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To-day and To-morrow
Publisher: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1924-31.
Co-publisher: E. P. Dutton. Country: United States. Date: 1924-31.

Cain or The Future of Crime (To-day and To-morrow/Kegan Paul) (image)

Cain or The Future of Crime
by George Godwin
London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., 1928 (To-day and To-morrow series).

Hardback: black boards with title sticker to spine and front board. Issued with dust wrapper [not depicted in above image]. 108 pages plus publisher's advertisements.

Series Note: A series of "speculative essays and short books" on aspects of the future.

Series editor: C. K. Ogden [Charles Kay Ogden].

Further reading:

Title/Author/Date of Publication

Achates, or the Future of Canada in the Empire - W. Eric Harris. 1929.
Aeolus, or the Future of the Flying Machine - Oliver Stewart. 1927.
Albyn, or Scotland and the Future - C. M. Grieve. 1927.
Alma Mater, or the Future of Oxford and Cambridge - Julian Hall. 1928.
Apella, or the Future of the Jews - A Quarterly Reviewer [Laurie Magnus] . 1925.
Aphrodite, or the Future of Sexual Relationships - Ralph de Pomerai. 1931.
Apollonius, or the Future of Psychical Research - E. N. Bennett. 1927.
Archimedes, or the Future of Physics - L. L. Whyte. 1924.
Archon, or the Future of Government - Hamilton Fyfe
Artifex, or the Future of Craftsmanship - John Gloag. 1926.

Atalanta, or the Future of Sport - G. S. Sandilands. 1928.
Atlantis, or America and the Future - J. F. C. Fuller. 1925.
Autolycus, or the Future for Miscreant Youth - R. G. Gordon. 1928.
Automaton, or the Future of the Mechanical Man - H. Stafford Hatfield. 1928.
Babel, or the Past, Present, and Future of Human Speech - Richard Paget. 1930.
Bacchus, or the Future of Wine - P. Morton Shand. 1927.
Balbus, or the Future of Architecture - Christian Barman. 1926.
Birth Control and the State: A Plea and a Forecast - C. P. Blacker. 1926.
Breaking Priscian's Head, or English as She will be Spoke and Wrote - J. Y. T. Greig. 1928.

Cain, or the Future of Crime - George Godwin. 1928.
Caledonia, or the Future of the Scots - G. M. Thomson. 1927.
Callinicus, a Defence of Chemical Warfare - J. B. S. Haldane. 1925.
Cassandra, or the Future of the British Empire - F. C. S. Schiller. 1926.
Cato, or the Future of Censorship - William Seagle. 1930.
Chiron, or the Education of a Citizen of the World - M. Chaning Pearce. 1931.
Chronos, or the Future of the Family - Eden Paul. 1930.
Columbia, or the Future of Canada - George Godwin. 1928.
Daedalus, or Science and the Future - J. B. S. Haldane. 1924.
Delphos, or the Future of International Language - E. Sylvia Pankhurst. 1927.
Democritus, or the Future of Laughter - Gerald Gould. 1929.

Deucalion, or the Future of Literary Criticism - Geoffrey West [Geoffrey H. Wells]. 1930.
Diogenes, or the Future of Leisure - C. E. M. Joad. 1928.
Eleutheros, or the Future of the Public Schools - J. F. Roxburgh. 1930.
Eos, or the Wider Aspects of Cosmogony - Sir J. H. Jeans. 1928.
Ethnos, or the Problem of Race - Arthur Keith. 1931.
Eurydice, or the Future of Opera - Dyneley Hussey. 1929.
Euterpe, or the Future of Art - Lionel R. McColvin. 1925.
Eutychus, or the Future of the Pulpit - Winifred Holtby. 1928.
Fortuna, or Chance and Design - Norwood Young. 1928.
Galatea, or the Future of Darwinism - W. Russell Brain. 1927.

Gallio, or the Tyranny of Science - J. W. N. Sullivan. 1927.
Halcyon, or the Future of Monogamy - Vera Brittain. 1929.
Hanno, or the Future of Exploration - J. Leslie Mitchell. 1928.
Hephæstus, or the Soul of the Machine - E. E. Fournier d'Albe. 1925.
Heraclitus, or the Future of Films - Ernest Betts. 1928.
Hermes, or the Future of Chemistry - T. W. Jones. 1928.
Hibernia, or the Future of Ireland - Bolton C. Waller. 1928.
Hymen, or the Future of Marriage - Norman Haire. 1927.
Hypatia, or Woman and Knowledge - Dora Russell. 1925.
Icarus, or the Future of Science - Bertrand Russell. 1924.

Iconoclastes, or the Future of Shakespeare - Hubert Griffiths
Isis, or the Future of Oxford - W. J. K. Diplock. 1929.
It Isn’t Done, or the Future of Taboo Among the British Islanders - Archibald Lyall. 1930.
Janus: the Conquest of War. A Psychological Inquiry - William McDougall. 1927.
Kalki, or the Future of Civilization - S. Radhakrishnan. 1929.
Lares et Penates, or the Home of the Future - H. J. Birnstingl. 1928.
Lars Porsena, or the Future of Swearing and Improper Language - Robert Graves. 1927.
Lucullus, or the Food of the Future - Olga Hartley and Mrs C. F. Leyel. 1926.
Lycurgus, or the Future of Law - E. S. P. Haynes. 1925.
Lysistrata, or Woman's Future and Future Woman - Anthony M. Ludovici. 1924.

Metanthropos, or the Body of the Future - R. Campbell Macfie. 1928.
Midas, or the United States and the Future - C. H. Bretherton. 1926.
Morpheus, or the Future of Sleep - David Fraser-Harris. 1928.
Mrs Fisher, or the Future of Humour - Robert Graves. 1928.
Narcissus: An Anatomy of Clothes - Gerald Heard. 1924.
Nuntius, or Advertising and its Future - Gilbert Russell. 1926.
Orpheus, or the Music of the Future - W. J. Turner. 1926.
Ouroboros, or the Mechanical Extension of Mankind - Garet Garrett. 1926.
Paris, or the Future of War - B. H. Liddell Hart. 1925.
Pegasus, or Problems of Transport - J. F. C. Fuller. 1925.

Perseus: Of Dragons - H. F. Scott Stokes
Plato's American Republic - J. Douglas Woodruff. 1926.
Pomona, or the Future of English - Basil de Sélincourt. 1926.
Pons Asinorum, or the Future of Nonsense - George Edinger and E. J. C. Neep. 1929.
Procrustes, or the Future of English Education - M. Alderton Pink. 1926.
Prometheus, or Biology and the Advancement of Man - H. S. Jennings. 1925.
Proteus, or the Future of Intelligence - Vernon Lee. 1925.
Pygmalion, or the Doctor of the Future - R. McNair Wilson. 1925.
Quo Vadimus? Some Glimpses of the Future - E. E. Fournier d'Albe. 1925.
Romulus, or the Future of the Child - Robert T. Lewis. 1929.

Rusticus, or the Future of the Countryside - Martin S. Briggs. 1927.
Saxo Grammaticus, or First Aid for the Best Seller - Ernest Weekley. 1930.
Scheherazade, or the Future of the English Novel - John Carruthers [J. Y. T. Greig] . 1927.
Shiva, or the Future of India - R. J. Minney. 1929.
Sibylla, or the Revival of Prophecy - C. A. Mace. 1926.
Sinon, or the Future of Politics - Edgar Ansel Mowrer. 1930.
Sisyphus, or the Limits of Psychology - M. Jaeger. 1929.
Socrates, or the Emancipation of Mankind - H. F. Carlill. 1927.
Solon, or the Price of Justice - C. P. Harvey. 1931.
Stentor, or the Future of the Press - David Ockham. 1927.

Tantalus, or the Future of Man - F. C. S. Schiller. 1924.
Terpander, or Music and the Future - E. J. Dent. 1926.
Thamyris, or Is There a Future for Poetry? - R. C. Trevelyan. 1925.
The Conquest of Cancer - H. W. S. Wright. 1925.
The Dance of Çiva, or Life's Unity and Rhythm - Collum [Vera Christina Chute Collum]. 1927.
The Future of Futurism - John Rodker. 1926.
The Mongol in our Midst: a Study of Man and his Three Faces - F. G. Crookshank. 1924.
The Next Chapter: the War Against the Moon - André Maurois. 1927.
The Passing of the Phantoms: A Study of Evolutionary Psychology and Morals - C. J. Patten. 1924.
The World, the Flesh, and the Devil: An Enquiry into the Future of the Three Enemies of the Rational Soul - J. D. Bernal. 1929.

Thrasymachus, or the Future of Morals - C. E. M. Joad. 1925.
Timotheus, the Future of the Theatre - Bonamy Dobrée. 1925.
Typhoeus, or the Future of Socialism - Arthur Shadwell. 1929.
Vicisti, Galilæe? or Religion in England - Edward B. Powley. 1929.
Vulcan, or the Future of Labour - Cecil Chisholm. 1927.
What I Believe - Bertrand Russell. 1925.
Wireless Possibilities - A. M. Low. 1924.

The following two titles were apparently published in New York but not in London:

The Future of Israel - James Waterman Wise. 1926.
Hygieia, or Disease and Evolution - Burton P. Thom. 1926.

The following titles were advertised but apparently never published:

Aesculapius, or Disease and the Man - F. G. Crookshank
The Evocation of Genius - Alan Porter
The Future of India - T. Earle Welby
The Future of our Magnates - Sir William Beach-Thomas
The Future of Sex - Rebecca West
Mercurius, or the World on Wings - C. Thompson Walker

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