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The Development of Western Civilization
Publisher: Cornell University Press. Country: United States. Date: 1951-70.

Ancient Israel - Harry M. Orlinksy
Cornell University Press, 1954
(Development of Western Civilization series)

Series Note:
Series editor: Edward W. Fox.

"Widely used both as basic texts and as supplementary reading in Western Civilization and European History courses, the volumes in this series present lively interpretative essays by leading scholars. Taken together, the books comprise a survey course in Western Civilization from its beginnings in Ancient Greece Israel through the Age of Reason. Each volume, however, is a self-contained unit, assuming neither familiarity with the background of our civilization nor a command of the language. To help students acquire a real understanding of how Western culture has evolved, the authors emphasize broad themes without ignoring principal names and dates. Each volume includes an index and a bibliography."

Credit: John A. Mellman supplied bibliographic information on this series.

Arranged alphabetically by author and title

Ancient Israel.
Harry M. Orlinksy.
xii, 184 pages, 6 maps.
Second edition. 1954.

The Ancient Greeks.
Morton Smith.
xiv, 144 pages, 2 maps.

The Emergence of Rome as Ruler of the Western World. Second edition.
Chester G. Starr, Jr.
x, 122 pages, 2 maps.
Second edition. 1953.

The Decline of Rome and the Rise of Mediaeval Europe.
Solomon Katz.
xii, 182 pages, 2 maps.

Heirs of the Roman Empire.
Richard E. Sullivan.
xiv, 178 pages.

Mediaeval Society.
Marshall W. Baldwin.
xii, 124 pages.

The Mediaeval Church.
Marshall W. Baldwin.
xii, 124 pages.

The Rise of the Feudal Monarchies.
Sidney Painter.
xii, 147 pages. 2 maps.

The Age of Reformation.
E. Harris Harbison.
xiv, 145 pages, 2 maps.

The Age of Adversity: The Fourteenth Century.
Robert E. Lerner.
xiv, 137 pages.

The Age of Recovery: The Fifteenth Century.
Jerah Johnson and William Percy.
xiii, 156 pages, 2 maps.

The Great Discoveries and the First Colonial Empires.
Charles E. Newell.
xiv, 150 pages, 6 maps.

The Age of Power.
Carl J. Friedrich an Charles Blitzer.
xiv, 209 pages.

The Age of Reason.
Frank E. Manuel.
xiv, 146 pages, map.

Source of the above checklist and quotation:
Ancient Israel - Harry M. Orinsky. Second edition. 1954.

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