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Herbs for All Seasons (by Rosemary Hemphill) (Penguin Handbooks) (image)

Herbs for All Seasons
by Rosemary Hemphill. Illustrated by Claire Simpson.

Penguin Books Ltd, 1975 (Penguin Handbooks, PH217)


Arranged by Serial Number

PH1 Soft Fruit Growing - Raymond Bush. 1942.
PH2 Tree Fruit Growing (1): Apples - Raymond Bush. 1943.
PH3 Tree Fruit Growing (2): Pears, Qunices and Stone Fruits - Raymond Bush. 1943.
PH4 Rabbit Farming - Claude H. Goodchild, ed. 1944.
PH5 Poultry Farming - Alan Thompson, ed. 1945.
PH6 Trees and Shrubs and How to Grow Them - W. H. Rowe. 1945.
PH7 The Vegetable Grower's Handbook - A. J. Simons. 1945.
[First issued as two volumes: PH7 and PH8.]
PH9 The Penguin Handyman - Foster Wiseman. 1945.
PH10 The Breeding of Farm Animals - Chapman Pincher. 1947.

PH11 Common Sense in the Nursery - Mrs Sydney Frankenberg. 1946.
PH12 Preserves for All Occasions - Alice Crang. 1946.
PH13 Your Smallholding - Alan Thompson, ed. 1947.
PH14 Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on Scraps - Alan Thompson and Claude H. Goodchild. 1949.
PH15 Beekeeping - K. K. Clark (N. B. I.). 1951.
PH16 Successful Living - Eustace Chesser. 1952.
PH17 The Penguin Cookery Book - Bee Nilson. 1952.
PH18 Grow Up and Live - Eustace Chesser. 1949
[First issued in the Pelican Series as A149]
PH19 The Flower Garden - E. R. Janes. 1952.
PH20 The Intelligent Parents' Manual - F. Powdermaker and L. Grimes. 1953.

PH21 Dogs - A. Croxton Smith. 1953.
PH22 Paint Your Own Pictures - Norman Colquhoun. 1953.
PH23 The Vegetable Garden - E. R. Janes. 1954.
PH24 The Game of Chess - H. Golombek. 1954.
PH25 The Penguin Book of Health and Beauty Recipes - Olga Golbeck. 1957.
PH26 Growing Vegetables for Show - E. R. Janes. 1956.
PH27 A Book of Mediterranean Food - Elizabeth David (N. B. I.). 1953.
PH28 Camping - Rex Hazlewood and John Thurman. 1960.
PH29 Flower Arrangement - Betty Massingham. 1957.
PH30 Cats - Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald. 1957.

PH31 Photography - Eric de Maré. 1957.
PH32 Plats du Jour - Patience Gray and Primrose Boyd. 1957.
PH33 The Penguin Knitting Book - James Norbury. 1957.
PH34 The Culture of the Abdomen - F. A. Hornibrook. 1957.
PH35 The Art of Marriage - Mary Macaulay. 1957.
PH36 The Penguin Hoyle - Hubert Phillips. 1958.
PH37 Roses (R. H. S.) - F. Fairbrother. 1958.
PH38 The Art of Living. André Maurois. 1960.
PH39 The Penguin Handbook of First Aid and Home Nursing - A. C. White Knox and J. E. F. Gueritz. 1961.
PH40 Annual and Biennial Flowers (R. H. S.) - A. P. Balfour. 1959.

PH41 Health Culture for Women - F. A. Hornibrook and Ettie Rout. 1959.
PH42 Flower-Growing for Shows - E. R. Janes. 1959.
PH43 French Country Cooking - Elizabeth David. 1959.
PH44 Rock Gardens (R. H. S.) - E. B. Anderson. 1959.
PH45 The Child's World - Phyllis Hostler. 1959.
PH46 The Child's World - Gerald Abrahams. 1959.
PH47. Adolescence to Maturity - V. C. Chamberlain. 1959.
PH48 Cruising (formerly issued in the Pelican Series as A235) - Peter Heston. 1959.
PH49 Sailing (formerly issued in the Pelican Series as A214) - Peter Heston. 1962.
PH50 The New Vegetable Grower's Handbook - Arthur J. Simons. 1961.

PH51 Hardy Herbaceous Plants (R. H. S.) - Lanning Roper. 1961.
PH52 Cooking (later The Grammar of Cookery) - Philip Harben. 1961.
PH53 The Physical Health of Children - Andrey Kelly. 1960.
PH54 The Cool Greenhouse (R. H. S.) - G. W. Robinson. 1960.
PH55 The Penguin Car Handbook - Robert Ireson. 1960.
PH56 Lawns (R. H. S.) - R. B. Dawson. 1960.
PH57 Chrysanthemums (R. H. S.) - Edward T. Thistletwaite. 1960.
PH58 Preparation for Painting - Lynton Lamb. 1960.
PH59 Dahlias (R. H. S.) - Stuart Ogg. 1961.
PH60 Journey through Adolescence - Doris Odlum. 1961.

PH61 The Spare-Time Book - Tony Gibson and Jack Singleton. 1961.
PH62 Interior Design - Diana Rowntree. 1965.
PH63 Your Child's Room - Lena Larsson. 1965.
PH64 Childbirth - W. C. W. Dixon. 1961.
PH65 Bridge - Terence Reese. 1961.
PH66 Your Money's Worth - Elizabeth Gundrey. 1962.
PH67 Gardening the Modern Way (R. H. S.) - Roy Hay. 1962.
PH68 This Slimming Business - John Yudkin. 1962.
PH69 Change of Life - John Malleson. 1963.
PH70 Farming for Profits - Keith Dexter and Derek Barber. 1961.

PH71 Delphiniums (R. H. S.) - Ronald C. Parrott. 1961.
PH72 Retire and Enjoy It - Cecil Chisholm. 1961.
PH73 House Plants (R. H. S.) - Margaret E. Jones. 1962.

PH74 Ski Holidays in the Alps - James and Jeanette Riddell. 1961.
PH75 The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book. 1965.
PH76 House Maintenance and Repairs - Jim Tanner. 1965.
PH77 Introducing Psychology - R. F. Dossetor and J. Henderson. 1962.
PH78 He and She - Kenneth C. Barnes. 1962.
PH79 Scootering - Jon Stevens. 1962.
PH80 How to Cook and Eat in Chilnese - Buwai Yang Chao. 1962.

PH81 The Penguin Book of Dogs - Margaret Flannery. 1962.
PH82 Water Gardens (R.H. S.) - Frances Perry. 1962.
PH83 Tree Fruit Growing - Raymond Bush. 1962.
PH84 A Book of French Wines - P. Morton Shand. 1964.
PH85 Any Wife or Any Husband - Joan Malleson. 1962.
PH86 Cooking in a Bedsitter - Katherine Whitehorn. 1963.
PH87 Wines and Spirits - L. W. Marrison (1957)
[formerly issued in the Pelican Series as A383]
PH88 Round the World in Eighty Dishes - Lesley Blanch. 1962.
PH89 Madame Prunier's Fish Cook Book - Ambrose Heath. 1963.
PH90 The Complete Guide to Investment - Gordon Cummings. 1963.

PH91 The Slimmer's Cook Book - John Yudkin and Gweneth M. Chappell. 1963.
PH92 Thinking about Marriage - J. H. Wallis. 1963.
PH93 Improve Your Cricket - Trevor Bailey. 1963.
PH94 Improve Your Golf - Bill Cox. 1963.
PH95 Cooking for Special Diets - Bee Nilson. 1964.
PH96 Cacti and Other Succulents (R. H. S.) - R. Ginns. 1964.
PH97 Penguin Cordon Bleu Cookery - Rosemary Hume and Muriel Downes. 1963.
PH98 Italian Food - Elizabeth David. 1963.
PH99 French Provincial Cooking - Elizabeth David. 1964.
PH100 Summer Cooking - Elizabeth David. 1965.

PH101 The Penguin Salad Book - Elizabeth Craig, ed. 1965.
PH102 The Art of the Middle Game - Paul Keres and Alexander Kotov. 1964.
PH103 Mountaineering - Alan Blackshaw. 1966.
PH104 Moder Vegetarian Cookery - Walter and Jenny Fliess. 1964.
PH105 At Your Service - Elizabeth Gundrey. 1964.
PH106 The Penguin Book of Pets - Phil Drabble. 1965.
PH107 Bidding at Bridge - Norman Squire. 1965.
PH108 Hardy Bulbs 1 (R. H. S.) - E. B. Anderson. 1964.
PH109 Hardy Bulbs 2 (R. H. S.) - Cyril F. Coleman. 1964.
PH110 Improve Your Athletics 1: Track Events - Peter Hildreth.1964.

PH111 Improve Your Athletics 2: Field Events - John Le Masurier. 1964,
PH112 The Penguin Guide to Fishing - Colin Willock, ed. 1966.
PH113 Robin McDouall's Cookery Book for the Greedy - Robin McDouall. 1965.
PH114 Design to Fit the Family - Phoebe De Syllas and Dorothy Meade. 1965.
PH115 Play with a Purpose for the Under-Sevens - E. M. Matterson. 1965.
PH116 The Penguin Guide to Travel in Europe - Nigel Buxton. 1965.
PH117 Où est le Garlic? - Len Deighton. 1965.
PH118 Improve Your Tennis - Tony Mottram. 1966.
PH119 Mastering the Art of French Cooking - Simon Beck, Louisette Berthelle, and Julia Child. 1966.
PH120 A Wine Primer - André L. Simon. ___.

PH121 The Penguin Book of Wines - Allan Sichel. 1965.
PH122 Improve Your Soccer - Jimmy Hill. 1966.
PH123 The Penguin Book of Chess Openings - H. Golombok, ed. _____.
PH124 Chess Treasury of the Air - Terence Tiller, ed. 1966.
PH125 The Penguin Dictionary of Cookery - Rosemary Hume and Muriel Downes, ed. 1966.
PH126 The Penguin Book of Herbs and Spices - Rosemary Hemphill. 1966.
PH127 Garden Design (R. H. S.) - Kenneth Midgley. 1966.
PH128 Danish Cooking - Nika Standen Hazelton. 1967>
PH129 Action Cook Book - Len Deighton. 1967.
PH130 Improve Your Rugby - J. T. Greenwood. 1967.

PH131 Posh Food - André Launay. 1967.
PH132 The Peacock Book of Careers for Girls - Ruth Miller. 1966.
PH133 Jewish Cookery - Florence Greenberg. 1967.
PH134 How to Drive Safely - John Eldred Howard. 1967.
PH135 The Play of the Cards - Terence Reece and Albert Dormer. 1967.
PH136 Colour Photography - Eric de Maré. 1968.
PH137 Leave it to Cook: The Slow Cooking Method - Stella Atterbury. 1968.
PH138 The American Heritage Cookbook - Helen McCully, Eleanor Noderer and Helen Duprey Bullock. 1967.
PH139 Soups and Hors D'Oeuvres - Marika Hanbury Tenison. 1969.
PH140 Russian Cookery - Marika Hanbury Tenison. 1969.

PH141 Indian Cookery - Dharamjit Singh. ____.
PH142 The Penguin Book of Cookery [American edition only] - Gertrude Wilkinson. ____.
PH143 Entertaining Single-Handed - Desmond Briggs. 1968.
PH144 Soft Fruit Growing - E. G. Gilbert. _____.
PH145 Making Pottery - Judith and Roy Christy. 1969.
PH146 The Continental Flavour - Nika Standen Hazelton. 1969.
PH147 Good Food on a Budget - Georgina Horley. 1969.
PH148 Fresh from the Freezer - Marye Cameron-Smith. 1969.
PH149 The Penguin Book of Sauces - Ambrose Heath. 1970.
PH150 Cooking with Wine - Robin McDouall. 1969.

PH151 South East Asian Food - Rosemary Brissenden. ____.
PH152 The Complete Guide to Retail Management - Alan Fiber. ____.
PH153 The Playgroup Book [American edition only] - Marie Winn and Mary Ann Porcher. 1969.
PH154 Penguin Guide to British Zoos - Geoffrey Schombert. ____.
PH155 Cruising: Sail or Power - Peter Heston. ____.
PH156 Bridge: Standard Bidding - G. C. H. Fox. ____.
PH157 The Philosopher in the Kitchen - Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. 1970.
PH158 Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery - Jane Grigson. 1970.
PH159 A Book of Middle Eastern Food - Claudia Roden. 1970.
PH160 Buying a House - L. F. Vickers. 1970.

PH161 A Stroke in the Family - Valerie Eaton Griffith. 1970.
PH162 He and She: Approaching Love and Sex [American edition only] - Kenneth C. Barnes. ____.
PH163 English Cooking, Ancient and Modern. Vol. I: Spices, Salt and Aromatics in the English Kitchen - Elizabeth David. ____.
PH164 The Pauper's Cookbook - Jacasta Innes. ____.
PH165 Left Over for Tomorrow - Marika Hanbury Denison. ____.
PH166 The Wines of Italy - Cyril Ray. ____.
PH167 Slimnastics - ___ Nottidge and Diana ___. ____.
PH168 Using London - Pamela ___, Nancy Tuft and Deborah Mandey. ____.
PH169 Working at Home - Joanna Johnson. ____.
PH170 The Attic Cookbook [American edition only] - Gertrude Wilkinson. ____

Further items
PH171 Chinese Food - K. Lo
PH172 A Kitchen Primer - C. C...
PH175 Japanese Cooking - P. J. Martin
PH 178 Easy Cooking for One or Two - .... Davies
PH185 Portuguese Cookery - - ... B...
PH187 Talking About Cakes - M. Bates
PH191 Good Things - J. Grigson
PH192 The Whole Earth Cookbook - .../...

PH213 Cordon Bleu Desserts and Puddings - R. Hume/M. Downes
PH216 Fish Cookery - J. Grigson
PH217 Herbs for All Seasons - Rosemary Hemphill
PH224 The Pauper's Homemaking Book - J. Innes
PH230 Spanish Regional Cookery - ...
PH238 The Penguin Book of Jams, Pickles and Chutneys - ...
PH264 Barbecues - J. F. Martin
PH272 The Best of Bee Nilson - ...

PH302 Friends of the Earth Cookbook - ...
PH309 Pasta and Nodles - M. White
PH322 Fruit in Season - M. Denny
PH360 Two in the Kitchen - ...

PH502 A Taste of American Cooking - ...

PH519 The Original Australian and New Zealand Fish Cookbook - J Cooke/...
PH528 J...Dimblebey's Book of Puddings, Desserts and Savories - ...
PH549 Cooking in a Bedsitter. New ed. - K. Whitehorn

PH626 Good Food for Your Freezer - ...
PH648 Malaysian Cookery - K. Fernandez

PH712 Miss Reade's Country Cooking - ...
PH726 Ices Galore - ...

PH839 A Harvest of Apples - R. Ward

Serial No to be found
PH... The Cookery of England - E. Ayrton

Further Penguin Handbooks in print in July 1988
Alternative Printing Handbook - C. Treweek et al.
The Astrologer's Handbook - F. Sakoian & L. Acker.
Awareness Through Movement - Moshe Feldenkrais
Baby & Child- Penelope Leach
Barbecues - James F. Marks
Beginning Chess - Harry Golombek
Better Gardening - Robin Lane Fox
The Book of Latin American Cooking - Elisabeth Ortiz
Bridge - Terence Reece
Cakes - Barbara Maher

Classic Knitting for Country Living - J. Jago & J. Evans
The Competitive Runner's Handbook - Bob Glover
The Complete Handbook of Video - Owen & Dunton
The Complete Herbal Book of Dogs and Cats - Julie Levy
Coping With Young Children - Douglas & Richman
The Cottage Garden - Anne Scott-James
The Cuisine of Hungary - George Lane
Easy Cooking for One or Two - Louise Davies
English Cottage Gardens - E. Hyams & E. Smith [large format]
Fast Food for Vegetarians - Janette Marshall

The Fertility Handbook - J. Bellina & J. Wilson
Festive Baking in Austria, Germany and Switzerland - Sarah Kelly
The First-Time Cookbook - Evelyn & Judy Rose
Foliage Plants - Christopher Lloyd
Food Facts - Briggs & Wahlquist
The Foods and Wines of Spain - Penelope Casas
French Country Kitchen - Geraldine Holt
The Golden Book on Writing - David Lambuth et al.
Good Food, Good Friends - Carol Cooper
Grandmother's Secrets - Jean Palaseul

A Guide to Central Europe - Richard Bassett
A Guide to Tuscany - James Bentley
Healthy Food in Half an Hour - Jenny Rogers
Helping Your Handicapped Child - Janet Carr
The Injured Runner's Training Handbook - Glover & Weisenfeld
Italian Wine - Victor Hazan
Kitty Little's Book of Herbal Beauty - Kitty Little
Knitting Nostalgia - J. Jago & J. Evans
Labour-Saving Gardening - Tom Wright
Leaves from Our Tuscan Kitchen - Ross & Waterfield

Life After Shakespeare - M. Flores-Esteves
Listen to Your Child - David Crystal
Make It Happy - Jane Cousins
The Massage Book - George Downing
Microwave Cooking for Health - Beverley Piper
Miss Read's Country Cooking - Miss Read
A Modern Herbal - Mrs. M. Grieve
My Child Won't Sleep - Douglas & Richman
The Noble Spud - J. Wells & R. Johnson
Organic Gardening - Lawrence D. Hills

The Parents' A-Z - Penelope Leach
The Pastry Book - Rosemary Wadey
The Penguin Adoption Handbook - Edmund Blair Bolles
The Penguin Bicycle Handbook - Rob Van Der Plas
The Penguin Book of the Car - Anthony Curtis
The Penguin Book of Chess Openings - W. R. Hartson
The Penguin Book of Card Games - David Parlett
The Penguin Guide to Ancient Egypt - William J. Murnane
The Penguin Guide to Medieval Europe - Richard Barber
The Penguin Wine Book - Pamela Vandyke Price

The Pip Book - Keith Mossman
Potpourris & Other Fragrant Delights - Jacqueline Heriteau
Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know - Scher & Dix
The Quickest Way to Draw Well - Frederic Taubes
The Read Aloud Book [Australian edition] - Jim Trelease
Rock Aerobics - Rolling Stone, ed.
Rock Gardens & Alpines - John Warwick
Roses for English Gardens - Jekyll & Mawley
The Runner's Handbook - Glover & Shepherd
The Sanctions Handbook - J. Hanlon

The Small Greenhouse - R. H. Menage
Traditional Jamaican Cookery - Norma Benghiat
Training an Actor - Sonia Moore
The Traveller's Guide to El Dorado - Lyness Meisch
Treat Yourself to Sex - Brown & Fulder
Type It Yourself - Brenda Rowe
Unqualified Success - Juri Gabriel
The Vegetarian Epicure - Anna Thomas
Water Gardening - Philip Swindells
The Well-Tempered Garden - Christopher Lloyd

Window Boxes & Pots - Martyn Rix
The Wines of Bordeaux - - E. Penning-Rowsell
The Wines of Germany - Cyril Ray
Women's Rights: A Practical Guide - Coote & Gill
Your Wedding - Yetta Fisher Gruen

[Subseries] Penguin Footpath Guides
The Cotswold Way - Mark Richards
The Penine Playground - Walt Unsworth

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