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Little Grey Rabbit
Publisher: Collins. Country: U.K. Date: 1934-75.

Little Grey Rabbit's Party (by Alison Uttley) (Collins, 1936) (image)

Little Grey Rabbit's Party by Alison Uttley
With illustrations by Margaret Tempest
London: Collins, 1936.

Hardback with stone grey covers, powder blue lettering on spine and front cover, and green pictorial end papers. Delightful colour illustrations throughout text and on front cover. 112 pages. Size: 7" x 5.5".

Series Note:
This classic series of children's books was written by Alison Uttley and published by:
(a) Heinemann - 6 titles (published 1929-71) (click here for list)
(b) Collins - 31 titles (published 1934-75)

The books were all illustrated by Margaret Tempest (1892-1982) -- except for the last five books (those published in the 1970s) which were illustrated by Katherine Wigglesworth.

List of the books in this series which were published by Collins

Squirrel Goes Skating. 1934

Wise Owl's Story. 1935

Little Grey Rabbit's Party. 1936

The Knot Squirrel Tied. 1937

Fuzzypeg Goes to School. 1938

Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas. 1939

My Little Grey Rabbit Painting Book. 1940

Moldy Warp the Mole. 1940

Hare Joins the Home Guard. 1942

Little Grey Rabbit's Washing Day. 1942

Water Rat's Picnic. 1943

Little Grey Rabbit's Birthday. 1944

The Speckledy Hen. 1945

Little Grey Rabbit to the Rescue. 1945

Little Grey Rabbit and the Weasels. 1947

Grey Rabbit and the Wandering Hedgehog. 1948

Little Grey Rabbit Makes Lace. 1950

Hare and the Easter Eggs. 1952

Little Grey Rabbit's Valentine. 1953

Little Grey Rabbit Goes to the Sea. 1954

Hare and Guy Fawkes. 1956

Little Grey Rabbit's Paint-Box. 1958

Grey Rabbit Finds a Shoe. 1960

Grey Rabbit and the Circus. 1961

Grey Rabbit's May Day. 1963

Hare Goes Shopping. 1965

Little Grey Rabbit's Pancake Day. 1967

Little Grey Rabbit Goes to the North Pole. 1970

Little Grey Rabbit's Spring Cleaning Party. 1972

Little Grey Rabbit and the Snow-Baby. 1973

Hare and the Rainbow. 1975

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