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The Language Library
Publisher: Andre Deutsch. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1951- .

The Language of Thackeray - Phillips (The Language Library/Andre Deutsch) (image)

The Language of Thackeray
by K. C. Phillips
London, Andre Deutsch, 1978 (The Language Library).
Hardback with dust wrapper. "An examination of the changes in usage of language from the Regency to the Victorian period."

Contents: Preface. Abbreviations. Phonetic Symbols. Style. Regency English in the Victorian Period. Slang. Register. Grammar, Word-Formation, Lexis. Regional Dialects. The Language of Henry Esmond. Proper Names. Modes of Address. Select Bibliography. Word Index. 205 pages. Size: 225 mm tall, octavo.

Series Note:

Scholars from all over the world have contributed to this series of handbooks, which provide up-to-date and precise information on many aspects of the systematic study of language. Earlier volumes in the series have placed particular emphasis on the history of the English language and the individual contributions made by major English authors. The present aims of the series include a concern to develop awareness of the role of language in contemporary society, within the perspective of theoretical and applied linguistics."

Series Editor: The original editor of this series was Eric Partridge. In 1970 the series was being edited by Eric Partridge and David Crystal and in 1976 the series was being edited by Eric Partridge and Simeon Potter.

Format: Hardback with dust wrapper. In 1958 volumes with reissued with new dust wrapper design. A few titles issued as paperbacks. Size: 14.5 x 22 cm.

Arranged alphabetically by title

The Best English - G. H. Vallins
Caxton and his World - N. F. Blake
Caxton's Own Prose - N. F. Blake
Chamber of Horrors - 'Virgilans'
Changing English (revised) - Simeon Potter
Chaucer's English - Ralph W. V. Elliott
Dictionaries British and American (revised) - J. R. Hulbert
A Dictionary of Literary Terms (revised) - J. A. Cuddon
Early English (revised) - John W. Clark
Early Modern English - Charles Barber
English Biblical Translation - A. C. Partridge
English Dialects - G. L. Brook
The English Language - Ernest Weekley
Finno-Ugrian Languages and Peoples - Peter Hajdu (trans. G. F. Cushing)
Good English: How to Write It - G. E. Vallins.
A Grammar of Style - A. E. Darbyshire
A History of the English Language - G. L. Brook
An Informal History of the German Language - W. B. Lockwood
Introduction to the Scandinavian Languages - M. O'C. Walshe
Jane Austen's English - K. C. Phillipps
John Donne: Language and Style - A. C. Partridge
Joysprick: An Introduction to the Language of James Joyce - Anthony Burgess
Language and Structure in Tennyson's Poetry - F. E. L. Priestley
The Language and Style of Anthony Trollope - John W. Clark
Language in the Modern World (revised) - Simeon Potter
The Language of the Book of Common Prayer - Stella Brook
The Language of Dickens - G. L. Brook
The Language of Gerard Manley Hopkins - James Milroy
The Language of Modern Poetry - A. C. Partridge
The Language of Renaissance - A. C. Partridge
The Language of Shakespeare - G. L. Brook
The Language of Thackeray - K. C. Phillipps
Languages of the British Isles Past and Present - W. B. Lockwood
Modern Linguistics (revised) - Simeon Potter
The Pattern of English (revised) - G. H. Vallins
The Pitcairnese Language - A. S. C. Ross
Scientific and Technical Translation - Isadore Pinchuck
Sense and Sens Development - R. A. Waldron
Spelling (revised) - G. H. Vallins (revised D. G. Scragg)
Swift's Polite Conversation - Eric Partridge
Tudor to Augustan English - A. C. Partridge
The Words We Use - J. A. Sheard

Good English - English (The Language Library/Andre Deutsch) (image)

Good English: How to Write It
by G. H. Vallins
London, Andre Deutsch, 1951 (The Language Library)
Hardback with dust wrapper. 214 pages.

Source of the above quotation:
The Words We Use - J. A. Sheard. London, Andre Deutsch, 1970.
Source of the above checklist:
(1) The Words We Use - J. A. Sheard. London, Andre Deutsch, 1970.
(2) Other online databases.

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