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GBR-A1: George Allen & Unwin
Daily Life (George Allen and Unwin)
Unwin Books (George Allen & Unwin)
GBR-A2: Edward Arnold
Studies in English Literature (Edward Arnold)
Studies in French Literature (Edward Arnold)
GBR-B1: B. T. Batsford Ltd.
Batsford Paperbacks (B. T. Batsford)
Half-Guinea Library (B T. Batsford Ltd./Charles Scribner's Sons)
GBR-B2: George Bell & Sons
The Aldine Edition of the British Poets (William Pickering; then Bell & Daldy; then George Bell & Sons)
Alpha Classics (George Bell & Sons)
Bibliotheca Classica (George Bell & Sons)
Bohn's Libraries (George Bell & Sons)
Great Masters in Painting and Sculpture (George Bell & Sons)
GBR-B3: John Bell
Bell's British Theatre (John Bell)
Bell's Poets of Great Britain complete from Chaucer to Churchill (John Bell)
GBR-B4: A. & C. Black (Adam & Charles Black)
A. & C. Black Colour Books: Twenty Shilling Series (A. & C. Black)
Black's Guides (Adam & Charles Black)
GBR-B5: Blackie and Son
Beautiful Britain (Blackie and Son)
Blackie's Famous Books (Blackie and Son)
GBR-B6: William Blackwood & Sons
Ancient Classics for English Readers (W. Blackwood & Sons)
GBR-C1: Cambridge University Press
Cambridge Companions to Literature (C.U.P.)
Cambridge Music Handbooks (C.U.P.)
GBR-C2: Jonathan Cape
Cape Editions (Jonathan Cape)
Cape Paperbacks (Jonathan Cape)
Life and Letters Series (Jonathan Cape)
The New Library (Jonathan Cape [U.K.]; Jonathan Cape & Harrison Smith [U.S.])
The Travellers' Guides (Jonathan Cape)
The Travellers' Library (Jonathan Cape)
GBR-C3: Cassell
1001 Before You Die (Cassell; then Quintessential/Quarto)
The Belle Sauvage Library (Cassell & Co.)
Cassell's National Library (Cassell & Co.)
Cassell's Pocket Reference Library (Cassell and Company, Ltd.)
The Living Thoughts Library (Cassell & Co)
GBR-C4: Century Publishing / Century Hutchinson
The Century Travellers (Century Publishing; Century Hutchinson; Pimlico)
The Cressett Library (Century Hutchinson; Ebury Press; David & Charles)
National Trust Classics (Century/National Trust)
GBR-C5: Chatto & Windus
Chatto Curiosities of the British Street (Chatto & Windus)
The New Phoenix Library (Chatto & WIndus)
The Phoenix Library (Chatto & Windus)
The Phoenix Living Poets (Chatto & Windus)
GBR-C6: William Collins / Fontana
Britain in Pictures (Collins)
Collins Classics (Collins)
Collins' Illustrated Pocket Classics (Collins Clear Type Press)
Collins Library of Classics (AKA Collins Pocket Classics; Library of Classics)
Collins' Modern Fiction (Collins Clear-Type Press)
Collins Nutshell Books (Collins)
Collins Seagull Library (Collins)
Fontana History of Europe (Collins; then Fontana Press/Fontana Paperbacks)
Fontana Modern Masters (Fontana Books/Collins; then Fontana Press)
Jennings (Collins; then Armada; then Macmillan)
Little Grey Rabbit (Collins)
New Naturalist Library (Collins)
New Naturalist Monographs (Collins)
GBR-C7: Constable
Constable's Miscellany (Constable & Co.)
Constable's Miscellany of Foreign Literature (Thomas Constable & Co.)
Scientists in 90 Minutes (Constable)
Philosophers in 90 Minutes (Constable)
GBR-D1: Daily Express Publications
Rupert Adventure Series (Daily Express Publications)
Rupert Bear Annuals (Daily Express Publications)
GBR-D2: J. M. Dent
Dent's Children's Illustrated Classics (J. M. Dent/E. P. Dutton)
Everyman's Library (J. M. Dent)
The Kings Treasuries of Literature (J. M. Dent/E. P. Dutton)
The Master Musicians (J. M. Dent; then O.U.P.)
The Mediaeval Towns (J. M. Dent & Co.)
The New Temple Shakespeare (J. M. Dent/E. P. Dutton)
The Temple Shakespeare (J. M. Dent)
GBR-F1: Faber & Faber
Faber Anthologies (Faber & Faber)
The Great Languages (Faber)
GBR-G1 Victor Gollancz Ltd.
Common Sense (Victor Gollancz)
Left Book Club (Victor Gollancz)
GBR-G2: Granada Publishing
The Complete Paintings (Granada Publishing)
Mayflower Books (Dell Books; then Granada Publishing)
Paladin (Paladin Books; Granada Publishing)
GBR-H1: Hamlyn
Hamlyn All-Colour Paperbacks (Hamlyn Publishing Group)
The Portraits of Greatness (Hamlyn Publishing Group)
GBR-H2: George G. Harrap
Harrap's Bilingual Series (George G. Harrap/Brentanos)
Harrap's Modern English Series (George G. Harrap)
GBR-H3: Rupert Hart-Davis
The Mariners Library (Rupert Hart-Davis)
The Reynard Library (Rupert Hart-Davis)
The Soho Bibliographies (Rupert Hart-Davis)
GBR-H4: Heinemann / Heinemann Educational Books
African Writers Series (Heinemann Educational Books)
Little Grey Rabbit (Heinemann)
The New Windmill Series (Heinemann Educational Books)
Short Histories of the Literatures of the World (William Heinemann)
GBR-H5: Hodder & Stoughton
Coronet Books (Hodder & Stoughton)
The King's England (Hodder & Stoughton: then The King's England)
Teach Yourself (Hodder & Stoughton for E.U.P; then Teach Yourself Books)
GBR-H6: The Hogarth Press
The Hogarth Essays (The Hogarth Press)
The Hogarth Letters (The Hogarth Press)
Hogarth Living Poetry (The Hogarth Press)
GBR-L1: Longmans, Green / Longman
The Badminton Library (Longmans, Green/Little, Brown)
Writers and their Work (Longmans, Green for British Book Council/National Book Council)
York Notes (York Press & Longman)
GBR-M1: Macmillan
Casebook Series (Macmillan; Macmillan Palgrave)
Elementary Classics (Macmillan/Collier-Macmillan/St. Martin's Press)
English Men of Letters (Macmillan & Co.)
Highways and Byways (Macmillan & Co.)
Macmillan Master Series (Macmillan; then Macmillan Palgrave)
Macmillan's Colonial Library (Macmillan & Co.)
Modern School Classics (Macmillan & Co./St. Martin's Press)
Papermac (Macmillan)
GBR-M2: Methuen
Art of the World (Methuen)
The Critical Idiom (Methuen)
Methuen Modern Plays (Methuen & Co. Ltd.)
Methuen Playscripts (Methuen & Co. Ltd.)
Methuen's Modern Classics (Methuen & Co. Ltd.)
Methuen's Twentieth Century Texts (Methuen Educational)
Methuen Theatre Classics (Methuen & Co. Ltd.)
University Paperbacks (Methuen)

GBR-M3: John Murray
Home and Colonial Library (John Murray)
Murray's Family Library (John Murray)
Murray's Handbooks for Travellers (John Murray)
Wisdom of the East (John Murray)
GBR-N1: New English Library (NEL)
Four Square Classics (New English Library)
Four Square Library (Four Square Library Ltd.; then New English Library)
New English Library (New English Library)
GBR-O1: Oxford University Press
Australian Writers and their Work (O.U.P.)
Legacies Series (O.U.P.)
New Zealand Writers and their Work (O.U.P.)
Oxford Books of Prose (O.U.P.)
Oxford Books of Verse (O.U.P.)
Oxford Companions (O.U.P.)
Oxford Readings in Philosophy (O.U.P.)
Oxford Standard Authors (O.U.P.)
Past Masters (O.U.P.)
Very Short Introductions (O.U.P.)
World's Classics (O.U.P.)
GBR-P1: Pan
Pan Books (Pan Books)
Picador Books (Pan Books)
Picador Classics (Pan Books)
GBR-P2: Penguin Books
The Buildings of England (Penguin Books)
Granta (Penguin Books)
King Penguins (Penguin Books)
Lives and Letters (Penguin Books)
New Writing (Penguin Books)
Pelican Biographies (Penguin Books)
Pelican Books (Penguin Books)
Pelican Freud Library (Penguin Books)
Pelican History of Art (Penguin Books)
Pelican Marx Library (Penguin Books)
Penguin 60s (Penguin Books)
Penguin American Library (Penguin Books)
Penguin Books (Penguin Books)
Penguin Classics (Penguin Books)
Penguin English Library (Penguin Books)
Penguin Great Ideas (Penguin Books)
Penguin Handbooks (Penguin Books)
Penguin Modern Classics (Penguin Books)
Penguin Modern Poets (Penguin Books)
Penguin Plays (Penguin Books)
Penguin Poets (Penguin Books)
Penguin Reference Books (Penguin Books)
Penguin Specials (Penguin Books)
Penguin Travel Library (Penguin Books)
Penguin University Books (Penguin Books)
Peregrine Books (Penguin Books)

Popular Penguins (Penguin Books)
Puffin Books (Penguin Books)
GBR-R1: Routledge Kegan Paul / George Routledge / Routledge
Ark Paperbacks (Routledge Kegan Paul)
Morley's Universal Library (George Routledge & Sons)
Profiles in Literature (Routledge Kegan Paul/Humanities Press)
The Republic of Letters (George Routledge & Sons)
Rough Guides (TBS; then RKP; then Rough Guides; then Penguin)
Routledge's Railway Library (George Routledge)
GBR-S2: Sampson Low, Marston & Co.
Monster Rupert (Sampson Low, Marston & Co.)
Rupert Little Bear Library (Sampson Low, Marston & Co.; then Woolworth's)
GBR-S2: Shire Publications
Discovering series (Shire Publications)
The Shire Albums (Shire Publications)
GBR-S3: Sphere
Abacus (Sphere Books)
Cardinal Books (Sphere Books/Macdonald Books)
GBR-T1: Thames & Hudson
Ancient Peoples and Places (Thames & Hudson)
Dolphin Art Books (Thames & Hudson)
The Great Civilizations (Thames & Hudson)
Library of the Early Civilizations (Thames & Hudson)
New Horizons (Thames and Hudson)
Pictorial Biography (Thames & Hudson)
Reader's Guides (Thames & Hudson)
The World of Art Library (Thames and Hudson)
GBR-V1 Virago Press
Virago Modern Classics (Virago Press)
Virago Travellers (Virago Press)

GBR-W1: Ward, Lock & Co.
The Minerva Library of Famous Books (Ward, Lock & Co.)
Red Guides/Ward Lock Travel Guides (Ward, Lock & Co.)
The Select Library of Fiction (Chapman & Hall; then Ward, Lock)
GBR-W2: Frederick Warne & Co.
Chandos Classics/The Chandos Library (Frederick Warne & Co.)
Peter Rabbit series (Frederick Warne & Co.)

Observer's Books (Frederick Warne & Co.)
GBR-W3: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Lives (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)
The Young Historian Books (Weidenfeld & Nicolson (Educational) Ltd.)
GBR-ZZZ: Other Publishers
Billy Bunter (Charles Skilton Ltd; then Cassell; then Armada)
Blue Guides (various publishers)
The Bluffer's Guides (Wolfe Publishing; then Ravette, Oval, etc.)
Bradt Travel Guides (Bradt Travel Guides Ltd./The Globe Pequot Press Inc.)
The Chalet School Series (W. & R. Chambers)
Classic and Modern Film Scripts (Lorrimer Publishing Company)
Corgi Books (Transworld)
Dean's Classics (Dean & Son Ltd.)
Delphin Classics (J. A. Valpy)
Folio Society publications (The Folio Society)
For Beginners series (Writers and Readers Publishing Cooperative; etc.)

Home University Library (Various publishers including O.U.P.)
In Praise Of (Frederick Muller)
Just William (George Newnes)
Ladybird Books (Wills & Hepworth; then Ladybird Books; then Penguin)
Linguaphone (Linguaphone Institute)
Literature in Perspective (Evans Brothers)
Mammoth Books (Robinson)
Marlborough's Self-Taught (E. Marlborough)
Mermaid Series (Vizetelly & Co.; T. Fisher Unwin; C. Scribner's Sons; etc.)
Motive (Allison & Busby)
Panther Books (Hamilton; then Granada; then Collins)
Phoenix 60p Paperbacks (Phoenix)
Radical Thinkers (Verso Books)
R.P.A. Cheap Reprints (Watts & Co. for Rationalist Press Association)
Searchlight Books (Secker & Warburg)
Sidgwick & Jackson Great Civilizations Series (Sidgwick & Jackson)
Studio Vista | Dutton Picturebacks (Studio Vista/E.P .Dutton)
Tandem Books (Universal-Tandem Publishing)
Thinker's Library (Watts & Co.)
Tiger Tim's Annual (Amalgamated Press)
The Victorian Collector Series (Barrie & Jenkins)
Writers and Critics (Oliver & Boyd)

USA - A1: D. Appleton & Company
Appleton Biographies (D. Appleton & Co.)
Appleton Dollar Library (D. Appleton & Co.)
USA - B1: Bantam Books, Inc., New York
Bantam Books (Bantam Books, Inc., New York)
Pennant Books (Bantam Books, Inc., New York)
USA-D1: Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
Dell Books (Dell Publishing Company, Inc.)
Dell Laurel series (Dell Publishing Company, Inc.)
Laurel Language Library (Dell Publishing Company, Inc.)
USA-D2: Doubleday
Anchor Books (Doubleday)
Around the World Program (American Geographical Society/Doubleday)
Dolphin Books/Dolphin Masters (Doubleday)
Doubleday Image Books (Doubleday; Image Books)
Know Your America Program (American Geographical Society/Doubleday)
Made Simple Books (Doubleday/W.H. Allen)
Nelson Doubleday Personal Success Program (Nelson Doubleday)
USA-D3: Dover Publications, Inc.
Dover Thrift Editions (Dover Publications)
Say It (Dover Publications)
USA-E1: Easton Press
The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written (Easton Press)
Library of the Presidents (Easton Press)
USA-F1: Fawcett Publications
Crest Books (Fawcett Publications)
Gold Medal Books (Fawcett Publications)
Premier Books (Fawcett Publications)

Red Seal Books (Fawcett Publications)
USA-F2: Franklin Library
Great Books of the Western World (Franklin Library)
The Hundred Greatest Books of All Time (Franklin Library)
USA-G1: Grosset & Dunlap
The Little Music Library (Grosset & Dunlap)
The Listener's Music Library (Grosset & Dunlap)
USA-H1: Haldeman-Julius Company
Little Blue Books (Haldeman-Julius Company): (1) By Serial Number
Little Blue Books (Haldeman-Julius Company): (2) By Subject
USA-H2: Harper & Row
Harper Colophon Books (Harper & Row)
Harper Torchbooks (Harper & Row)
The Rise of Modern Europe (Harper & Row)
Sources in Contemporary Philosophy (Harper & Row)
USA-N1: Alfred A. Knopf
The Blue Jade Library (Knopf)
Borzoi Pocket Books (Knopf)
Great Lives in Brief (Knopf)
Men of Good Will (Knopf)
USA-N1: New American Library
Mentor Books (New American Library)
Signet Books (New American Library)
Signet Classics (New American Library)
USA-N2: New Directions
The Direction Series (New Directions Publishing)
New Classics Series (New Directions Publishing)
New Directions Paperbooks (New Directions)
USA-P1: Pantheon Books
Bollingen Series (Pantheon Books; then Princeton University Press)
USA-P2: Prentice-Hall
Foundations of Philosophy (Prentice-Hall)
Twentieth Century Interpretations (Prentice-Hall)
Twentieth Century Views (Prentice-Hall)
USA-P3: Pocket Books, Inc.
Cardinal Edition (Pocket Books, Inc.)

Pocket Books (Pocket Books, Inc.)
Washington Square Press (Pocket Books, Inc.; then Washington Square Press, Inc.)
USA-R1: Random House
Modern Library (Random House, and others)
Modern Library Giants (Random House)
Vintage (Random House)
USA-ZZZ: Other Publishers
American Guides Series (Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration)
Avon Books (Avon Book Company; etc.)
Ballantine Books (Ballantine Books, Inc.)
Beacon Paperbacks (Beacon Press)
Berkley Books (Berkley Publishing Corp.)
City Lights Pocket Poets (City Lights Books)
Classics Illustrated (Elliot; Gilberton; Frawley)
Classics Illustrated Junior (Famous Books Ltd. for Gilberton)
College Outlines (Barnes & Noble)
Cultural Atlas series (Checkmark; Phaidon; Facts on File; Time-Life; etc.)
Evergreen Books (Grove Press)
A Famous Series of Stories and Essays (Charles Scribner's Sons)
Golden Guides (Golden Press, and others)
How and Why Wonder Books (Wonder Books, Inc./Transworld Publishers)
Junior Elf Books (Rand McNally & Company)
Library of America (Library of America)
Little Golden Books (Simon & Schuster)
The Lotus Library (Brentano's)
Mammoth Books (Carroll & Graf)
Meridian Books (Noonday Press)
Modern Critical Interpretations (Chelsea House)
Monarch Notes and Student Guides (Monarch Press, Inc.)
Norton Critical Editions (W. W. Norton)
Perma Books (Permabooks, Inc.)
Popular Library (Popular Library, Inc.)
Pyramid Books (Almat Publishing Corporation)
Quick and Easy Guides (Collier)
Riverside Editions (Houghton Mifflin Company)
University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers ((University of Minnesota Press)
Viking Portable Library (Viking; Penguin)

Coles Notes for Students (Coles Publishing Co. Ltd.)

AUS-A1: Angus & Robertson
Australian Classics (Angus & Robertson)
Pacific Books (Angus & Robertson)
AUS-R1: Rigby Limited
Rigby's Pageant of Australia (Rigby Limited)
Seal Books (Rigby Limited)
Sketchbook Series (Rigby Limited)
AUS-ZZZ: Other Publishers
Asian & Pacific Writing (University of Queensland Press)
Australian Classics (Lloyd O'Neil)
Australian Classics Collection (Times House)
Lonely Planet Guides (Lonely Planet Publications)
Macmillan Pocket Guides (Macmillan Company of Australia)
Percy Ellesmere Smythe [P. E. Smythe] Study Guides (College Press)
Secondary School Books (William Brooks)
Studies in Australian Literature (Edward Arnold [Australia])

Whitcombe's Story Books (Whitcombe & Tomb)

FRA-E1: Editions universitaires
Classiques du XIXe Siècle (Editions universitaires)
Classiques du XXe Siècle (Editions universitaires)
FRA-G1: Gallimard
Bibliothèque de la Pléiade (Gallimard)
Folio (Gallimard)
Idées NRF (Gallimard)
FRA-H1: Hachette
Les Guides Bleus (Hachette)
Guide du Routard (Hachette)
Lire aujourd'hui (Hachette)
FRA-N1: Nelson Editeurs
La Collection Nelson (Nelson Editeurs)
La Collection Victor Hugo (Nelson Editeurs)
FRA-S1: Seghers
Poésie et chansons (Seghers)
Poétes d'aujourdhui (Seghers)
FRA-S2: Le Seuil
Ecrivains de toujours (Microcosme) (Le Seuil)
Maîtres Spirituels (Microcosme) (Le Seuil)
Petit Planète (Microcosme) (Le Seuil)
Points (Le Seuil)
Points - Série Roman (Le Seuil)
Le Rayon de la Science (Microcosme) (Le Seuil)
Solfèges (Microcosme) (Le Seuil)
Le Temps qui court (Microcosme) (Le Seuil)
FRA-ZZZ: Other Publishers
10/18 (Union générale d'éditions)
Assimil courses
Bilingue (Aubier-Flammarion)
Les Classiques français du Moyen Age (Honoré Champion)
Les Compacts (Bordas)
Les Editions de minuit
Le français dans le monde (Hachette/Larousse)
GF (Garnier-Flammarion)
Les Guides Verts (Michelin)
Le Livre de Poche (various publishers)
Privilège (Club Français du Livre)
Profil d'une oeuvre (Hatier)
Que sais-je? (P.U.F.)
Thèmes et textes (Larousse Université)

GER-D1: Deutsche Taschenbuch Verlag (DTV)
Allgemeine Reihe dtv (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag)
dtv Zweisprachig (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag)
GER-F1: Fischer/S. Fischer
Die Collection Fischer (S. Fischer)
Die Fischer Bibliothek der Hundert Bücher (Fischer Bücherei)
GER-ZZZ: Other Publishers
The Albatross Modern Continental Library (The Albatross Verlag)
Baedeker Reiseführer (Baedeker)
Collection of British and American Authors (Tauchnitz)
Edition Suhrkamp (Suhrkamp Verlag)
Die Großen Meister der Malerei (Ullstein-Kunst-Buch) (Verlag Ullstein)
Insel-Bücherei (Insel Verlag)
Panorama Books (Wilhelm Andermann Verlag)
Polyglott-Reiseführer (Polyglott)
Reclams Universal-Bibliothek (Philipp Reclam jun.; etc.)
rororo Taschenbücher (Rowohlt)

Republics (House of Elzevier)

MånPocket (MånPocket)

ITA-A1: Aldine Press
Ancient Latin Authors (Aldine Press)
Classical Greek Authors (Aldine Press)
Humanistic Authors (Aldine Press)
ITA-E1: Einaudi
Gli Struzzi (Einaudi)
Piccola Biblioteca Einaudi (Einaudi)
ITA-ZZZ: Other Publishers

Gli Oscar (Mondadori)

Clásicos Castellanos (Espasa-Calpe)

Russian Classics Series (Progress Publishers)

IND-I1: International Academy of Indian Culture
Sarasvati Vihara Series (International Academy of Indian Culture)
Satapitaka Series (International Academy of Indian Culture)
IND-ZZZ: Other Publishers
Indian Railway Library (A. H. Wheeler & Co.)
Prince of Wales Sarasvati Bhavana Texts (Vidya Vilas Press)
Sacred Books of the East (O.U.P.; then Motilal Banarsidass)
Thus Spake Series (Sri Ramakrishna Math)

JAP-K1: Kodansha International Ltd.
Kodansha Bilingual Books (Kodansha International)
This Beautiful World (Kodansha International)
JAP-ZZZ: Other Publishers
Japanese Fairy Tales (Kobunsha; then Hasegawa)
Japan in Your Pocket (JTB/Japan Travel Bureau)
Hoikusha Color Books (Koikusha Publishing)



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