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University Paperbacks
Publisher: Methuen. Country: U.K. Date: 1960- .

Causes of Industrial Revolution in England (image)

Series Note:
Items UP1 through to UP173 consist of University Paperbacks published from 1960 up to and including 1966.

Serial Number - Title - Author

UP1 Archaeology and Society, Grahame Clark. 1960.
UP2 Form and Meaning in Drama, H. D. F. Kitto
UP3 Greek Political Theory, Ernest Barker
UP4 A History of Political Thought in the 16th Century, J. W. Allen
UP5 Introduction to the French Poets, Geoffrey Brereton
UP6 Introduction to Social Psychology, W. McDougall
UP7 Landmarks in Russian Literature, Maurice Baring
UP8 Mysticism, Evelyn Underhill
UP9 Plato: The Man and His Work, A. E. Taylor
UP10 Relativity, Albert Einstein

UP11 The Sacred Wood, T. S. Eliot
UP12 The Wheel of Fire, G. Wilson Knight
UP13 William the Silent, C. V. Wedgwood
UP14 The Wealth of Nations, Vol. I, Adam Smith, ed. Edwin Cannon
UP15 The Wealth of Nations, Vol. II, Adam Smith, ed. Edwin Cannon
UP16 Modern Elementary Logic, L. Susan Stebbing
UP17 A Survey of Russian History, B. H. Sumner
UP18 The Last Romantics, Graham Hough
UP19 Western Political Thought, John Bowie
UP20 Introduction to Astronomy, C. Payne-Gaposchkin

UP21 An Economic History of the British Isles, Arthur Birnie
UP22 The Common People, G. D. H. Cole and Raymond Postgate
UP23 A History of Ireland, Edmund Curtis
UP24 An Introduction to Ethics, William Lillie
UP25 Elements of Metaphysics, A. E. Taylor
UP26 The Mathematics of Engineering Systems, Derek F. Lawden
UP27 Life and Thought in the Greek and Roman World, M. Cary and T. J. Haarhoff
UP28 The Growth of the English Novel, Richard Church
UP29 Elizabethan Life in Town and Country, M. St Clare Byrne
UP30 The Congress of Vienna, Harold Nicolson

UP31 English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages, J. J. Jusserand
UP32 Comparative Religion, E. O. James
UP33 The Architecture of Humanism, Geoffrey Scott
UP34 A Direct Entry to Organic Chemistry, John Read
UP35 Byzantine Civilization, Steven Runciman
UP36 The Wound and the Bow, Edmund Wilson
UP37 The Course of German History, A. J. P. Taylor
UP38 King Solomon's Ring, Konrad Lorenz
UP39 A History of England, E. L. Woodward
UP40 Cromwell's Army, Charles Firth

UP41 The Theory of Beauty, E. F. Carritt
UP42 The Instruments of Music, Robert Donington
UP43 Shakespeare's Tragic Heroes, Lily B. Campbell
UP44 Introduction to Money, Honor Croome
UP45 The Physics of Music, Alexander Wood
UP46 A History of Russia, Bernard Pares
UP47 Chaucer and His England, G. G. Coulton
UP48 Chinese Thought from Confucius to Mao Tse-Tung, H. G. Creel
UP49 The Greek View of Life, G. Lowes Dickinson
UP50 The Great Mathematicians, H. W. Turnbull

UP51 The Fifth French Republic, Dorothy Pickles
UP52 An Economic History of Europe, Arthur Birnie
UP53 Ideas in Conflict, E. M. Burns
UP54 English Literature and Society in the 18th Century, Leslie Stephen
UP55 The Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Leonard Schapiro
UP56 From the Gracchi to Nero, H. H. Scullard
UP57 The Art of Teaching, Gilbert Highet
UP58 Habitat, Economy and Society, C. Daryll Forde
UP59 Psychology, R. S. Woodworth and D. G. Marquis
UP60 Keats' Craftsmanship, M. R. Ridley

UP61 A Short History of the Middle East, George E. Kirk
UP62 Political Theory, G. C. Field
UP63 Medieval People, Eileen Power
UP64 Outlines of Tudor and Stuart Plays, K. J. Holzknecht
UP65 Aristotle, Sir David Ross
UP66 Economic Theory and Underdeveloped Regions, Gunnar Myrdal
UP67 The English Bible, F. F. Bruce
UP68 Art and Artifice in Shakespeare, E. E. Stoll
UP69 A Handbook of Greek Literature, H. J. Rose
UP70 A Handbook of Greek Mythology, H. J. Rose

UP71 The Fascination of Numbers, W. J. Reichmam
UP72 Introduction to Logical Theory, P. F. Strawson
UP73 A History of France, André Maurois
UP74 The Industrial Revolution in the Eighteenth Century, Paul Mantoux
UP75 Maps and Diagrams, F. J. Monkhouse and H. R. Wilkinson
UP76 Thackeray the Novelist, Geoffrey Tillotson
UP77 The Medieval Centuries, Denys Hay
UP78 The Psychology of Society, Morris Ginsberg
UP79 The Law of International Institutions, D. W. Bowett
UP80 An Introduction to Cybernetics, W. Ross Ashby

UP81 Individuals, P. F. Strawson
UP82 Political Parties, M. Duverger
UP83 From Vienna to Versailles, L. C. B. Seaman
UP84 Psychology and Morals, J. A. Hadfield
UP85 A Hundred Years of Music, G. Abraham
UP86 A Hundred Years of Psychology, j. C. Flugel revised by D. J. West
UP87 Teaching: A Psychological Analysis, C. M. Fleming
UP88 The Decline of Imperial Russia, Hugh Seton-Watson
UP89 The Poetry of France: 1400-1600, Alan Boase
UP90 Horace Walpole, R. W. Ketton-Cremer

UP91 An Atlas of World Affairs, Andrew Boyd
UP92 The Frontiers of Drama, Una Ellis-Fermor
UP93 Shakespeare's Histories, Lily B. Campbell
UP94 Antiquities of the Irish Countryside, Sean P. O'Riordain
UP95 Twentieth-Century English Literature: 1901-1960, A. C. Ward
UP96 A Guide to the Plays of Bernard Shaw, C. B. Purdom
UP97 Learning, Winfred Hill
UP98 The Release and Use of Atomic Energy, T. E. Allibone
UP99 Behaviour, D. W. Broadbent
UP100 Mozart: The Man and His Works, W.J. Turner

UP101 The Classical Language of Architecture, John Summerson
UP102 An Autobiography, Edwin Muir
UP103 Modern German Drama, H. F. Garten
UP104 Economics, H. Speight
UP105 Edmund Spenser, W. L. Renwick
UP106 Culture and General Education, Kenneth Richmond
UP107 The Spirit of Islam, Ameer AH
UP108 The Government of Great Britain, Graeme C. Moodie
UP109 Small Social Groups in England, Margaret Phillips

UP111 The German Novel, Roy Pascal
UP115 A Hundred Years of Chemistry, Alexander Findlay
UP116 The Influence of Sea Power upon History, A. T. Mahan
UP117 The Skin of the Earth, A. Austin Miller
UP118 Archaeology in the Holy Land, Kathleen Kenyan
UP120 A Guide to Operational Research, Eric Duckworth

UP121 The Government of Germany, Arnold J. Heidenheimer
UP122 Peacemaking 1919, Harold Nicolson
UP123 Patterns of Sexual Behaviour, Ford and Beach
UP124 The Imperial Theme, G. Wilson Knight
UP125 The Golden Labyrinth, G. Wilson Knight
UP126 The Lonely Tower, T. R. Henn
UP127 The Crown of Life, G. Wilson Knight
UP128 Moral Theory, G. C. Field
UP129 The American System of Government, Ernest S. Griffith
UP130 Elizabeth the Great, Elizabeth Jenkins

UP132 The Ideas of Biology, John Tyler Bonner
UP133 Human Relations in Industry, R. F. Tredgold
UP134 Beyond the Welfare State, Gunnar Myrdal
UP135 Freud: The Mind of the Moralist, Philip Rieff
UP136 T. S. Eliot, the Invisible Poet, Hugh Kermer
UP137 The Contexts of Poetry, Hazard Adams
UP138 English Poetry, Douglas Bush
UP139 Britain's Moment in the Middle East, Elizabeth Monroe
UP140 Greek Tragedy, H. D. F. Kitto

UP141 The Struggle of the Modern, Stephen Spender
UP142 The Secret Places, David Holbrook
UP143 Jacobean Drama, Una Ellis-Fermor
UP144 Trial by Jury, Patrick Devlin
UP145 The Rise of Modern Industry, J. L. and Barbara Hammond
UP146 The Biology of Art, Desmond Morris
UP147 A Hundred Years of Geography, T. W. Freeman
UP148 An Atlas of African Affairs, A. Boyd and P. Van Rensburg
UP149 The Medieval Foundations of England, G. O. Sayles
UP150 Industrial Archaeology, Kenneth Hudson

UP151 The Well Wrought Urn, Cleanth Brooks
UP152 Stars in the Making, C. Payne-Gaposchkin
UP153 The Imagination of Charles Dickens, A. O. J. Cockshut
UP154 England under the Stuarts, G. M. Trevelyan
UP155 Elements of Formal Logic, G. E. Hughes and D. G. Londey
UP156 Shakespearian Comedy, H. B. Charlton
UP157 The Art of Rudyard Kipling, J. M. S. Tompkins
UP158 A Diplomatic History of Europe, René Albrecht-Carrié
UP159 The Fire and the Fountain, John Press
UP160 A Handbook of Latin Literature, H. J. Rose

UP161 An Introduction to Ancient Philosophy, A. H. Armstrong
UP162 The Making of Victorian England. G. Kitson Clark
UP163 The Poems of Alexander Pope, edited by John Butt
UP164 The Greek Stones Speak, Paul MacKendrick
UP166 The English Moralists, Basil Willey
UP167 The World we have lost, Peter Laslett
UP168 The Government of Japan, Ardath W. Burks
UP169 An Historical Geography of Europe, W. G. East
UP170 Hellenistic Civilization, Sir William Tarn and G. T. Griffith
UP171 The Development of Shakespeare's Imagery, Wolfgang H. Clemen
UP172 The Lion and the Fox, Wyndham Lewis
UP173 The Idea of Politics, M. Duverger

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