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The Mariners Library
Publisher: Rupert Hart-Davis Ltd.
Country: UK. Date: 1947-59; then reissued in 1960s.

On sailing the sea: a collection of the seagoing writings of Hilaire Belloc

London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1951 (Mariners Library, No. 18).

Series Note:
This series republished classic nautical books, mainly accounts of cruises.

Arthur Ransome wrote introductions for seven of the books.

This series (Nos. 1-46) was first published in the years 1947-59. The whole series was reissued in the 1960s with the addition of of two new titles (Nos. 47-48).

Arranged in order of serial number

Sailing Alone Around the World AND Voyage of the Liberdade - Joshua Slocum
2. A Child Under Sail - Elizabeth Linklater
3. The Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss - John Claus Voss
4. Deep Water and Shoal - William Albert Robinson
5. The Cruise of the Teddy - Erling Tambs
6. Gallions Reach - H. M. Tomlinson
7. Down Channel - R. T. McMullen
8. Across Three Oceans - Conor O'Brien
9. Rough Passage AND The Adventure of the Faeroe Islands - R. D. Graham
10. The Cruise of the Amaryllis - G. H. P. Muhlhauser

11. Sailing All Seas in the Idle Hour - Dwight Long
12. Around the World Single-Handed - Harry Pidgeon
13. From Three Yachts: A Cruiser's Outlook - Conor O'Brien
14. The £200 Millionaire - Weston Martyr
15. The Falcon on the Baltic - E. F. Knight
16. Thames to Tahiti - Sidney Coe Howard
17. A Gipsy of the Horn - Rex Clements
18. On Sailing the Sea - Hilaire Belloc
19. 1700 Miles in Open Boats - Cecil Foster
20. The Mary Celeste and Other Strange Tales of the Sea - John Gibson Lockhart

21. The Cruise of the Alerte - E. F. Knight
22. Lis Sails the Atlantic - Lis Anderson
23. The Cruise of the Kate - E. E. Middleton
24. The Voyage Alone in the Yawl Rob Roy - John MacGregor
25. A Mainsail Haul - John Masefield
26. The Wind is Free - Frank Armstrong Wightman6
27. Blue Water Vagabond: Six Years' Adventure at Sea - Dennis Puleston
28. The Fight of the Fire-Crest - Alain Gerbault
29. The Riddle of the Sands - Erskine Childers
30. In Quest of the Sun: The Journal of the Firecrest - Alain Gerbault

31. Vertue XXXV - Humphrey Barton
32. Voyage in a Barquentine - Peter Roach
33. The Southseaman - Weston Martyr
34. Wylo Sails Again - Frank Armstrong Wightman
35. Heaven, Hell and Salt Water - Bill Crowe
36. The Voyage of the Tai-Mo-Shan - Martyn Sherwood
37. Sea Stories - Joseph Conrad
38. Racundra's First Cruise - Arthur Ransome
39. Sopranino - Patrick Ellam
40. Capt. Joshua Slocum: The Life and Voyages of the America's Best Known Sailor - Victor Slocum

41. The Sea is for Sailing - Peter Pye
42. Once is Enough - Miles Smeeton
43. Sail Ho: My Early Years at Sea - Sir James Bisset
44. Red Mains'l - E. A. Pye
45. Solitary Journey: The Third Voyage of the "Nova Espero" - Charles Violet
46. Kurun in the Caribbean - Jacques-Yves Le Toumelin
47. The Ship Would Not Travel Due West - David Lewis
48. The Last Grain Race - Eric Newby

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