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The Kew Series
Publisher: Eyre & Spottiswoode. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1958-63.

British Seaweeds - Dickinson (Kew Series/Eyre & Spottiswoode) (image)

British Seaweeds.
Carola I. Dickinson.
London, Eyre & Spottiswood, 1963 (The Kew Series).

Hardback with dust wrapper. 232 pages. Twelve colour plates and numerous black and white illustrations in the text. Size: Small octavo.

Series Note: "The Kew Series has been planned edited and written by members of the botanical staff of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It provides in five [sic] volumes an authoritative, highly detailed, and systematic guide to our native, naturalised and cultivated plants. the text of this magnificent series is complemented by 75 beautiful full-page colour plates and over 400 black and white illustrations covering many hundreds of subjects. All the illustrations have been specially prepared and printed for this series under the supervision of the authors and the general editor, and detailed keys are provides in every case to aid identification.

The volumes of the Kew Series have been designed for use by students of plants and plant science and also by lovers of nature who may be beginners. With this in mind the general editor, Mr R. D. Meikle, and his team of authors have set out to provide comprehensive and essentially practical guides. They have not shirked the difficulty of technical terms and problems: they have set out to elucidate them while providing enough scientific information to give the student that essential grounding in the classification and nomenclature of plants that is necessary to him him before he can proceed usefully to advanced botanical studies. They have used scientific terms in describing the plants where 'ordinary' language would be less accurate, but they have been carefull throughout to explain the meaning of such terms either in the text or by means of a glossary. Even the novice will find it easy to se the books and, by doing so, will become familiar with the vocabulary and usage of their subject.

The contents of each volume are arranged scientifically and follow the generally accepted principles of modern systematic botany. Each plant is referred to its family and is given its scientific name, coupled with a popular name where there is one. The descriptions are concise but they include information about distribution and habitat, about the derivation and meaning of the botanical names, about economic uses or biological peculiarities -- in fact about all aspects of plant lore which the reader will enjoy and use with profit."

-- Back cover blurb of Garden Trees and Shrubs by S. G. Harrison (1960).

General Editor: R. D. Meikle.

Format: Hardback with dust wrapper.

Serial Number / Title / Author / Year of Publication

British Wild Flowers.
Patricia Lewis.

British Trees and Shrubs.
R. D. Meikle.

British Seaweeds.
Carola I. Dickinson.

Garden Shrubs and Trees.
Sydney Gerald Harrison.

British Ferns and Mosses.
Peter Taylor.

Garden Flowers.
R. D. Meikle.

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