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Darkness and Company - Parulskis (Peter Owen World Series) (image)

Darkness and Company
by Sigitas Parulskis
London, Peter Owen, 2018 (Peter Owen World Series).
Paperback. Translated from the Lithuanian by Karla Gruodis.

Lithuania, 1941, Vincentas has made a Faustian pact with an SS officer: in exchange for his own safety and that of his Jewish lover, Judita, he will take photographs - `make art' - of the mass killings of Jews in the villages and forests of his occupied homeland. Learning of the pact that has kept her safe for so long, a disgusted Judita returns to her husband, surrendering herself to the ghetto, leaving Vincentas alone and trapped in his horrifying work.

Through the metaphor of photography, Sigitas Parulskis lays bare the passivity and complicity of many of his countrymen in the darkest chapter of Lithuania's recent history in which 94 per cent of its Jewish population perished.

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Arranged alphabetically by title

Burning Cities - Kai Aareleid.
Darkness and Company - Sigitas Parulskis.
Fear and his Servant - Mirjana Novakovic.
The Green Cow - Kristine Ulberga.
The House of Remembering and Forgetting - Filip David.
Inventing Love - Jose Ovejero.
Nona's Room - Cristina Fernandez Cubas.
None Like Her - Jela Krecic.
Panorama - Dusan Sarotar.
Three Loves, One Death - Evald Flisar.
Wolf Moon - Julio Llamazares.

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