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Pennant Books
Publisher: Bantam Books, Inc., New York. Country: United States. Date: 1953-55.

Navajo Canyon - Blackburn (Pennant Books/Bantam) (image)

Navajo Canyon by Tom W. Blackburn [Thomas W. Blackburn]
New York: Bantam Books, Inc.,1953 (Pennant Books, P1)

Series Note:
78 titles were published in this paperback series.

Serial Number / Title / Author

P1. Navajo Canyon
- Thomas W. Blackburn
P2. The Last of the Plainsmen - Zane Grey
P3. Epitaph for a Spy - Eric Ambler
P4. Stamped for Murder - Ben Benson
P5. In Those Days - Harvey Fergusson
P6. Mojave: A Book of Stories - Edward Corle
P7. Vanity Row - W. R. Burnett
P8. Sunset Rider - Matt Stuart
P9. Ruler of the Range - Matt Dawson
P10. Six-Gun Boss - Clay Randall

P11. A Time to Kill - Geoffrey Household
P12. Warrant for a Wanton - Michael Gillian
P13. Apache Desert - L. P. Holmes
P14. Action at War Bow Valley - Michael Carder
P15. Takeoff - C. M. Kornbluth
P16. Lily in her Coffin - Ben Benson
P17. Gunsmoke Over Big Muddy - Frank O'Rourke
P18. Wire in the Wind - Matt Stuart
P19. Reap the Wind - Thelma Strabel
P20. Two and the Town - Henry Gregor Felsen

P21. Border Graze - Dwight Bennett
P22. Long Ride - Peter Dawson
P23. Man-Eaters of Kumaon - Jim Corbett
P24. Murder Won't Out - Russel Crowse
P25. High Starlight - L. P. Holmes
P26. Santa Fe Passage - Clay Fisher
P27. Burro Alley - Edwin Curle
P28. Blackcock's Feather - Maurice Walsh
P29. The Naked Spur - Allan Ullman and Rolfe Bloom
P30. Bold Raiders of the West - Frederick R. Bechdolt

R31. The Outlaw Years - Robert M. Coates
R32. Walls Rise Up - George Sessions Perry
P33. Shadow of the Butte - Thomas Thomson
P34. Dodge City, Queen of Cowtowns - Stanley Vestal
P35. Walk the Dark Ridge - William O'Farrell
P36. Elephant Bill - J. H. Williams
P37. Longhorn Empire - Will Ermine
P38. Outlaw Valley - Evan Evans
P39. American Me - Beatrice Griffith
P40. Doubloons - Charles B. Driscoll (Revised and edited by Brian O'Brian)

P41. The Bronze Mermaid - Paul Ernst
P42. _____
P43. Fort Starvation - Frank Gruber
P44. Adventures in Time and Space - Robert Heinlein, Lewis Padgett, A. E. Van Vogt and Others (Edited by Raymond J. Healy and J. Francis McComas). Cover art by Charles Binger.
See: Footnote (1).
P45. ____
P46. Guaracha Trail - George Parker
P47. Tombstone - Clarence Budington Kelland
P48. When Oil Ran Red - Clay Randall
P49. The Sixpenny Dame - Eaton K. Goldtwaite
P50. One Way Ticket - Eugene O'Brien

P51. A Vaquero of the Brush Country - J. Frank Dobie
P52. The Border Queen - Nick Sumner
P53. Toll Mountain - Robert McCaig
P54. To the Last Man - William E. Barrett
P55. Repeat Performance - William O'Farrell
P56. Beyond Human Ken. Imaginative Stories of Fantasy and Science-Fiction Selected from Theodore Sturgeon, Anthony Boucher, Robert A. Heinlein, and Others. Edited by Judith Merril.
P57. Horse Thief Trail - Frederick R. Bechdolt
P58. ____
P59. Mostly Murder: Eighteen Stories of Passion and Sudden Death - Fredric Brown. See: Footnote (2).
P60. _____

P61. A Selection of the Best from the Argosy Book of Sports Stories. Edited by Rogers Terrill.
P62. ____
P63. ____
P64. The Stakes Are High - William Saroyan, D. H. Lawrence, Nelson Algren, James Thurber, Anton Chekhov, Damon Runyon, Ben Hecht, and Others.
P65. The Winter Light - Edwin Corle
P66. ____
P67. Dry Bones in the Valley - William MacLeod Raine
P68. ____
P69. The Nester - John S. Daniels
P70. ____

P71. ____
P72. ____
P73. ____
P74. ____
P75. The Altered Ego - Jerry Sohl
P76. Whip Lash - Brad Ward
P77. High Country - Peter Dawson
P78. ____
P79. Code Three - James M. Fox

[No serial no.] To the Top of the World: The Story of Peary and Henson - Pauline K. Angell. "A Pennant Student Edition".


(1) Contents of P44: "Prophetic stories in science fiction" including "Requiem" by Robert A. Heinlein; "Black Destroyer" by A. E. van Vogt; "Time Locker" by Lewis Padgett [Henry Kuttner]; "Mechanical Mice" by Maurice A. Hugi; "As Never Was" by P. Schuyler Miller; "Quietus" by Ross Rocklynne; "Robot's Return" by Robert Moore Williams; and "Farewell to the Master" by Harry Bates.

(2) Contents of P59: The stories include: "The Laughing Butcher"; "The Four Blind Men"; "The Night the World Ended"; "The Motive Goes Round and Round"; "Cry Silence"; "The Nose of Don Aristide"; "A Voice Behind Him"; "Miss Darkness"; and "I'll Cut Your Throat Again, Kathleen".

(3) Front cover of P64 states: "All or Nothing -- Stories of Men and Women Who Challenged Fortune."

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