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World University Library
Publisher: Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1966- .

Twentieth Century Music (World University Library/Weidenfeld and Nicolson) (image)

Twentieth Century Music
by H. H. Stuckenschmidt.
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson/World University Library, 1970.
Hardback with dust wrapper. 256pages. Black and white illustrations.

Series Note: "The World University Library is an international series of books, each which has been specially commissioned. The authors are leading scientists and scholars from all over the world who, in an age of increasing specialisation, see the need for a broad, up-to-date presentation of their subject. The aim is to provide authoritative introductory books for students which will be of interest also to the general reader. The series is published in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

'There is an urgent and growing need for books which will present in not too technical a way the latest results of modern scholarship and science. But these books must be the work of first-class specialists who can speak with real authority. The World University Library aims at doing this and promises books which will appeal to every kind of learner.'
-- Sir Maurice Bowra

The World University Library is an international publishing venture edited and directed by Weidenfeld and Nicolson 5 Winsley Street London W1."

-- Source of above description:
First pages and from back panel of dust wrapper of
Religious Sects: A Sociological Study by Bryan Wilson
London (5 Winsley Street, London W1), Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1970 (World University Library).

This series was part of an international academic publishing venture initiated by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, in the mid-1960s.

Parallel series (featuring the same titles translated as required into the local language) were published in the following countries and by the following publishers:
Hachette, Paris (series:
L'Univers des Connaissances)
Kindler Verlag, Munich (series: Kindlers Universitäts Bibliothek)
Il Saggitore di Arnoldo Mondadori, Milan (series: L'universo del conoscere)
De Haan, Hilversum and Meulenhoff, Amsterdam (series:
Guadarrama, Madrid (series: Biblioteca para el Hombre Actual)

United Kingdom:
- Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London (series:
World University Library)
- Littlehampton Book Services Ltd., England (series name: World University Library).
United States:
- McGraw-Hill, New York (series: World University Library)
- Taylor & Francis, New York (series name: World University Library).

The World University Series, launched by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, in 1966, was announced here:
- The Guardian (London), 4 May 1966, p. 9.
- The Observer (London), 14.6.64, p. 29.

Arranged alphabetically by title

WUL 001. Eye and Brain: The Psychology of Seeing - R. L. Gregory. 1967.
WUL 002. The Economics of Underdeveloped Countries - Jagdish Bhagwati. 1966.
WUL 003. The Left in Europe since 1789 - David Caute. 1971.
WUL 004. The World Cities - Peter Hall. 3rd ed. 1984.
WUL 005. Chinese Communism - Robert C. North. 1966.
WUL 006. The Emergence of Greek Democracy: The Character of Greek Politics, 800-400 BC - W. G. Forrest. 1972.
WUL 007. The Quest for Absolute Zero: The Meaning of Low Temperature Physics - Kurt Mendelssohn. 1977.
WUL 008.
WUL 009.
WUL 010.

WUL 011.
WUL 012.
WUL 013. Education in the Modern World - John Vaizey. 1967.
WUL 014.
WUL 015. Art Nouveau - S. Tschudi Madsen; R. I. Christophersen. 1967.
WUL 016. The World of an Insect - Remy Chauvin. Translated from the French by Harold Oldroyd. 1967.
WUL 017. Decisive Forces in World Economics - J. L. Sampedro; S. E. Nodder. 1967.
WUL 018. Development Planning - Jan Tinbergen. Translated by N. D. Smith. 1967.
WUL 019. Human Communication - J. L. Aranguren; Frances Partridge. 1967.
WUL 020.

WUL 021.
WUL 022.
WUL 023.
WUL 024. Humanism in the Renaissance - S. Dresden [Samuel Dresden]. Translated from the Dutch by Margaret King. 1968.
WUL 025.
WUL 026.
WUL 027. Bionics - Lucien Gerardin. Translated from the French by Pat Priban. 1968.
WUL 028. The Age of the Dinosaurs - Bjorn Kurten. 1968.
WUL 029.
WUL 030. The Old Stone Age - François Bordes; J. E. Anderson. McGraw-Hill, 1977.

WUL 031. Data Study - J. L. Jolley. 1968.
WUL 032.
WUL 033.
WUL 034. The Dutch Republic and the Civilisation of the Seventeenth Century - Charles Wilson. 1968.
WUL 035.
WUL 036. The Structure of the Universe - E. L. Schatzman; Patrick Moore. 1968.
WUL 037.
WUL 038. The Tasks of Childhood - Philippe Muller; Anita Mason. 1973.
WUL 039. Twentieth Century Music - Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt. Translated from the German by Richard Deveson. 1969.
WUL 040. Quanta - J Andrade Silva; G. Lochak; Patrick Moore; Louis de Broglie. 1969.

WUL 041.
WUL 042. Population and History - E. A. Wrigley. 1969.
WUL 043.
WUL 044.
WUL 045. The Italian City-Republics - Daniel Waley. 1969.
WUL 046.
WUL 047.
WUL 048.
WUL 049.
WUL 050.

WUL 051. The Molecules of Life - Gisela Nass. 1970.
WUL 052.
WUL 053.
WUL 054.
WUL 055.
WUL 056.
WUL 057.
WUL 058.
WUL 059. Key Issues in Criminology - Roger G. Hood; Richard F. Sparks. 1974.
WUL 060.

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