edward Soderberg, Rune Hagman, Victor Perard, Genevieve Vaughan-Jackson and Leonard Richmond
32. Drawing the Circus for Young Artists - Mary Black Diller.
33. Oil Painting: Landscape Painting, Color Mixtures, Still Life Painting, Colors and Media, Palette Knife Painting, Color Vibration, and Many Other Aspects - Leonard Richmond.
34. Quick Sketching - Carl Cheek.
35. Art in Advertising - David K. Stone.
36. Modern Art: an Introduction - Julian E. Levi.
37. Landscape Painting in Oils - Leonard Richmond.
38. Posters: Planning, Lettering, Mistakes to Avoid, Color, Decoration, Poster Pictures to Copy, Commercial Posters - Howard Boughner.
39. A Course in Painting - Bernard Dunstan.
40. Woodcut - Harry Sternberg.

41. Pen and Ink Drawing - Frederic Taubes.
42. Watercolor - Howard Simon.
43. Picture Framing - Max Hyder. Photography by Ted Davies.
44. Marine Painting - Theodore W. Donaldson.
45. The Language of Paintings: Form and Content - Ray Bethers.
45 [sic]. Pictures, Painters and You. The Language of Paintings. Form and Content ... Adapted from Pictures, Painters, and You. - Ray Bethers.]
46. Collage - Francis Brow. Technical photographs by John Linsley.
47. Silk Screen - Bernard Steffan.
48. Portrait Painting - Jan de Ruth.
49. Art: The Visual Experience - Irving Kriesberg.
50. Charcoal Drawing - Francis J. Meyers.

51. Oriental Brushwork - Wang Chi-Yuan.
52. Prehistoric Art - Howard Simon.
53. The Italian Renaissance - Ralph Fanning and Robert Myron.
54. Printmaking - Dona Z. Meilach.
55. Ceramics - Elizabeth Constantine and Lewis Krevolin.
56. Color Mixing - Bruce Dorfman.
57. Painting Sea and Sky - Jean Khanbegian.
58. Acrylics - John FitzMaurice Mills.
59. Collecting Art - Eloise Spaeth.
60. Finger Painting - Margaret A. Wolff.

61. Baroque Art - Phillips.
62. Papercraft - Dona Z. Meilach.
63. Crayon Techniques - Reynolds Girdler.
64. Egyptian Art - Maly.
65. Drawing Funny Pictures - Jean Markow.
66. Anatomy for Artists - Frederic Taubes.
67. Basic Oil Painting Techniques - Robert Angeloch.
68. Basic Enameling - Lili Taubes.
69. Drawing Comic Strips - Jack Markow.
70. Portraits in Pencil - Anthony Gruerio.

71. Fountain Pen Drawing - Nick Meglin.
72. Drawing Wildlife - Gladys Emerson Cook.
73. Mixed Media and Watercolor - Gretchen S. Sanderson; Alphonse J Shelton.
74. Mixed Media and Ink - Gretchen S. Sanderson. []
75. Essentials of Chinese Calligraphy - Wang Chi-Yuan and Ruth Martin.
76. Bohlin Paints Still Lifes - William Lane Bohlin.
77. Bohlin Paints Flowers - William Lane Bohlin.
78. Bohlin Paints Street Scenes and Buildings - William Lane Bohlin.
79. Bohlin on Supplies and Techniques - William Lane Bohlin.
80. Drawing With Dry Markers - Anthony Gruerio and Margaret Mettert.

81. Painting With a Palette Knife - Anthony Gruerio and Margaret Mattert.
82. Zipper Art - Edna Tunison and Mary Corman.
83. Scratchboard - Merritt Cutler.
84. Mastery of Color - Frederic Taubes.
85. Pastels - George Kaye.

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