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The Hundred Years Series
Publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1934 - c. 1968.

Hundred Years of Philosophy - Passmore (Duckworth) (image)

A Hundred Years of Philosophy
John Passmore
London, Gerald Duckworth, 1962 reprint of the 1957 first edition (The Hundred Years Series)
Hardback with dustwrapper. 523 pages. Size: 6" by 8 3/4". A history of recent philosophical thought from John Stuart Mill to existentialism and phenomenology.

Series Note: This series was published by Gerald Duckworth & Co. In 1937 this company was located at 3 Henrietta Street, London, England.

Format: Each title until the 1960s was issued as a hardback with dustwrapper. In the 1970s several titles were issued in paperback.

Arranged alphabetically by title
(Format is hardback unless otherwise noted)

A Hundred Years of Anthropology
T. K. Penniman
1935; 1952; 1968

A Hundred Years of Archaeology
Glynn Daniel
1950; 1952

A Hundred Years of Astronomy
Reginald L. Waterfield

A Hundred Years of Biology
Ben Dawes

A Hundred Years of the British Empire
A. P. Newton

A Hundred Years of Chemistry
Alexander Findlay
1937; 1948; 1965; 1968 (3rd ed.)

A Hundred Years of Economic Development in Great Britain, 1840-1940
G. P. Jones and A. G. Pool
1948; 1953; 1963; 1971.

A Hundred Years of Education
A. D. C. Peterson
Hardback: 1950
Paperback: 1971.

A Hundred Years of English Government
K. B. Smellie

A Hundred Years of English Literature
Sherard Vines

A Hundred Years of Geography
Thomas Walter Freeman

A Hundred Years of Inland Transport, 1830-1933
C. E. R. Sherrington

A Hundred Years of International Relations
F. S. Northedge and M. J. Grieve
1971; 1974

A Hundred Years of Mechanical Engineering
Edward Cressy

A Hundred Years of Medicine
E. B. Wyndham Lloyd
Hardback: 1934; 1939
Paperback: 1971.

A Hundred Years of Music
Gerald Abraham
Hardback: 1938; 1955
Paperback; 4th edition: 1974.

A Hundred Years of Philosophy
John Passmore
1957; 1962; 1966

A Hundred Years of Physics
William Wilson

A Hundred Years of Psychology 1833-1933
J. C. Flugel and Donald J. West
1941; 1948; 1964

A Hundred Years of War
Cyril Falls
1953; (2nd ed.) 1961.

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