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The Soho Bibliographies
Publisher: Rupert Hart-Davis Ltd. Country: U.K. Date: 1951- .

Series Note:
"Hart-Davis's valuable Soho series"
- The Papers of the Bibliographical Society, Vol. 49, No. 1, First Quarter, 1955

"The development of analytical and descriptive bibliography in the twentieth century under such leading figures as W. W. Greg in Britain and Fredson Bowers in the United States has encouraged the production of fine descriptive bibliographies of individual authors. The excellent series of 'Soho Bibliographies', launched in 1951 by Rupert Hart-Davis and taken over by Oxford University Press, has published detailed bibliographies of the works..."
-- Encyclopedia of Literature and Criticism. Edited by Martin Coyle, Peter Garside, Malcolm Kelsall, and John Peck. London, Routledge, 1990.

Books arranged in order of serial numbers
Serial Number / Title / Author(s)

A Bibliography of the Writings of W.B. Yeats by Allan Wade

2. A. E. Housman: An Annotated Hand-list by John Carter

3. A Bibliography of the Works of Max Beerbohm by A. E. Gallatin & L. M. Oliver

4. A Bibliography of the Works of Rupert Brooke by Sir Geoffrey Keynes

A Bibliography of James Joyce 1882-1941 by John J. Slocum & Herbert Cahoon

6. A Bibliography of Norman Douglas by Cecil Woolf

7. A Bibliography of Frederick Rolfe, Baron Corvo by Cecil Woolf

8. A Bibliography of Henry James by Leon Edel

9. A Bibliography of Katherine Mansfield by B. J. Kirkpatrick

9. A Bibliography of Virginia Woolf by B. J. Kirkpatrick

10. A Bibliography of Siegfried Sassoon by Geoffrey Keynes

11. A Bibliography of Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell by Richard Fifoot

12. A Bibliography of D. H. Lawrence by Warren Roberts

13. A Bibliography of Lucretius by Alexander Gordon Cosmo

14. A Bibliography of the Foulis Press by Philip B. Gaskell

16. A Bibliography of Ronald Firbank by Miriam J. Benkovitz

17. A Bibliography of Edmund Burke by William B. Todd

18. A Bibliography of Ezra Pound by Donald Gallup

19. A Bibliography of E. M. Forster by B. J. Kirkpatrick

20. A Bibliography of Edmund Blunden by Brownlee Jean Kirkpatrick

24. A Bibliography of the Kelmscott Press by William S. Peterson

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