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Women Writers Series
Publisher: Ad. Donker. Country: South Africa. Date: 1983-84.

Exiles - Zwi (Women Writers Series/Ad. Donker) (image)

by Rose Zwi
Craighall, South Africa, Ad. Donker, 1984 (Women Writers Series).

Paperback. ISBN-10: 0868520608; ISBN-13: 9780868520605.

Rose Zwi (1928-2018) was a Mexican-born South African writer best known for her work about immigrants in South Africa" (source).

Series Note:
This series was published the publisher Adriaan Donker [commonly referred to as Ad. Donker] (1933-2002), a "pioneering South African publisher" (source).

Born in the Netherlands, he migrated to South Africa in 1966. He published under the name "Ad. Donker" from his premises based in Craighall and later in Johannesburg.

Many of the books Donker published were considered "subversive" by the apartheid government of the period. The authors he promoted and published included Mongane Wally Serote, Sipho Sepamla, Athol Fugard, Dikobe wa Magole, Bessie Head, Olive Schreiner’, Sol T. Plaatje's Mhudi and Bloke Modisane.

Title / Author / Year of Publication

Ariel Rose: A Novel
by Ann Millar

Exiles: A Novel
by Rose Zwi

This Time of Year and Other Stories
by Sheila Roberts

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