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Zephyr Books
Publisher: The Continental Book Company AB. Country: Sweden. Date: 1942-50.

Series Note:
"A Library of British and American Authors."

The dust wrappers of the books were colour-coded as follows:
-- Red voumes: Modern American authors.
-- Blue volumes: Modern English authors.
-- Green volumes: Classics.
-- Grey volumes: Anthologies and special volumes.
-- Light blue volumes: Poetry and drama.
-- Yellow voumes: Detective fiction and thrillers.

Arranged by serial number

1. Ernest Hemingway: A Farewell to Arms.
2. Dorothy Parker: After Such Pleasures.
3. Clarence Day: Life with Father.
4. Charles Morgan: The Voyage.
5. Christopher Morley: Kitty Foyle.
6. William Shakespeare: Six Plays.
7. John Steinbeck: Tortilla Flat.
8. Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights.
9. F. Wills Crofts: The Pit-Prop Syndicate.
10. Dorothy Sayers: Murder Must Advertise.

11. Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice.
12. Louis Bromfield: Twenty-Four Hours.
13-14. Howard Spring: Fame is the Spur.
15. Aldous Huxley: Brave New World.
16. John Steinbeck: The Moon is Down.
17. James Hilton: Random Harvest.
18. James Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
19. Dashiell Hammett: The Maltese Falcon.
20. Edna Ferber: Saratoga Trunk.

21-22. W. Somerset Maugham: Of Human Bondage.
23. Robert Louis Stevenson: Treasure Island.
24. Dorothy Sayers: Clouds of Winess.
25. Lytton Strachey: Queen Victoria.
26. Ernest Hemingway: For Whom the Bell Tolls.
27. John Buchan: The Thirty-Nine Steps.
28. John Steinbeck: The Grapes of Wrath.
29. C. S. Forester: The Happy return.
30. C. S. Forester: A Ship of the Line.

31. C. S. Forester: Flying Colours.
32. Ngaio Marsh: Enter a Murderer.
33. P. G. Wodehouse: Money in the Bank.
34. Pearl Buck: Dragon Seed.
35. Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn.
36. Ronald Fraser: Financial Times.
37. James Hilton: And Now Good-bye.
38-39. W. M. Thackeray: Vanity Fair.
40. F. Wills Crofts: Man Overboard!

41. John Steinbeck: The Long Valley.
42. Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre.
43. Dorothy Parker: Laments for the Living.
44. Ch. Nordhoff and J. N. Hall: Mutiny!
45. J. B. Priestley: Daylight on Saturday.
46. Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter.
47. Dorothy Sayers: Lord Peter Views the Body.
48. Izaak Walton: The Compleat Angler.
49. Ellery Queen: The Roman Hat Mystery.
50. Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist.

51. The Zephyr Book of American Verse.
52. The Zephyr Book of American Prose.
53. Graham Greene: The Power and the Glory.
54. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: The Yearling.
55. William Saroyan: The Human Comedy.
56. George Meredith: The Egoist.
57. Lin Yutang: The Importance of Living.
58. Peter de Polnay: Water on the Steps.
59. Michael Sadleir: Fanny by Gaslight.
60. The Zephyr Book of English Verse.

61. John Bunyan: The Pilgrim's Progress.
62. Anthony Berkeley: The Silk Stocking Murders.
63. George Eliot: Silas Marner.
64. Anthony Thorne: I'm a Stranger Here Myself.
65. Joyce Horner: The Wind and the Rain.
66. Mrs. Gaskell: Cranford.
67. Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland.
68. William Faulkner: The Wild Palms.
69. Oliver Goldsmith: The Vicar of Wakefield.
70. Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels.

71. W. Somerset Maugham: The Razor's Edge.
72. Elizabeth Bowen: To the North.
73. Erskine Caldwell: God's Little Acre.
74. C. S. Forester: The Captain from Connecticut.
75. Ch. Nordhoff and J. N. Hall: Botany Bay.
76. Stella Gibbons: The Rich House.
77. Nevil Shute: Pastoral.
78. John Steinbeck: Cannery Row.
79. G. K. Chesterton: The Scandal of Father Brown.
80. A. E. W. Mason: Musk and Amber.

81. W. Van Tillburg Clark: The Ox-Bow Incident.
82. Dorothy Sayers: Unnatural Death.
83. John Steinbeck: Of Mice and Men.
84. G. K. Chesterton: Charles Dickens.
85. T. S. Eliot: Murder in the Cathedral.
86. Erskine Caldwell: Tobacco Road.
87. Dorothy Sayers: Unpleasantness in the Bellona Club.
88. Harold Nicholson: Some People.
89. Graham Greene: A Gun for Sale.
90. Storm Jameson: Cousin Honoré.

91. Francis Iles: Malice Aforethought.
92. Dorothy Sayers: Strong Poison.
93. Ernest Raymond: We, the Accused.
94. C. S. Forester: The Ship.
95. John Buchan: The Three Hostages.
96. Ernest Raymond: For Them that Trespass.
97. Oscar Wilde: An Ideal Husband and the Importance of Being Earnest.
98. Helen Mac Innes: Above Suspicion.
99. Christine Weston: Indigo.
100. Arthur Lundkvist, ed.: Twelve English Poets.

101. James Aldridge: Signed with their Honour.
102. Kate O'Brien: The Last of Summer.
103. Rachel Field: And Now Tomorrow.
104. Edith Sitwell: The English Eccentrics.
105. Pearl S. Buck: The Promise.
106. Mark Twain: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
107. J. B. Priestley: Black-out in Gretley.
108. Elizabeth X. Ferrars: Neck in a Noose.
109. Osbert Sitwell: Open the Door.
110. Frank Tilsley: I'll Do It Again.

111. Kate O'Brien: The Land of Spices.
112. Carson Mc Cullers: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.
113. Mignon G. Eberhart: Speak No Evil.
114. Charles Jackson: The Lost Weekend.
115. Osbert Sitwell: Before the Bombardment.
116. Rose Franken: Claudia.
117. Eudora Welty: A Curtain of Green.
118. Carson Mc Cullers: Reflections in a Golden Eye.
119. Phyllis Bottome: The Mortal Storm.
120. William Faulkner: The Sanctuary.

121. Mignon G. Eberhart: Wings of Fear.
122-123. Charles Dickens: David Copperfield I-II.

124. George Moore: Esther Waters.
125. Gertrude Stein: The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.
126. Christopher Isherwood: Good-bye to Berlin.
127. Walter de la Mare: Memoirs of a Midget.
128. A. E. W. Mason: Koenigsmarck.
129. R. L. Stevenson: Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
130. Jane Ausen: Emma.

131. Waler de la Mare: The Return.
132. Edgar Allan Poe: Tales of Mystery and Imagination.
133. E. M. Forster: Howard's End.
134. Raymond Chandler: Farewell My Lovely.
135-136. Henry Fielding: Tom Jones.
137. David Cecil: The Young Melbourne.
138. Both Tarkington: Seventeen.
139. Bruce Marshall: All Glorious Within.
140. Nevil Shute: Most Secret.

141. Kate O'Brien: Mary Lavelle.
142. Herman Melville: Moby Dick.
143. Clemence Dane: He Brings Great News.
144. Eugene O'Neill: Mourning Becomes Electra.
145. Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe.
146. Ernest Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises.
147. Daphne du Maurier: Hungry Hill.
148. Raymond Chandler: The Big Sleep.
149. Edison Marshall: Benjamin Blake.
150. Samuel Pepys: Diary.

151. Christopher Isherwood: Prater Violet.
152. Nevil Shute: Pied Piper.
153-154. Samuel Shellabarger: Captain of Castille.
155. Nigel Balchin: Mine Own Executioner.
156. P. G. Wodehouse: Joy in the Morning.
157. Edmund Wilson: Memoirs of Hecate Country.
158. Henry James: The Aspern Papers.
159. Henry James: The Turn of the Screw.
160. Carter Dickson: Seeing is Believing.

161. Erskine Childers: The Riddle of the Sands.
162. Raymond Chandler: The Lady in the Lake.
163. Richard Wright: Native Son.
164. William Sansom: Three.
165. John O'Hara: Butterfield 8.
166. John Masefield: Sard Harker.
167. Irving Stone: Lust for Life 1.
168. Irving Stone: Lust for Life 2.
169. George Hopley: Night has a Thousand Eyes.
170. Margaret Storm Jameson: The Other Side.

171. John Dos Passos: U. S. A. I: The 42nd Parallel.
172. John Dos Passos: U. S. A. II: Nineteen Nineteen.
173. John Dos Passos: U. S. A. III: The Big Money.
174. F. L. Green: A Flask for the Journey.
175. William Faulkner: The Sound and the Fury.
176. Ellen Glasgow: Barren Ground.
177. Michael Sadleir: Forlorn Sunset.
178. Josephine Pinckney: Three o'clock Dinner.
179. Dorothy Sayers: Have his Carcase.
180. William Saroyan: The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze.

181. Kenneth Fearing: The Big Clock.
183. Christine Weston: The Dark Wood.
184. Carson McCullers: The Member of the Wedding.
185. James Farrell: Studs Lonigan, I: Young Lonigan.
186. James Farrell: Studs Lonigan, II: The Young Manhood of S.L.
187. James Farrell: Studs Lonigan, III: Judgment Day.
188. H. E. Bates: A House of Women.
189. Neil Bell: The Handsome Langleys.
190. Ludwig Bemelmans: Hotel Bemelmans.

191. Ellen Glasgow: In This Our Life.
192. Ernest Hemingway: Short Stories.
193. Carter Dickson: Lord of the Sorcerers.
194. Hodding Carter: The Winds of Fear.
195. Nigel Balchin: The Small Back Room.
196. Oscar Wilde: Lord Arthur Savile's Crime.
197. John Maselield: The Bird of Dawning.
198. F. L. Green: Odd Man Out.
199. John O'Hara: Appointment in Samarra.
200. Henry Harvey, ed.: The Zephyr Book of English Prose.

201. Raymond Chandler: The High Window.
202. William Faulkner: As I Lay Dying.
203. Hugh Massingham: Ripe for Shaking.
204. Anthony Trollope: The Warden.
205. Kate O'Brien: That Lady.
206. Nigel Balchin: Darkness Falls from the Air.
207. H. E. Bates: The Poacher.
208. Elizabeth Myers: Mrs. Christopher.
209. William Sansom: Fireman Flower and Other Stories.
210. Dorothy Sayers: Five Red Herrings.

211. Denys Val Baker: The White Rock.
212. Edith Sitwell: Fanfare for Elizabeth.
213. Elizabeth Ferrars: Murder Among Friends.
214. Patrick Hamilton: The Slaves of Solitude.
215. Carter Dickson: Nine and Death Makes Ten.
216. James T. Farrell: Bernard Clare.
217. Elizabeth Ferrars: I, Said the Fly.
218. Stella Gibbons: Westwood or The Gentle Powers.
219. Stuart Cloete: The Hill of Doves.
220. Douglas J. Gillam, ed.: The Zephyr Book of English Essays.

221. Walter Allens: Rogue Elephant.
222. Tom Hopkinson: Mist in the Tagus.
223. Carter Dickson: She Died a Lady.
224. William Faulkner: The Unvanquished.
225. Osbert Sitwell: Left Hand, Right Hand!
227. James Hilton: Contango.
228. W. Somerset Maugham: The Gentleman in the Parlour.
229. Ernest Hemingway: To Have and Have Not.
230. Betty MacDonald: The Egg and I.

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